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After the incident in the clearing, the trio had decided that sleeping in a Walgreens parking lot was probably the safer choice. Lily had even gone in and told the manager that her parents wanted to know if it was alright to sleep in the parking lot, so they didn't get the cops called on themselves. Something told them, that would have been bad.

"You guys, I really gotta pee." Miley said, shaking Oliver's shoulder.

This was the second worst part to being pregnant. She was either throwing up, or peeing all the time. It sucked! All this for five minutes of something that she couldn't even remember!

"So go!" Oliver objected tiredly.

"I don't wanna go alone! What if I get abducted or something like that? Lilly, come with me, please?" Miley begged her blonde friend, squeezing her legs together like she was four.

The only response from Lilly was a loud snore and a grunt. Miley looked at Oliver with a pout.

"Ugh, fine. But don't be a girl and take forever!" Oliver sighed, opening up his door and climbing out of the car.

Miley grinned and jumped out of her side. She ran around the front and grabbed Oliver's hand, running towards the store as fast as she could without looking suspicious. She screeched when she felt her butt vibrating.

"What? What? What is it? What?" Oliver said looking around wildly for the reason Miley screamed.

Miley pulled her cellphone out of her pocket and saw that Jackson's cell phone number was on the caller I.D. She bit her lip, contemplating whether or not to answer it. If she answered it, Jackson was going to scream at her and tell her how dissapointed he was and that this wasn't what he had in mind. She said and flipped the phone open.

"Hello?" she said.

"Miles! Oh my God, you're okay!" Jackson's relieved voice said. "Dad keeps asking me why you left, where you went, what happened! I can't believe you did this, Miles! Are Oliver and Lilly okay?"

"Jackson, they're fine. We're all fine! You didn't tell Daddy the big news, did you? Oh, please, please, please say you didn't!" Miley said.

She knew that when her dad questioned Jackson over and over and over again, he wouldn't take long to crack and pour out everything he knew. Miley knew that if her dad knew about her being pregnant, he wouldn't hesitate to call the cops so that he could find Oliver and kill him with his bare hands.

"No, of course I didn't tell dad! What am I, stupid?" Jackson asked.

Miley remained quiet.

"Never mind, don't answer that. Where are you guys?" Jackson asked.

"I can't tell you! What if dad forces it out of you? Besides, we'll be leaving in two hours. Oliver needs to sleep before he drives again." Miley said, grabbing Oliver's hand and walking towards Walgreens once again. She still had to pee after all.

"Okay well--- Wait! Drives? Oliver's not sixteen yet, he can't drive! He doesn't even have a ca-- Miles. Tell me you didn't!" Jackson said, his voice becoming angrier.

Miley heard the sound of a door opening on the other end of the phone line, what sounded like hurried steps, another door opening, and then a loud gasp.

"Miley, my car! You took my car! Oliver is driving my car! My car! My precious car! Are you kidding me? Miles, I'm gonna kill you!" Jackson was practically yelling.

"Okay, okay, Jackson! Calm down! Your precious car is fine! We aren't even driving with the top down!" Miley said, blinking against the bright lights of the store as she dragged Oliver towards the ladies' room.

"Miles, this is worse than I thought it was!" Jackson sighed.

"Jackson, its not. We're taking good care of your car and we're only driving on the back roads! You're blowing this way out of preportion! Wait here, Oliver." Miley added in a whisper, standing Oliver next to the bathroom door.

Oliver nodded and leaned against the wall as Miley ran into the bathroom, rushing into the nearest stall.

"Jackson, I gotta go." Miley said hurridley.

"Miley, you need to come home. Now!" Jackson said.

"No! Oliver, Lilly, and I are figuring things out. Oliver and I don't even know if we're gonna keep the baby." Miley said, not caring that she was talking on the phone and peeing at the same time.

"Maybe you shouldn't have it! In fact, you should get rid of it now, while its not even a real life yet. Its like a tick at this point."

"What? Get an abortion! No way! Are you kidding? Jackson, that is murder!" Miley said, tucking the phone between her shoulder and ear as she washed her hands.

"Miles, you're fourteen! You're too young to be having sex, let alone getting pregnant and having a kid!" Jackson said.

"Jackson, I'm not getting an abortion, end of story! Its not happening! For---get---it!" Miley said slowly, pushing the button to dry her hands.

"Miles, this is bad! Sneaking off with Oliver, and stealing my car to do it!"

"Jackson, its really not that bad. I mean, you make it sound like Oliver and I are eloping or something, Jackson! Lilly is with us, remember?" Miley objected, walking towards the door.

"Well, who knows what the hell you do with him anymore? God, you didn't even have the brains enough to keep your pants on! None of this would have happened if it hadn't been your stupidity!"

Miley stopped dead, her hand on the doorknob. She couldn't believe he'd actually said that to her. That hurt worse than any insult he'd ever thrown at her in her entire life.

"FUCK YOU, JACKSON!" Miley screamed into her cellphone before slamming it shut with such force that the cover fell off.

Miley immediately started bawling. She collapsed against the wall, holding her head in her hands as she cried into her knees. She heard the door open, but didn't care. Who ever wanted to see miss Miley Stewart bawling her eyes out could see it, she couldn't care less. She was fourteen, pregnant, a run-away, and top it all off, her brother hated her and was probably going to tell her dad everything. Miley didn't look up until she felt a pair of arms wrap around her. It was Oliver she smiled sadly at him, and leaned into him. His arms around her felt comforting and she was glad that he wasn't afraid of coming into the ladies' room. There was a lot she'd discovered about Oliver recently. He could drive, he didn't crack under pressure, he was a good coach, and he smelled great. Miley sighed.

"Jackson wants me to get an abortion." Miley whispered, barely audibly.

She felt Oliver sigh and then he ran his fingers through her hair.

"It really doesn't matter what he wants. It doesn't even matter what I want." he added with a shrug. "It's your choice. It's your body, you decide what to do with it." Oliver said.

Miley nodded. Oliver was right. It was completely up to her. It was her body, her baby, and her choice. Well, obviously, Oliver contributed to the baby part, but over all, this was Miley's decision to make. She just didn't know how she was gonna make it.

Suddenly, the bathroom door was thrown open and Lilly was standing there, crying and breathing heavily. She swallowed roughly before taking a deep breath and attempting to explain to them why she wasin such a state.

"You guys! I almost died!" Lilly gasped breathlessly.

"What? What happened?" Oliver and Miley jumped up and rushed over to Lilly.

Lilly wasn't a drama queen. She wasn't one to make up stories like this, and she wasn't one to be able to fake cry. She was a horrible actress.

"Lilly, what happened?" Oliver said, putting his hands on Lilly's shoulders in attempt to calm her down.

"I was sleeping...and someone knocked...on the window...and...he just...pointed a my head and...stole...stole the car!"

Uh-oh. What are they going to do now?

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