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"How could we have missed this?" Rossi asked. The team was reconvening over lunch; pizza Reid and Vasquez had picked up on the way back to the station.

"They only had the cameras installed two months ago, after a few vandalism incidents," Reid said as he reached for another slice of pizza. "They're concealed, and only a few of the employees even know about them, since they originally suspected someone who worked there was responsible."

He caught JJ's amused facial expression across the table.

"This is giving me pregnancy-craving flashbacks," JJ said, watching Reid as he ravenously downed his third piece of pizza.

"What? I'm training for a marathon, JJ," Reid said. "…Well, kind of, anyway…"

"Alright, alright" She said. "So we sent the surveillance tapes to Garcia, and we're waiting to hear back, but do they have someone who mans the cameras?"

"A security guard who's worked there for a few years," Reid said, looking sadly at his empty plate, then to the last slice of pizza in the box, which Morgan was also eyeing. "…by the name of Peter Davis. We've advised the Chief Wayne to bring him in for questioning, but he hasn't been located yet."

Reid made to take the pizza at the same time as Morgan, but Morgan reached it first. Reid's expression must have spoke volumes about the state of his stomach, because Morgan wordlessly tore the piece in half. Reid took his half gratefully.

"Great work, Reid," Hotch said. He seemed to mean it too. "We'll look at Davis and the other guys you've marked as having expressed exceptional interest in you, and compare them to the profile."

With the pizza gone, the team began picking up to return to their various tasks. Reid was just stuffing his case folder into his worn messenger bag when Wayne entered the room, tight-lipped and obviously livid. He threw the newest copy of the town's tabloid, The Union, on the table and turned to J.J.

"What exactly did you say at that press conference?" He demanded. "Because when I looked at the front cover of The Union this morning, it sure as hell wasn't even close to what we discussed."

JJ snatched the paper off the table, but Reid had already read the headline. THE FAIRY MURDERER; KILLER TARGETS, ASSAULTS, AND BRUTALLY MURDERS LOCAL MEN (crime scene photos and grisly details, pg 2…). He felt his stomach drop; this wasn't good.

"That's impossible, all the reporters agreed to work with us," She said, and gave voice to Reid's thoughts. "This isn't good."

"Damn right," Wayne said, crossing his arms across his chest.

"I can assure you, Chief, that my team has addressed this case with the utmost professionalism and discretion," Hotch said. He and the police chief stood in front of the crime board. Hotch had his hands on his hips, outwardly calm, but his down-turned mouth and flashing eyes belied the anger which bubbled beneath the surface. Wayne still had his arms crossed, and was glowering.

"Well there are details in that article that I know my team hasn't released publically," Wayne said, uncrossing his arms and pointing an accusing finger at Hotch's chest like a fencer on the attack. "So, by something that, if I remember correctly, is called process of elimination—"

"Again, I can assure you that we haven't leaked anything," Hotch said, unfazed and motionless; refusing to participate in this match. "We should start working on damage control. Then we'll determine how the information reached the media. I suggest we go talk to this reporter, Roy Gibbon--"

"Wait, wait," Wayne said, turning from Hotch and beginning to pace. "Maybe this isn't so bad. We don't even know that our guy reads The Union, yet alone if he'll even care what they write about him. Shouldn't we concentrate on finding our leak? They even have the god-damn crime scene photos, for crying out loud!"

"Our profile suggests that the UNSUB will follow the media coverage extensively," Morgan said, stepping between the two men. "He wants to know what we know about him. He wants to see people's reactions to what he's done. It's extremely unlikely that he hasn't seen this."

"He's going to have an acute reaction to the article's tone," Prentiss said, looking at the grisly photos tacked to the board and gesturing to the coroner's report."Particularly the allegations of homosexuality and sexual assault. Even if these crimes are sexually motivated, which isn't unlikely, the UNSUB has explicitly denied any such feelings through his actions. There were no overt sexual acts committed, but the level of violence, principally to the victim's genitalia, indicates repressed sexual passion toward the victims."

"So we don't know whether or not he's gay, or just turned on by killing these guys, or whatever the hell he is, but he might not like being called gay? So what? This is all just theorizing."

"We won't know the exact motivation of the killings until we know more about the UNSUB," Reid said. "But we can be almost certain that this is going to result in some sort extreme action on his part. Its highly likely that we'll see his time-table speed up, as well as an escalation in the brutality of the attacks."

"Which is exactly why this should be our number-one priority," Hotch said.