Summary: Sequel (hah! Again) to Looking For Myself. Kitty Portman and Julian Banks thought they understood their families and their connection, that is until they actually met each other.

Author's Note: Ok, so I KNOW I said I was taking a break...but then I was totally insomniac last night and I started writing this, actually I got the first three chapters done (I know I'm a nut!) So they'll all be up by the end of the night. And I really like it. So here it is. Yeah, it's the cheesey "The Ducks kids go to Eden Hall" thing, but this is one of my fics in the soap opera like continuity, so it's never that simple. I tried to make Kitty and Julian their own people, but they are very very like their parents, I mean not exactly like them, but similar. And there's another off spring here, she pops up pretty quickly, and is immediately identified. Enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I own stuff in this one. I do, for real. I totally made Kitty and Julian up. But their parents, well, ok, Heather I made up, but the other three, they belong to Disney.

Children of Chaos

Chapter 1: The First Day of School

Kitty heard her parent's voices echoing in her head as she carried her bags up the stairs to the tiny dorm room. She would get them for this. It was like it hadn't even been up for discussion, she came home from school one day at the beginning of her eighth grade year and there was this brochure out on the coffee table, and her parents were sitting, like cats waiting to pounce on a poor unsuspecting mouse. An interesting analogy because of who her mother was.

"Mom, I can't go to that school!" Kitty said, "Come on, I mean, its not like when you guys went there and all of your friends were there, I'd be starting all over!"

"It's a great school Kitty Cat," her father had said. "You could be great there."

"So you're saying I can't be great here?" She glared at him. It was an icy look that she had learned perfectly from her mother. "You have to ship me away to some snotty school in Minnesota for me to great?"

"Kitty," her mom started, "We think this is the right move. Charlie Conway is a good friend of ours, he said that you'll definitely have a spot on the hockey team, as long as you're good enough, which you are, and it's such a good school."

"I'm not going," she said, "You can't make me!"

They had made her. It was positively morbid, sending a fourteen year old all this way from home. Away from her parents, though she hated them right now, away from her younger siblings, away from everything she knew. So what if they knew the hockey coach from when they were kids? Who cares that they went here? Suddenly her mind went to another conversation.

"Uncle Luis," she had called him, to try and get him on her side, "do you think I should go to Eden Hall?"

"Did you get in?" He had said.

"Yes," she mumbled.

"Then yeah, I do." Where all of the adults in the horrible conspiracy to get rid of her? Her parents, her godfather, they probably even got to her Aunts. "Eden Hall was really great for all of us. It could be great for you too. And you'll get to play for Charlie, he's the best."

"Did they get to you?" Kitty said, exasperated, "did they tell you what to say?"

"No," he said, "Look, take it from your ever loving godfather, you will like it if you give it a chance. And if you don't, you call me, I call your parents, and you're out in twenty four hours. Deal?"

"Thanks Uncle Luis," she said.

She got to the dorm room, and saw that there was another girl, sitting on her bed, with her arms folded. She looked down at the sheet of paper that had all of her room information on it as she put her bags down. This must be Alexandra Vanderbilt. Nice name.

"Um, Alexandra?" Kitty said quietly, "Alexandra Vanderbilt, that's you right?"

"Lexi," she smiled warmly and corrected her, "which makes you Katherine Portman. It's nice to meet you."

"It's Kitty, actually," she said, this girl seemed nice at least. She put her bags down. "Looks like we're living together."

"Are you really Julie Gaffney and Dean Portman's daughter?" Lexi asked, slightly embarrassed by the question. "I mean, my dad said you might be, but he wasn't sure how old you were, and whether they would send you here."

"Yeah," Kitty said suspiciously. "I am, who's your dad?"

"Scot Vanderbilt." Lexi shrugged, "He knew them while they were here or something."

"It seems like everyone did." Kitty sighed. "They even called the hockey coach to make sure I had a spot waiting."

"Parents," Lexi rolled her eyes. "I didn't even want to come here, but 'Everyone in our family goes to Eden Hall.'"

"I know!" Kitty laughed, "My parents kept talking about how 'great' everything was, the school, the team, their experience here. It's awful."

"Tell me about it." Lexi nodded. "So you play hockey huh?"

Julian Banks was sitting on his bed. He looked around the room. There was Eden Hall paraphernalia everywhere. He was looking forward to the next day with equal parts of fear and excitement. This was what he wanted he was sure of that, but he was also wary of letting down. His dad had been a star at Eden Hall, his dad had been a star everywhere actually. It was hard, playing on the Ducks as Adam Banks's kid. He imagined it would be even harder playing at Eden Hall. Especially since Charlie Conway, his father's best friend was going to be coaching him. Charlie had made no secret that he would push Julian, who was fully aware that he only had half of his father's natural talent. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" He said

"Julian?" His ten year old sister Deena opened the door and peeked through. "I wanted to ask you a question."

"Ask away, squirt," he said as she walked timidly into the room.

"Do you think Daddy and Mommy will let me play for the Ducks?" She said, "I really really want to, but there haven't been any girls on the team since Daddy played."

"Tell them that you really really want to," Julian said, as she climbed up onto his bed. "Besides, you're really good, better than I was when I was your age."

"I am not," she said, "you're the best Julian, that's why Charlie's gonna start you on the Eden Hall Team."

"Nah, there are a lot of people better than me," he said, "but you, the way you play, I bet that's how Dad played when he was in Pee-Wees."

"Should I ask them now?" She said standing up.

"No," Julian laughed, "because you're supposed to be in bed now, so why don't you wait to ask them tomorrow?"

"Ok, thanks Julian," she skipped out, "Good night, I love you. Good luck tomorrow."

"Good night Deena," he said, "thanks."

"What are you doing up?" His father said, tapping her on the head, as he walked up the stairs.

"Just wishing Julian good luck," she giggled, "Good night Daddy!"

"Night baby," Adam smiled and leaned down and kissed her. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," Julian said.

"So are you ready for tomorrow?" His father sat down on the bed.

"I guess so." Julian could never bring himself to tell his father how nervous he was.

"You'll do great," Adam said, "you're mom and I are really proud of you, Julian. And I'm really happy you made the decision to go."

"There really wasn't ever a doubt Dad," Julian said. "I was always going."

"I know," his dad nodded, "but I want you to know I'm proud of you, no matter what OK?"

"Yeah," Julian smiled, his dad got really into the whole "proud of you no matter what thing" because his grandpa's intensity had screwed him up a little. "I know, thanks Dad."

"Get some sleep. You have a big day tomorrow." He said standing up.

"Yeah." Julian said, getting under his covers. It was a big day.

The next day at lunch Kitty and Lexi were sitting with some other girls they had met in the dorm the night before. The first half of her morning hadn't been so bad. The school did seem really competitive, way more than her school in Illinois, but she was smart, she was pretty sure she could handle it. She was looking around at the other students, many of whom knew each other already and felt a little jealous. She could have been starting high school with all of her friends today, instead she was hundreds of miles away. She noticed one boy, awkwardly looking for a place to sit. She looked at Lexi, who for some reason knew who everyone was, at least if their parents where alumni.

"Lexi," She said tapping her, "do you know who that guy is?"

"I'm surprised you don't!" Lexi said. "That's Julian Banks."

"That's Julian?" Kitty said, "wow, I didn't know he was coming here." She knew who Julian Banks was of course, her mother's ex-husband's son, who was named after her. Julian and Kitty had the same birthday, and she had been told about him her whole life, but she had never actually met him. Her mom and Adam weren't the kind of exes who hated each other, but they also weren't the kind who were constantly in each other's lives, their relationship pretty much consisted of two phone calls a year, one on Christmas and one on Julian and Kitty's birthday. "Should I go introduce myself?"

"You two have never met?" Lexi said shocked. "Really?"

"Nope," Kitty said, "I met Adam and Heather once, when my youngest sister was born they came to the baptism. But Julian couldn't come. He's cute, is that weird?"

"Why would it be weird?" Lexi said, looking at him, "he is."

"Because, he's my mom's ex-husbands and my dad's ex-girlfriend's kid, that's like kind of incestuous." Kitty said. "I'm going over to say hi."

"Good for you." Lexi said. Kitty stood up and walked over to him.

"Hi," she said, confidently.

"Um, hi?" He looked at her, was he supposed to know this girl? "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

"What?" She said, "Oh, no, well, sort of, but not really." She took a deep breath, "Let me start over. Hi, I'm Kitty Portman." She stuck her hand out.

"Oh my God!" He said, his jaw dropped.

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