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Now here is the final chapter of Star Wars: Episode VI: A New Hope: She Lived?

Luke had just returned to the base. He had gotten several congratulations from people. He had finally gotten away from the crowds. He had seen so many people, except for the one person he wanted to see the most.

Elsewhere in the base…

Padmé was pushing her way through the crowd. She has trying to find Luke. She finally pushed her way into the hall.

"Well this is great! I can't even find my own son." Padmé muttered.

"MOM!" She suddenly heard someone yell.

She turned around and Luke was running towards her. When he finally reached her they embraced tightly.

"Oh Luke." Padmé said.

"I'm alright mom. I told you I'd come back." Luke said.

Padmé kissed him on the forehead and said, "I knew that you would. No imperial could kill the son of Anakin Skywalker."

"Oh that reminds me." Luke said. He untied the necklace around his necklace, handed it to Padmé and said, "Here, it's yours."

"Thanks." Padmé said. She took it. Then she stared at it for a few moments. She remembered something that happened 19 years ago…

"Absolutely not!" Padmé yelled at Obi Wan.

"Padmé, you must." Obi Wan said.

"Why? Why do I have to hide this?" Padmé asked.

"Because it's part of forgetting your past, and hiding it from Luke." Obi Wan explained.

"Ani gave this to me when he was nine. He made it with his own hands. It can't hide it."

"Padmé, Luke cannot know about your past. And Luke must never know about this."

"Wait Luke." Padmé said. She sighed then said, "I want you to keep it."

"But mom…" Luke said.

"Please Luke. I want you to have something to remember your father by."

Luke smiled, took the necklace then tied it around his neck.

Padmé hugged Luke. But suddenly the tender moment has broken up by Chewie, Han and Leia.

"Luke! Padmé!" Leia yelled.

"Yeah?" Luke asked.

Han, Chewie and Leia reached them then Leia said, "The council has just decided it reward you and Han at an awards ceremony tomorrow morning Luke."

"Really?" Luke asked.

"Yeah." Leia said.

"That's great Luke!" Padmé said.

"Yeah, and they want you and I to give them medals to them Padmé." Leia said.

"Really?" Padmé asked.

"If it's ok with you." Leia said.

Padmé thought for a moment then said, "I'd love to."

"Great!" Han said.

The next morning…

Han, Chewie and Luke were at the end of the room. There were all the people involved in the rebellion were lining the sides of the room.

It was the medal ceremony and Luke was wearing a yellow jacket while Han and Chewie wore their usual clothing.

They walked to the other side of the room to a podium. They reached it out stepped Leia wearing a white dress and had her hair up in some sort of bun. Also out stepped Padmé wearing a light blue dress and had her hair straightened and down.

Padmé and Leia each took a medal and placed them on the boys. Padmé placed it on Luke, and Leia Han (who winked at her). And out waddled R2 and everyone had a smile on his or her face.


Everyone was having a celebration party after the ceremony.

"Luke?" Padmé said pushing through the crowd. Then she spotted him talking to… Sola?

"Oh, hi Padmé." Sola said turning around.

"Hi mom." Luke said.

"Oh hi. Um Luke this is…" Padmé started to say.

"Don't worry Padmé I told him." Sola said.

"What did you tell him?" Padmé asked sharply.

"Nothing much about you. I only really told him about how I'm your sister and how he was cousins and that stuff." Sola said.

"Oh ok. Um would you excuse us for a moment?" Padmé asked.

"Oh sure." Sola said.

"Ok. Come on Luke, we need to talk alone." Padmé said.

They found an empty hall.

"What is it?" Luke asked.

"Luke you know how Obi Wan's gone?" Padmé said.


"Well last night his old master…"

"Qui Gon Jinn?" Luke asked.

"Yes. But how…?" Padmé started to ask.

"I'll tell you later."

"Anyways. He told me that I am to train you. He'll tell me what to do then I'll try to teach you."


"Yep." Padmé said.

"Oh, mom." Luke said.

"Attention all personal! We are to clear the base in 10 minutes and relocate." They heard said.

Suddenly R2 came up to them and beeped something.

"R2 we don't have time to talk. We've got to go." Padmé said.

"But…" R2 beeped.

But Padmé and Luke were already running away.

R2 never got to talk to them about what he wanted to for many years.

That night…

Luke, Leia and Padmé were all trying to sleep.

They, as if on que, all closed their eyes and fell asleep at the same time. And while they slept they all had the same dream.

The dream…

They (whoever you want) looked around. All they saw was black, endless black.

Then they spotted something, actually some things.

There were 4 things, that couldn't be made out at first. Then they looked harder.

There was a woman. They looked harder; they realized that it was either Padmé or Leia. She seemed to be in pain. But how and why they couldn't tell. But they did know that she was screaming in pain.

There was also a man. He seemed to care for the woman very much. He also seemed to want to help the woman and make her pain go away. But he just stood there as if he couldn't help her. But then they realized that he too was in pain.

There also was a thing that looked like a man. But this man was different from the other one, because he seemed troubled. He seemed to care for this woman as well. But something was stopping him as well. It wasn't like something was physically in his way, but something else was stopping him.

Then there was one more man. He looked like he hated the first man and the woman very much. It was like they had done something to him. And he seemed to be what was hurting the woman.

Luke, Leia and Padmé's eyes all shot open.

The End? Actually it's not even close.