Author's note and answers to reviews:

Firstly I'm happy to say that Present Perfect has been started, and is posted here:


I will be bringing in elements of X:FC in (because I loved it and Past Tense is, while still AU, not incompatible).

I also would like to apologise for the mess I made of history in Past Tense. I understand that I'm probably the only one who really notices these things, but if it did bother you: I'm sorry, I had only done six months research on the Holocaust, I know I messed up with the Belsen transport and the geography of Birkenau. I am thinking of re-writing it to incorporate more of X:FC (paging Herr Schmitt...) and will try and address these issues. Otherwise, my bad.

I am also glad that some people found this fic helped them understand the Holocaust. It's a hard topic to study, but an extremely important one. After writing this fic I continued to study the subject, and will be starting a Holocaust Studies MA in September, so this story had a pretty deep impact on my life ;)

And I'm very sorry to say I made up absolutely nothing when it came to the treatment of gay people in the Holocaust. Everything I mention comes out of reliable sources (for more information, see the book 'The Men with the Pink Triangle' by Heinz Herge or the documentary film 'Paragraph 175'. Warning: may make you want to smash something). It's a criminally underrepresented facet of the genocide, and is only now really receiving attention. Did the survivors ever get compensation? Don't make me laugh, they were lucky to escape jail.

And a warm welcome to those who came to this pairing via X:FC! I too loved that film and while this story will bring in a lot of comicsverse elements (particularly when it comes to characters) but it will have a lot of stuff from First Class as well, because It Was Awesome and Sebastian Shaw is the kind of character who has to be included everywhere ;)

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy Present Perfect!

Skull Bearer.

P.S.: ZizziHungarian: I'm sorry you thought having people finding hope and love in terrible situations is impossible and cheesy. Confessing your love becomes so much more important because you don't know if you'll live through the next day, and if you don't believe that then well, I'm glad I'm not you.