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Cold tendrils of pain clouded my vision. Jacob was gone and so sure of this I was that even beginning to think of a lonely existence without my loved ones. Painful flashbacks pushed through my minds eye. The pain wasn't just mental but physical as well. My legs suddenly gave out as though my mind had dismissed the fact that they were apart of my body. MY heartbeat slowed and I could hear my heartbeats as though they were gunshots.

A coughing spasm wracked my body once more. Damn. Let it be as it may. Kill me now to end my suffering without Edward, the Cullens, and Jacob my brother and my best friend. All gone. Somewhere deep within my conscious I know I'm dying and it doesn't even leave a pain stabbing in my heart. What does is I'll never see them again. Never get to say goodbye. Then why was Jacob here? Why was this my minds last trick before I could never wake up? At that my body crumpled and the pain intensified 10 fold.

As my vision returned and I could think without the horrible images of the past to accompany me I looked up into the most beautiful eyes of swirling silver I had ever seen. Who are you I asked as my voice trembled with the emotional pain that my body had been put through. He only looked into my eyes and they seemed to plead with me to follow him without question. I grabbed onto his hand and in one quick motion he pulled up and we started on are way into the unknown. I didn't exactly have a choice now did I?


Carlisle's mask puzzled me. It infuriated me and with the dogs in the room the tension just seemed to mount even more. Then all of a sudden Bella's heart monitor went bonkers. One second took my mind of the problems of now and all thoughts were now focused on Bella.

My mind raced trying to pick up Carlisle's thoughts instead I found myself reading Jacob's mind. " What the hell this can't be good at all." His mind sighed in agony and frustration. Damn Bella if only you weren't with him and with me instead this would have never occurred. I could have protected you." Jacob's grip tightened on Bella's hand. "Why did I leave you alone in that strange where your conscious spirit now resides? What have I left you for an eternity alone?" A tear trickled down his face. " An eternity with the blood sucker would have been better than that lonely existence in that hell?"

The connection broke at that and a hundred questions raced through my mind. "What do you mean you left her?" I whispered darkly to. My head bowed slightly in my anger I let the shadows claim my eyes. Everyone's penetrating stares were on my as I repeated the question.

I finally looked and Jacob only stared. Apparently he had forgotten my gift. Then that steely resolve churned within his eyes. I felt jealousy, anger, confusion, and the oddest thing of all curiosity. What the hell does all this mean?

Bella's hand was as unfeeling as it was before but now I was sure she couldn't feel, hear or in anyway know that I was here.

"Jacob you better tell me what you have witnessed in that realm you were just in or your ass is mine." He just looked down t Bella's comatose form.

Just as I was about to lunge at him thinking screw the treaty more thoughts bombarded me. "Its all my fault I couldn't save her from you and now I can't save her from this. You look down upon me just as I look down upon you. You live in the shadow of your former self. Thriving of the blood of an innocent animal. You leeches are all the same withier you drink from animals or from humans you're all the same to me. Yet we are alike in one way we are monsters created to destroy one another. WHY SHOULD I TELL YOU ANYTHING?" He was trembling from his little rant.

Then he let out a little sign but she chose you over me. Then I crouched low ready to force the information from his dirty lips. How dare he call me a monster for he had no write how dare he of all people say we vegetarians were like the rest of our kind? He didn't know anything about but he still discriminated against us even though he knew other wise through Bella.

Jacob just kept looking at me with those eyes and a smug grin. He had no idea he wasn't helping the situation any. If anything he was only making it worse. Then with a deep inhale and exhale he stepped away from Bella dropping her hand gently. Sam stepped in front of him but I relaxed my pose standing up to my full height.

Carlisle also inhaled and exhaled now that you guys are done with your show can we talk over the situation at hand. Emmett vaporized out of nowhere and rushed into the room. Thoughts of love and worry were on his mind.

Carlisle took a deep breath now where do I begin.


The stranger's hand never left mine for he had a vise like grip on it. It seemed like we had been walking for days through out the dense swirling fog that revealed nothing. Many questions swirled through out my mind but dew to the strain that had been put on it I felt lethargic. Maybe that was what kept me from asking questions. Of three things I was sure,

He wasn't human

He was good not evil

He was a kindred spirit as was I.

He halted so suddenly that it caused me to bump into him, which was the equivalent of bumping into a brick wall. Had he not turned so suddenly and caught me I would have fallen. For a moment I said nothing, as the fog seemed to clear around us he still held me in his arms. I looked into those pools of dazzling silver and they shook me to the core as electricity passed through our intense gaze.

He suddenly looked away as the hypnotizing stare was broken I tried to stand up only to stumble back into his arms. With a mutter of apology I stepped away from him and out of his arms. Edward so wouldn't like this.

If possible I would still be angry with him but anger seemed to be so little compared what was going on now. It was then that he spoke. His voice as light as downy feathers yet tingling like wind chimes. "Bella do you know who I am?"

I guess my eyes gave away my answer for he just closed his eyes and shook his head. As though thinking about it could do harm.

I waited patiently with angst curiosity and confusion.

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