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This takes place after the ending of the movie...(The one where he passes Kayliegh not where he kills himself during birth) so yup yup

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Evan rolled over in his bed. It had been a week since he had seen her walking down the streets of New York. He had appearently done the right thing by erasing himself from her life, she now looked successful and not dead. What a silly thing to think, not dead. Not to Evan. Evan had been the cause for her to die a couple times. I know what your thinking. 'How can you die a couple times?' Well let me tell you, Evan has a gift. One he wishes he didn't have but then again, look at Kayliegh. Because of his gift she didn't end up dead or prostitute. Once he had accidently blown her up by dynamite when they were seven. Before that, he had confronted her about a video tape of her dad's, but that was before he realized his gift. She remembered it and she killed herself. But now, now she looked like she was well off.

His gift had killed his best friend, Tommy, a couple times also. Once he beat him to death at a collage campus and then again, he gave Lenny a sharp metal piece to cut the rope off the bag with his dog in it but Lenny used it to kill Tommy. He should have known how that would have turned out. Tommy tormented Lenny often and Lenny got even at that point. Right after Tommy had agreed to cool down. Tommy's death resulted in Kayliegh's becoming a prostitute for a living.

Then, he killed a woman and her baby. Twice? He couldn't remember. He and Tommy had saved them once. That resulted in Tommy becoming religous and him not having any arms or legs. And, Lenny and Kayliegh together. He could have left it like that he supposed. He would then still have his best friends, but for some reason, he couldn't see himself being happy. His visit to his father resulted in the man's death. He told his father he was going to fix it and then his father freaked out, freaked out and tried to choke Evan to death. The guards beat him and he died.

But all those were memories. No, not even memories. They were memories of memories that never happened. Well, they had happened. Just not in the life he was living right now. The only memory of Kayliegh he had in this life was where he told her if she ever spoke to him again he would kill her whole family. He wished he had never said that, but it was the only way.

Maybe, maybe he could try talking to her again. He remembered the memory of them kissing at the movie theater. Her brother hadn't been happy. Then him promising he would come back for her when he moved away. He never did. Last time he had gone up to her after years of not seeing her is when she committed suicide.

On the other side of the town, a woman lay with her long blonde her spread around her. She remembered the man she had passed on her way to lunch that day day, but from where, she did not know. She kept seeing herself kiss a boy that she had never met. Her mind went back to a party from when she was about five. A boy threatened her and her family. The boy, she noticed, looked to be a younger version of the one she saw herself kissing. And he, being an younger version of the man she had passed. She kept seeing herself with her dad. But she had moved off with her mom and had not stayed with her father.

She closed her eyes but as soon as she had fallen asleep visions of her killing herself ran into her mind. She sat up in dead quickly.

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