"Dracula!" I yelled in anger. "I come, not to turn to this side of the chess board, but for treatment." He looked at me and smiled evilly. "Child, I know what I have done and say no.'"

"Why?" I puzzled. For it was you who had given me these feathers! Buried into my flesh! "I still remember that fateful day. The day you killed my family and gave me this disorder, the day you came close to murdering me!" Dracula looked puzzled. "Why," he started with a horrible look on his face. "I have not disfigured you. I left your beautiful face have I not?" He grabbed me by the underside of my face. "I have gifted you and given you flight. But it was YOU who ruined your beauty not I." I stared at him angrily. "I cannot have these wings any longer. I refuse to." I replied. He pondered this for a moment. Finally he answered, "Alright," he picked up a knife. "I shall take them from you. Someone such as you does not deserve such undying beauty." Quickly two men ran to my side, seizing my arms. I struggled to get free but their grip would not free me. I was quickly strapped to a table on my stomach. I turned my head as the men ran away and Dracula approached. "You wish them gone and I shall take them." He raised the knife to one of the black wings. I screamed as the blade pierced my skin deeply. The pain seemed to never end. Blood ran down my back as he continuously sliced off the wings. The back of my shirt was ripped and the ends were stained with blood.

He stopped cutting. The wings were off but my entire back was bloody and ached. "Seems our friend needs to recover a bit." He paused. "Take her to her room." Dracula smiled as the men released me. I wouldn't let them have me this easy. I got up and ran to the nearest exit. I climbed out the window and held on for dear life. It was no use. "Goodbye world! " I yelled as I fell to what seemed to be my doom.

My doom wasn't as far as I thought and I fell backwards landing, of course, on my back. I was right in front of the door and two people stood by my side. I sat up and saw that it was Camille Surrett and Edward Van Helsing."Oh please, Cami, I know it's you behind the bandana." "She's alive!" Van Helsing yelled trying to sound like Dracula.

"Please Van," I said standing up. "I've had enough of Dracula for one day." My shirt started to slip off my shoulders. "Uh...Van?"

"Here you probably need this." He handed me his jacket so that my back was covered and I was warm. "Thanks," I said as I pulled on the leather coat. I rubbed my shoulders and they ached very badly. "Hope you don't mind a little blood on it." I said apologetically.