Okay peoples hi again, I have like serious long term writers block on my other story so this ois something to make up for the wait gomen nasai, I didn't mean to take so long and I will update soon. KibaTema rox okay? XD



I f there was one word to describe Kiba Inuzuka that was it.It was simply in his nature, he had to be the strongest and in control, during missions he was the alpha male. Everyone respected and obeyed him, he had earned it. After the fight with Naruto in the chunnin exams and losing he had done everything in his power to regain his dominance. He began training himself more in genjutsu, ninjutu ands taijutsu. He had worked himself nearly to death, but it paid off. The next year he made chunnin and on his 16th birthday he became an jounin as well as took over leadership to the Inuzuka clan. He had surpassed all the rookie nine, including Naruto. Kiba had regained his dominance and respect. He would never be weak again. He would never let anyone take his dominance again, that is until that fateful day when he met her.

Temari of the Sand.