Going to school and raising their sole offspring Rachel, Miranda didn't need to find a job because Arlen lived up to his vow in confidence to pay for his one night of passion which evolved into a love-of-a-lifetime for him.

It's 1980, Miranda graduates with a Business Degree and Rachel begins preschool. Life to them is bountiful until her high school years. Bayview High School. Rachel and her crew female crotchrocket riders called THE GREAT BODS OF FIRE which is equivalent to their male counterparts THE GREAT RODS OF FIRE which runs Honda Civics, Toyota Supras and yes that Opel GT that a kid named Tommy purchased from Miranda since she has grown tired of driving. The telephone rings and it's Principal Sansome calling Miranda from home. Hello yes, Ms. Teller, Uh Mrs. McGee, Miranda corrects him, Principal Sansom here at the high school. The reason why I am calling you is that your daughter Rachel and her friends has demolished our football field with their motorcycles.

and both JV and Varsity games have been canceled due to her


terrorists plots. Well I'm suspending Rachel for 2 weeks , Miranda interrupts Principal Sansom and asks if she can come look at the field while she hangs up the phone and goes out to her car she sees fresh tire tracks from Rachel's motorcycle upon arrival, Principal Sansom and Coach Childress escorts her to a helicopter to view what lawn graffiti has been placed on the field and it read "KISS OUR ASSES, PRINCIPAL SANSOM" and Miranda apologizes for this conduct and she asks were the other parents notified about this? Principal Sansom said "Yes as a matter of fact they're on the bleachers getting a view of it. When they landed on the field. They all have assembled with the police to find out what influence them to do such a heinous deed. CANDI REECE, (Caleb's Mom and Martin's widow) approaches Miranda and says hello to her, and said it's Candi from the bank and Miranda replied Oh Hi. The 2 went for coffee and discovered if Caleb and Rachel had an influence on each other to perform this act. By their instincts it has so Miranda asked Candi "How was she holding up?" She replied fine, but deep down I feel that the bankruptcy has aggravated me so much and I have and I know that you miss Arlen after they've been drafted.


You're so right Candi, it's time that they came home to discipline them. Meanwhile, back at Miranda's townhouse, Rachel pitches her gang attire and acts innocent by pretending to do her homework. When Miranda came back and found Rachel's motorcycle clean to masquerade her guilt she plays it off and pretends nothing happened. Hi Rachel how's school? Rachel says fine I guess. You guess? Miranda asked, I've gotten a phone call from a Principal Sansom and would you please explain to me what it's all about? I don't know Rachel replied. "YOU'RE GUILTY YOU REBELLIOUS BITCH", now I know you were at that football field, you and your friends were. You know mother, I guess you're right we did tear up that field as a bit of revenge and you know it's a pity that "ARLEN" isn't here to back you up. "I'll tell you what Rachel Teller, pack your things you're going live with your grandmother. Well you're too late for that, I'm in love with Caleb and Niki and I'm going to move in with them and as for Arlen, good luck on finding his ass, Rachel said to Miranda. GET OUT YOU SLUT!!!! Miranda said to her feisty daughter. So Miranda sat at the kitchen table sobbing for hours, not only kicking Rachel out, but Arlen being gone for years.


Mrs. Beasley a widowed, great-grandmother who lives down the hall consoles Miranda for her double losses and she talks with her. Miranda, I've fallen down emotionally when my beloved Conrad passed away during the wars, which ones? Miranda asked. World War II and The Korean she answered. It's Arlen, the man I love, he's missing in action in Vietnam for over 15 years but I haven't heard from him in 5.

Well honey he'll come around sooner or later but in the meantime, I'm heading over to the Cathedral to Father Timothy perhaps you should join me. All right, I'll grab my purse Miranda insisted.