A/N: a short drabble about Riza's life set many years after the mangaverse. No spoilers. Enjoy!

Fluff Warning

And the Word Was "Miniskirt"

They were whispering again.

They were supposed to be her friends. Her colleagues. People who she could trust her life to.

And they were hiding something from her. Something big. She knew what it was—trouble. For her.

She neared the desk where they were congregated as quietly as she could. If she could only get within hearing-range, she was sure she could figure out their hushed conversation.

Step by step. She silently neared her friends, certain they were talking about her.

She detected one word. A word she hated to hear come from the mouth of a man she respected.

And the word was "Miniskirt."

She stepped on a piece of paper, the crunching sound broke the silence. Her scheme revealed, the men at the desk two meters away looked up. Horror overcame their faces as they began to wonder what she'd heard. The men looked at their leader, hoping he would rescue them from her fury.

He was as pale as they were. Finally she questioned him.

"What was that about miniskirt, sir?" she asked, her tone more threatening than curious.

"Hawkeye, it's not what you think," he began, "I-we-um…"

Her hand went to her gun holster. Without any hesitation, she whipped her pistol up and snapped the safety off, taking aim just to the left of Mustang's ear. She opened fire.

He yelped. The others fled. He dared not move.

As soon as she knew they were alone, she slowly approached her colonel. She put her gun away and wrapped her arms around his neck. He returned the gesture. She leaned in as she whispered,

"That's no way to plan your wife's birthday present."

She said as she smiled to her husband.

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