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All I do is run, run away from all the pain and fear

Fear that you will find me and drag me back down again

Down to the hell where I suffer from all your abuse

You don't want me to love you or show feelings

As you say feeling are for losers and you're not a loser

No you're not a loser, you're a tormentor

You love to torment everyone and everything you can find

Well someday I will find the strength to stop all the torment

Find the guts to face you one on one and maybe then you will see

What it's like to be feel all my torment

All the years of you're abuse will befall onto you

Then I will be able to laugh at you like you laugh at me

When you torment me, you always laugh when I scream

Well this is about to end, end now!

How does it feel to be the one being tormented?

Does it feel good?

You're not laughing, why?

But as you can hear I'm laughing out loud

Laughing so hard that I'm crying

Crying for all the years of abuse that is now over.