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"Katara! Run!" Aang shouted, and began sprinting to rescue her from the falling rocks. Katara's face was pale, her crystal blue eyes wide with fright. An especially large boulder was plummeting from the ceiling, right over top of her.

"No!" Aang screamed, and dove into her, pushing her away from the imminent danger. He lay over top of her for a moment, shielding her from any more rocks that threatened to fall from the cracking ceiling. When all was quiet, he opened his eyes, gazing down at Katara's lightly scratched face.

"Are you alright?" he asked, rolling off of her, so that she could breath. Katara rose to her feet, brushing off the dust and rocky debris from her Waterbending kimono.

"I'm fine. Are you ok?" she responded, her eyes bushing over his body to spot any major cuts or bruises. Aang smiled a bit, and then answered.

"Yeah…I guess….Where's Sokka?" his eyes scanned the cave, but the only thing in his line of vision was Katara, and Appa, who had caused the cave in due to his inability to keep his cool. Katara was also searching the floor of the rocky prison, but her eyes came to rest on none other than Aang, who was too busy looking for her brother to notice her constant stare. A small smile creased her lips, her mind recounting for her how he had positively tackled her in order to save her life. He must really care… she thought, but quickly dismissed it as he turned to face her once more.

"We need to find a way out of here…how many torches do we have?" Aang questioned, searching the ground for any sign of torches that may have been dropped. Katara glanced around as well, and spotted two, lying amongst the rubble.

"Aang! Look!" she squealed, and bent to grab them. Aang grinned, and aimed the torch in his hand towards the pile of debris, as to locate any more of them. After about ten minutes, the pair had found three torches, plus the one in Aang's hand.

"Ok. That means we only have three and a half hours left of light…we need to get moving." He announced, and began moving deeper into the cave. Appa let out a deep groan, and slumped to the ground. Aang turned, and patted the furry bison's arrowed head.

"Don't worry, buddy. We'll be out of here soon." With a small smile in Katara's direction, which she returned gratefully, they marched on into the gloom.

(2 hours later)

The trio had been walking through the cave, however, not one single sliver of light was visible, except the burning flame in Aang's hand. Katara's legs were weak with exhaustion, trembling and occasionally giving out as she walked. Aang noticed her state of discomfort, and decided it was best if they took a break.

"Alright Katara, lets sit down and rest for a minute." He suggested, and plopped down on the hard, rock surface under him. Katara let out a sigh of relief, and practically fell down next to him. The darkness of the cave before them took it's full effect as they sat, for the torch light only reached so far out into the dusty, musty gloom.

"Aang…" Katara's small voice echoed throughout the rock enclosure. Aang turned his head to look at her, only to find a small tear sliding down her dark slope of cheek.

"Katara? What's wrong?" he asked, extending his hand to her face, and wiping the salty stream away with this thumb. She tilted her head slightly to nuzzle her cheek against his hand, more tears leaking from her vibrant cerulean eyes.

"What if…what if we never get out of here?" she asked, biting her lip softly to keep from crying. Aang frowned, and moved his palm from her cheek to her chin, tilting it upward to face him. When her eyes fluttered open, he smiled reassuringly, and whispered,

"We are going to make it Katara. We just have to trust in l-" he stopped short, his eyes wide. Shit…he thought, and continued, "…i-in each other…" Katara's eyes relaxed a bit, and a wide yawn escaped her lips. Aang grinned at her cuteness, and guided her by her chin closer to him, wrapping her in the secure cocoon of his arms, and allowed her to sleep, her head resting on his chest, hand in his.


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