This is my first Hannah Montana fiction and its really out of wack. So not Disney Channel material.

This is a strong T rating, pretty close to M. If the word sex makes you go 'teehee, teehee' don't read this fic.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! Uh, moron!" Miley Stewart muttered as she smacked herself in the forhead repeatedly.

"Miles, get out of the bathroom! When a guy's gotta pee, a guy's gotta pee, come on!" Jackson's voice whined from outside the bathroom door.

Miley looked up at the door from her seat on the toilet and she sighed, rubbing her tired eyes.

"I'll be out in a minute! Hold on!" Miley called as she stood up from the side of the bath tub and walked over to the mirror. "How could you be so completely irresponsible and stupid!" she whispered to her reflection which wore a pair of large, tired eyes and tear stained cheeks. She turned and walked out of the room and past Jackson, accidently bumping into him in the process.

"Grumpy much?"

"Shut up!" Miley snapped as she stomped up the stairs into her room.

Once in the domains of her silent bedroom, she slammed the door and flipped the radio on. Not only was this going to ruin her career, but it was also going to ruin her life. How could she have been so flipping stupid! First of all the drinking thing was the most idiotic thing she could have done, and then she just had to go one step further. Why didn't she just leave when her gut had told her to? None of this would have happened and she'd be completely fine now. But no. She just had to be a complete and total moron about it and stay.

"God, you're stupid!" she muttered.

"You're pregnant, aren't you?" a voice from behind the door said.

Miley whirled around and opened the door to see Jackson standing there, looking down at the empty box of a pregnancy test. Miley snatched it. She didn't know what to say. She couldn't lie, he already knew. But she didn't want to admit it to him, her older brother. She looked at the floor sadly.

"How did you know?" she asked after a few silent moments.

"You've been throwing up for a week, you're grumpy as hell, and you've been eating pickles. You hate pickles." he added at the strange look Miley gave him.

"Come in." she said, stepping out of the way.

Jackson walked into the room and Miley closed her door, leaning against it.

"Who did it?" Jackson asked.

Miley looked down, ashamed once again.

"Miles, come on, you can tell me. I'm not going to shun him or you." Jackson said, holding his sister's shoulders softly.

Miley gestured to a picture of her and a friend and Jackson muttered something along the lines of "Holy fuck." He looked back to Miley.

"Oliver?" he asked incredulously.

Miley nodded and wiped a tear. Jackson hugged her and she hugged back as she cried softly into his shoulder. He was whispering things. It'll be okay, nothing bad will happen, everythings going to be fine, don't worry, you'll be fine. Miley just cried harder. She didn't believe him, no matter how much she wanted to, she didn't. She ruined her life completely. No one was going to go to a pregnant teen's concerts, no one was going to buy a pregnant teen's albums. She was screwed. And not to mention what Oliver was going to say. Or Lily.

"Or Daddy..." she whispered at the thought of the look on her father's face when she told him his baby girl was expecting a baby.

"Miles, don't worry. We'll get things figured out." Jackson said with a nod. "But first things first." he said, pulling away slightly to look her in the eye. "You've gotta go to Oliver's house and tell him. He needs to know."

Miley nodded.

"I know." she sniffed. "I just...I don't know what he's going to do. I'm scared to think of what he's going to do." she stifled a sob.

"I know, but you still have to tell him. I mean, he did kind of help in the making." Jackson said.

Miley sighed and leaned back against the door. She knew that she had to tell Oliver, and she had to tell Lily too. If anyone would give her support, it would be Lily. And Miley needed to talk to Oliver anyways, she hadn't spoken to him in almost a month. The big start of summer bash had turned into more of a party than any of the teens had been expecting. Someone's older brother had bought a bunch of beer and given it to them all. Well, you can probobly guess what happened then. Miley and Oliver ingested a bit much and before you knew it, they were in some random bedroom making out, and then they were going at it. Miley was ashamed of herself. Oliver was one her bestfriends and she'd let him see her like that. For a month, she'd tried to decide if she even had feelings for Oliver, but she'd come to the conclusion that it was just the alcohol and she probably would have ended up with anyone. She supposed that if anyone at that party, she was glad that it had been Oliver.

"I'll go over right now," Miley decided aloud.

Jackson nodded with a sympathetic smile.

"Okay...Do you want me to go with you? Moral support or whatever." he shrugged.

"No, no..." Miley said, shaking her head. "I need to do this alone." she nodded, throwing her hair up into a messy bun.

Jackson left so Miley could change out of her pajamas and into jeans and a blue blouse with a white tank-top underneath. She shook her head at her reflection and headed out the door, down the stairs, and to Oliver's house.

"YOU AND MILEY DID WHAT?!" Lily Trescot screamed.

"Lily! Shhhh! You said you wouldn't freak out!" Oliver Oaken objected, thanking the Lord his mother wasn't home to hear Lily's outburst.

"I'm sorry, but I'm...I'm...I'm shocked!" Lily declared. "I can't believe it! I can't believe that my two bestfriends got drunk and had sex at a stupid party! I don't what upsets me more...The fact that you guys actually stayed when they brought the beer, or the fact that you guys both drank so much, you didn't know who you were screwing!" Lily said venomously.

"You don't think I haven't beat myself up enough over all of that? I mean...Miley was my first and I don't even like her as more than a friend. Not to mention, I can barely remember what happened. We were both so disoriented." he added with a sigh.

"Have you talked to Miley since then?" Lily asked.

When Oliver looked at the floor uncomfortably, Lily sighed.

"I'll take that as a no." she said with a nod.

"Yeah, we haven't talked." Oliver whispered.

"Um, hello! She probably thinks you hate her by now! It's been like, a month since that stupid party!" Lily screamed, smacking Oliver in the shoulder.

"I know, I know! I just don't know what to say to her! I can't exactly say 'Hi Miley, how are you, how you been, whatcha been thinking since we had sex', now can I?!" he yelled back.

"NO! Ofcourse you can't say that, what are you, stupid?" Lily gasped.

"Lily, I was joking!"

There was a knock downstairs on the door. Oliver glanced at Lily and then walked out of his bedroom, down the stairs and to the front door.

"Who is it?" he asked, in case it was his mom testing to see if he knew the 'home-alone safety rules'.

"Oliver, it's Miley. I...I need to talk to you." Miley's shakey voice replied.

Oliver flung the door open to see Miley standing there, her eyes red and puffy. She'd been crying, that much was obvious. She looked up at him with those big, sad brown eyes. He wanted to melt.

"Come in, Miley." he said after clearing his throat.

She stepped in past him. For some reason, his house didn't seem as inviting as it always had. The cat figurines and posters weren't as cute and friendly as they once had been. She turned around to see Oliver standing there.

"So, what-"

"How have-"

The both began at the same time. Miley stopped with a nervous smile and Oliver chuckled.

"I'm...Um...I'm sorry...About what happened the party." Oliver said, looking at the ground.

"Me too." Miley whispered, wishing that apoligizing was the only thing she'd come here for. "Oliver, we need to talk." Miley said after a long sigh.

"Um...Okay." Oliver said, gesturing to the couch. "Do you want anything to eat? Or soda or something?" he asked as they sat down accross from eachother.

"No, no, no, I'll just throw it up." Miley said, shaking her head.

"You have some stomach bug?" Oliver asked concernedly.

"I wish," Miley muttered under her breath.


"On second thought, can I have some water?" Miley asked.

"Sure," Oliver nodded, standing up and heading towards his kitchen.

Miley sighed, physcologically preparing herself for what was about to happen. She heard steps coming down the stairs and looked over, happy to see Lily.

"Miley!" Lily declared with a relieved grin.

"Lily! This is great, I need to talk to you." Miley said, standing up and walking over to meet Lily at the bottom of the stairs.

"It's okay, I already know about you and Oliver at the party." Lily nodded.

"Lily, theres more to it than that. Oliver and I didn't...Well, it was stupid but...we didn't use anything." Miley whispered embarassedly.

"Well, its not like you can change that now. It's over. Done. No harm, no foul." Lily shrugged, walking towards the couch.

"Not exactly." Miley said as she followed her best friend.

"Miley, chill, I get it. You didn't use protection! It's fine. It's not like you're pregnant or anything." Lily snorted.

When Miley didn't say anything, only looked at the ground, Lily gasped and stood back up.

"You're pregnant!" Lily nearly screamed.

There was the sound of breaking glass and Miley whirled around to see Oliver standing in the door way from the kitchen to the living room. There was broken glass at his feet and water all over the floor and on his pants.

"What?" he managed.

This was not how Miley pictured things going.

"I'm...I'm preg---pregnant." Miley swallowed.

"Oh my God."