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Chapter two

"Dammit dog boy , do that again and I'll kill you!",Temari threatened after smacking him on the head for grabbing her ass for the seventh time that day.

"What? I was just trying to get a better grip, you know your kinda hard to haul around"Kiba replied innocently.

Whatever dog boy, are we there yet?"Temari asked.They had been traveling for several hours and had long since passed the lush ghreen woiodland of the land of fire and entered ontu traveling along the sandy seashore of the wave country. They were nowe approaching a large glittering citythat wqas perched atop a steep cliff on the eastern side of the bay.

"Yeah, that Kirameki right there, Kiba answered. He picked up the pace and hurried up the rocky road to the city as fast as possible. When he reachedthe top he was surprised to see not a run down underdeveloped city most common to the wave country but a lush urban district with many expensive looking shops, resturant and hotels.

"Whew, nice place, looks like things are finally starting to shape up", Kiba said.

"I'm tired, lets find where we're staying at so we can get some rest and something to eat", Temari added.

"Tired?? Talk about lazy, I'm the one who had to carry you and our stuff so quit complaining"Kiba yelled. Temari just ignored him and got of his back to retrieve the package Tsunade gave them with the money sand information they would need for the mission. She checked the map of Kirameki for the location of there new home for the next few weeks and found it was a small house in the residential district of the town on the beach..

"This way " she said and began walking, leaving Kiba just to stare at her and start whining to Akamaru what a bitch she is.

After a short while they arrived at the house. It was a small one story house with a large yard on the beach. Luckily it was a short distance from the other houses so they were likely not to be bothered by neighbors. They inside was decent for one person, 2 to live snugly, and had only one bedroom.'go figure' Temari thought. Her brothers had been trying to get her to find a boyfriend lately. Even though she was the oldest she was the last to find someone. Gaara and Sakura, after years of dating, had finally gotten married recently, Kankuro was engaged, and Naruto married Hinata and they were expecting twins. In fact all of the rookie nine had gotten married or at least were engaged already.'oh crap' she thought, 'all except for Kiba.So that's why he was chosen for the mission.' It made perfect sense. When her and Shikamaru were together there had always been the never-ending pressure for them to marry and improve relations between the Leaf and Suna. It was they reason their relationship was ruined. It looked like they were trying to make it up to her by getting her together with Kiba.' No way in hell just cause we are living together and I going to hook up with him.'

Kiba too, after exploring the house, had realized the problem of one bedroom He , on the other hand was thinking how nice it would be to share a bed with Temari and all the things he wanted to do to her in it. He continued to think his perverted thoughts until Temari interrupted him.

"Hey dog boy, lets go get some food," Temari yelled, waving her hand in front of his dazed face." I checked the cupboards, there empty and I'm hungry"

"Sorry, you're not supposed to leave the house, stay here and I'll go get something to eat." ' Kiba ordered. "Akamaru will stay here and guard you, your supposed to stay rested anyways, Temari-Hime, besides, weren't you tired?

"Oh screw you dog-boy"she retorted at Kiba's retreating figure.'What the hell am I supposed to do now?' She was of course tired but no way was she taking orders from him. 'Lets have a little fun with the dog-boy and some time fro myself as well 'she thought mischievously.'What about the mutt?' she stared at akamaru who was perched in front of the door and watching her every move.

She waled to the closet and grabbed a towel, and made her way to the bathroom, she heard the mutt lay down in front of the door. She turned on the faucet for a bath and after a few minutes, turned it off, and after locking the door, she walked into the bedroom and out the window.

Kiba madfe his way home with a small bundle of groceries after haviong a rather difficult time finding a food store tht didn't sell foreign or expensive food , which was pretty much all ther ewas in Kirameki.

He opened the door to find Akamaru sleeeping in front of the bathroom door. He wa;lked over anf patted him on the haed then faced the door and knocked. "Temari?, You in there?" he asked. He couldn't smell he but he wouldn't if she was in water ,but he didn;'t sense her chakra either. He tried the door but it was lock, he kicked it open and discovwered Temari was missinbg and also the bedroom doo r was open. He walked in and saw the window. 'Damn that woman! What the hell is she thinking!?' He jumped out the window and Akamaru followed close behind, and the pair trailed her into town when Kiba , after navigating through the hordes of people every wehere, finally saw her coming out of a store., and by then he was pissed.

"Woman what the hell have you been up to, Dammit , don't you know hopw to folloew orders?", he screeamed and then ran at her. She just stood there innocently and smiled at him. "Kiba what a surprise to see you here", she said sweetly.

"How the hell am I supposed to protect you if you won't listen?"and without further word he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. "Akamaru, take those bags and go home."He then dragged temari, who by then was kicking and screaming through the town as people stopped their shopping to stare at the couple.. KIba ignored them and pumped chakra into his legs and sprinted to the beach. He threw open the back door and headed to the bedroom. He tossed Temari onto the bed and shouted"Stay there ad get your damn rest and don't you cause me any more trouble for me you wench." Temari just stuck her tongue out at him and got up and crossed her arms."I mean it, get back to bed while I go fix dinner , Tsunade-sama said get your rest, baka"he yelled. She took one step closer to him and started towards the door. Before she knew what was happening Kiba had pinned her to the bed. Temari glared at him and said, "how are you supposed to cook if your going to hold me down?""easy" he replied, and after a couple of handseal and a 'kage bunshin no jutsu' he sent a clone to the kitchen. Temari took this oppurtunity to flip him ovrr and pin him down, with his arms above hios head as she starddled his waist in a death grip.

"Ninjas are alwas supposed to be on guard baka, "she retorted at him. Kiba struggled but coulfdn't get loose, she leaned towards him and whiwspered sweetly, "something wrong dog boy?". Kiba smirked, and doing the only thing he could think of, leaned up and kissed her. Temari was completly stunned and Kiba took the chance to reverse their possitons once again."what was that about ninjas always being on guard?" he asked.Temari smiled at him, she had felt the longing in his kiss for her . The kiss was short but deep, and both of them had felt the chemistrey between them. She wanted more of him.Without a second thought she leaned up and kissed him back. Kiba was shocked at first , but when , but when he discovered sahe meant it he kissed her back wirth equal passion.. She titled her head to allow him better acess and he lossened jhis grip on her hands and she wrapoped her arms around him.He wanted her. He wanted her more than any other woman he had ever been with. 'god, what is she doing to me' he couldn't let her have any mor control over him, it wasn't right. He quickly broke the kiss and pulled away gaspoing for air. "I'm sorry" he saidto a very confused Temari, "lets go get dinner"

"Not hungry!"she scrwamed angriliy at him. She was pissed off and very confused.' Was that just and act? Did he not mean any of it? I thought I feklt something.' She certainly had never felt it before, hell, her and Shikamaru had never even kissed. 'What luck my fisrt kiss was just a fake.' She trunded over on the bed and got under the covers. 'Geez Temari, don't beat yourself up over it , its just Kiba...is that the way I really feel, is he really 'just' Kiba?' she pondere this before falling asleep.