Author's Notes: This isn't an actual chapter. Just a teaser to assure you that I haven't forgotten. It will be removed soon. I'm having a horrible time writing this chapter. Hoping for some divine inspiration.

Chapter 32 Teaser.

Kaito chanced a glance at Shinichi as they worked their way towards the backstage entrance. The detective was definitely starting to look worn around the edges. Though it'd be like pulling shark's teeth to get him to admit it.

Should've gassed him from the start. But Kaito knew he couldn't have. Why he still couldn't. Not only would Shinichi never forgive him, he also had no idea what sort of effect his knock-out gas could have on him in his current state of health.

Maybe I could lock him up somewhere for the duration of this. A closet or something?

Kaito seriously considered it for a moment. He didn't want Shinichi mad at him but his health was definitely more important.

He slowed down his steps just a notch. Not enough that Shinichi would notice but –

"Why did you slow down?" A young voice asked.

Or maybe he would.

Kaito made a show of shrugging. "You never know who is watching. And 'Shinichi' is supposed to be just out of hospital. Not running marathons."

The miniaturized detective scowled at him.

Kaito forced back a smile. Obviously his detective hadn't missed the censure in that.

"So what's your plan since you were so dead set against mine?"

Damn. Good question. Kaito gave his brain a mental shake. He kept getting distracted tonight.

Another reason he hadn't wanted Shinichi here.

He still wasn't quite sure why he'd deviated from his original intent to wait for their mystery person to seek him out. All he'd been thinking at the time was that he needed to distract Shinichi from his remarkably stupid idea.

"I want to get a look at the Heart of Eternity. See if there's even a small chance that this is just a normal imposter after a quality gem. It'll also get us closer to the action if – when something happens.""

"And, of course, you have no intention at all of taking it yourself," Shinichi replied drily.

Kaito grinned. "I admit nothing."

"Remind me again why I like you?" Shinichi grumbled under his breath.

Kaito nearly tripped over his own feet. "You... what?"

Shinichi rolled his eyes. "You aren't that dense. This friendship-thing we seem to have developed. I must be insane."

Oh, of course. He didn't mean... Kaito swallowed before smirking. "It must be my charming wit."

Shinichi snorted.

Arggh. Get your head in the game Kaito! Focus!