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Note: (not sure if I said before) This takes place after the third series but before the fourth, and will sorta follow the plot...sorta... XD

He was now faced with what he never thought he'd be faced with. A teenage girl. Who, on top of that, was a blood relation! Arnold Rimmer suddenly felt the urge to run and hide under a table with a colander on his head. But it was to late. She was looking up at him with innocent green eyes, cheeks tear stained.

"Erm...how are you settling in?" He asked, internally cursing himself. 'What kind of question is that you twonk!?'

"All right. I've been better, but everyone's been really nice," She sniffed back her tears, rubbing her eyes with the edge of her sleeve.

Rimmer noted quickly it was an officers suit, though tailored differently. He could always tell rank and position from the look of the uniform, but this one he didn't recognize.

"Was there something you needed?" She asked, looking up at him expectantly. She was sitting on the edge of the bottom bunk a little ways away. Rimmer decided to step out of the doorway so the door could close.

He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He didn't know why he was doing this, but the human part of him managed to wiggle forward enough to tell him, this was the right thing to do. "I think we should talk."

Lister really hoped telling Rimmer to talk to the girl was a good idea. She was after all, there because she wanted to meet the smeghead. But he still didn't want Rimmer to scare her so much she disappeared. Or worse, ejected herself out the airlock. Somehow, he doubt she would do either of those things.

He tossed another playing card at the bowl sitting a few feet from him, watching it sail past. Normally, he was good at this game, but at the moment, he was way to distracted.

He decided that it was way to quiet in there and went off in search of some company. Maybe The Cat was up for a game of Unicycle Polo...

They stared at each other, Rimmer sitting in a chair and Charlotte still on the edge of the bed across from him.

"So, there we are then," She looked down at her fidgeting hands, tilting her head of enough to look at him.

"Yes, I suppose we are..." He'd never had a heart-to-heart (at least that's what he figured this was) with anyone. Somehow, he felt like a giant weight had been lifted from him. He'd explained some of his childhood after she had explained hers, and they could both empathize with one another.

"This is a lot to drop on you all at once, I know. But, I hope you'll give me a chance. I'm not asking you to see me as a sister. Not yet. But maybe," She reached out, balancing her hand over the projection of Rimmer's, feeling the static tingle of the electric current.

He looked up at her, meeting her eyes in disbelief. "Maybe we could try to be friends?"

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