Fade by Linz

Summary Bella worries about her age and her recent argument with Edward has put her on edge. Not to mention a doctor Carlisle visit. What will the results will turnout to be? All she can think about and she hasn't been feeling quite right lately. Will she even make it to her visit and if so what will the out come be.

Takes some where during the summer after Twilight

Pissed Bella drove down the road. I never saw myself as an angry person well at least I had never saw myself as a spiteful person. Right now I was seeing red. How could we both be so stubborn? The thought of being with Edward forever was cut short by a coughing spasm. Maybe it was the distraction of the coughing spasm or maybe it was the fact that I was so absorbed in my thoughts the car swerved. "Damn" I cursed to myself. Pulling the stirring wheel forcing the car to its rightful place in the lane of the road to maintain control. That was when I noticed the blood on my hand where I had coughed. I could smell the nauseating scent of my own blood. The white lines on the road blurred and I felt once again the familiar sense that my world would soon fade into black. It had been so long sense my own blood had done that to me. As the sense of the car and the world grew dim and I grew more distant and aware of where I was I only had one thought "Edward help me" that was when my world faded. My breathing bordered on betraying my body and again my mind still screamed as I tumbled into the abyss.
Edwards point of view

Bella is so hot when she is mad. My anger only increased as we argued. Damn Bella could be as stubborn as I. She refused to look at it from my perspective. This was an especially hot topic these days its like she doesn't realize the things it will cost her. The things she will sacrifice and as I'm thinking this she storms off and I choke back the urge to get her back here because she angry and I know well enough to leave an angry women alone to seethe in her thoughts until she comes to her senses. I sat at the piano playing my feeling into it. ( more chapters to come)