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She couldn't take this. It was driving her mad. It'd been two weeks since she's seen that man on the street and she was barely getting any sleep at all. All these memories attacking her mind. Things that never happened. Things that wouldn't happen.

She had no way to stop them, any of them. She wanted to, but she couldn't. She had to find out who that guy was. He means something. Something important. She knows it. So, that's what brings her here.

Evan had been fighting the urge to go talk to her. He couldn't go talk to her. What problems would those actions cause? Way too many. His lesson was learned. No messing with the ways things were supposed to be.

He was interrupted by a knock on his door. Who'd be knocking? He hadn't the slightest idea. It was 11:30 at night. No one in his or her right mind would be knocking on his door.

He got up and trudged over to the door and pulled it open. He stood in shock at what… Rather, who stood in front of him. She was here. Here. He hair tied back tightly and in sweats and a t-shirt, looking as if she hadn't had any sleep in a few weeks.

"Hi, I'm Kayliegh, but I think you already know that," she told him and he opened the door farther and let her in. "Now, what I don't know is who you are."

"I'm Evan. How'd you find me, Kay?" he asked her after leading her into the front room and sitting on the couch by her.

"A whole lot of research," she told him. "Now, I have some questions for you, and I am not leaving until they are answered."

"Go for it," he said.

"How do you know me? And, how do I know you?" she asked, adding the second part as a last minute thing.

"We met at a birthday party when we were kids," he answered simply.

"You threatened me and my family, correct?" she continued and he nodded. "Why?"

He shrugged, "It was in your best interest."

"So I wouldn't kill myself when I got older, or get blown up by a dynamite?" she leaned forward, gauging his reaction.

"H-How?" he stuttered out, not being able to finish the sentence. She shouldn't be able to remember it. Any of it. Every other time he'd gone and changed anything, he was the only one to remember it. So, how had she?

"It's a guess. You see, I've been having these weird flashbacks to these memories. Do you know what the problem with that is?" she questioned and continued when he didn't answer. "They never happened. Now tell me? How does one remember something that never happened? I know you know what I remember. I can tell by the look on your face when I mentioned my suicide."

"I honestly don't know how you remember anything. No one ever remembered any of the other times that I went back. Not when I went back and Tommy and I saved that lady and her kid, not when I went back and told your father to never touch you. I don't know why you do now," he sighed and shook his head.

"What do you mean went back?" she creased her eyebrows together.

"I had… I had these journals that I kept when I was little because I had these black outs. When I got older, I realized that if I read the pages that I wrote on days I blacked out, I could go back to that day and change the blacked out part. Whatever happened back them, changed what happened in the future," he tried to explain.

"So, that time when that kid killed Tommy when you went back, I became a prostitute in the future?" she had a slight tone of disbelief.

"Yeah, and I don't really expect you to believe me but whatever. The point is, I went back one last time to that birthday party where we met and told you to never speak to me," he finished.

"Right, okay. Let's say, for a second, that I believe that, because it would explain everything right now, where are the journals?" she inquired.

"I don't have any. After I didn't meet you, I didn't have to have them. So, I don't have any journals," he answered.

"So, there's no way to go back anymore?" she raised the question that had been bugging him since he'd gone back that last time.

"I don't think there is. I mean, I may be able to use videos. I'd done that before, but I really don't know. And, I kind of don't want to because things are good," he told her.

"But, what if you need to? What if everything isn't good?" she put forward.

He glanced at her, "Why?'

"Because, what if mistakes were made even in this life? Bad ones, that would have to be fixed," she replied, and he saw for the first time that maybe he hadn't made everything perfect after all.

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