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"Great, know where the heck that idiot Mukotsu is?" Inuyasha demanded for the millionth time since they had Kongousouha-ed the hell out of Kyoukotsu. No pun intended.

"We should be getting there soon…" replied Sango as she looked cautiously around herself and the gang.

Since it had only been three minutes since they had beat Kyoukotsu, they shouldn't really be worried, but remember, this is the Inu-tachi. They are paranoid and have a Spiderman to kill and a Hell to get out of.

After another two minutes and Inuyasha asking if they were there yet and Shippou always giving him the answers, they spotted a column of pink and purple steam. Since none of them had a better idea, they decided that it was Mukotsu cooking something up… What? They did not want to know.

Once there, they saw Mukotsu doing something odd. He was dancing around a giant black European cauldron and chanting "Double Bubble, Toile and Trouble" as he danced around it, adding random stuff as he went and while wearing a sombrero.

Finally, after five seconds of the poisoner's antics, Inuyasha stalked up to the midget and whacked him on his head. The hanyou knelt down to Mukotsu's height and grabbed the struggling mercenary's head.

"Hey. Do you want us to kill you or do your task first?" Inuyasha asked in a monotone voice.

"R-release me! You can….uhh…. Chose…" Mukotsu said, grinning.

"We'll kill you!" said Sango and Kagome at the same time, both readying their weapons.

At the exact same second, Kagome unleashed her sacred arrow and Sango her Hiraikotsu. The force of the two weapons somehow painfully blasted Mukotsu to pieces.

After about five seconds, the little mercenary resurrected himself.

"You have defeated me… Why? Is it because of my face?!" Mukotsu demanded the two very angry women. He was stopped from continuing by a fiery glare from Sango and an ice-cold one from Kagome.

"Just give us the damn task already!" yelled an extremely pissed Inuyasha.

"Fine. For your task, you must sing better than me!" exclaimed Mukotsu.

The Inu-gang stared in wide-eyed horror and covered their ears as Mukotsu attempted to sing 'Zombies' by the Cranberries. The authoress has, for your convenience, ears, and whatever may remain of your sanity, omitted this due to the fact that he sounded like rusty nails on a chalkboard and couldn't keep the tune right. Oh, and it was blasted by two three story speakers.

After five minutes of ear-grating torture, a giant HP printer, a giant can-opener, a giant toaster, the Rosetta stone, a giant glob of metal and a giant globe came at and hit Mukotsu.

"I…will…so… beat…you…" puffed Miroku as he got up from his crouching position and removing his hands from his ears. "Now… Be a nice little man and give me the microphone!"

How the heck Miroku knew the name of an invention that wasn't supposed to be created for more than 450 years, the world shall never know.

Anyway, he picked up the black mic and began to sing his song 'Kaze no Naka e' solo.

Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ra Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ro kaze no naka e
Doko made mo ikura demo michi wa aru sa
Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ra Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ro magatteta tte
Saigo ni wa sore ga ii kamo shirenai

Docchi datte ii koto arisugiru kara
Nariyuki de kimetatte ii sa
Ashita wa ashita muri o shinakerya
Chigau sora hirakeru darou

Dakara sou konya wa
Tawamureru hana o sagasou
Ichiya demo ii yume
Te ni shita hou ga rikou da

Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ra Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ro kaze no naka e
Ura mo mite raku mo shite ikite mitai
Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ra Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ro dou ni ka naru
Shitai nara sureba ii kamo shirenai

Mukaeba Naraku nigereba kodoku
Naze itsumo nankan bakari
Kurushii magireru hanatsu chikara de
Umakuiku chansu mo aru sa

Miagereba anna ni
Utsukushii tsuki mo deteru
Nemurenai otome yo
Asa made koi o gorou

Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ra Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ro kaze no naka e
Doko made mo ikura de mo michi wa aru sa
Hyu-ru-ru-ru-ra Hyu-ru-ru-ru-ro magatteta tte
Saigo ni wa sore ga ii kamo shirenai

Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ra Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ro kaze no naka e
Ura mo mite raku mo shite ikite mitai
Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ra Shyu-ru-ru-ru-ro dou ni kanaru
Shitai nara sureba ii kamo shirenai

After the song ended, everyone was stunned into silence by the monk's performance and the music that had come out of nowhere. Then, Sango started applauding, quickly followed by the rest of her group.

"Everyone hates my face…" Mukotsu muttered in a corner. "Fine. Fine. You pass. Now scat! Before you insult me more…"

The Inu-tachi shrugged at each other, turned eastward, and began to walk toward their match against Ginkotsu.

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