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Chapter 9: Chaos Subsides, sort of

Kitty had tried to find Julian after practice, but he hadn't been around. She tried calling him but he didn't pick up his cell phone. This was incredibly frustrating. She was sitting totally frustrated, staring at her phone. Lexi sulked into the room, as she had every day since the incident at the mall.

"Hi Lexi." Kitty said. Lexi sent her a cold glare and sat down at her desk, and took out a book. "How long are you going to freeze me out? I told you I was sorry. If it makes you feel better, he's not talking to me."

"He's not?" Lexi said quietly, turning around.

"Nope, only on the ice," Kitty sighed, "when he has to. I called him, and he didn't pick up his phone."

"That sucks." Lexi said standing up and walking over to Kitty's bed.

"Yeah, I know." Kitty said. "Lexi, I really am so sorry. I didn't plan for it to happen, it just sort of did you know?"

"No, I'm sorry," Lexi said, "it's just like, it's so not fair. You have everything going for you Kitty. You're gorgeous, and smart, and athletic, you have this super loving and supportive family. I was so jealous of you, and I thought that you took something from me. But you didn't, I mean, he never even liked me as a friend, let alone as a potential girlfriend."

"I know, but you liked him, and I knew you did," Kitty said, "I mean, chicks before dicks right? It was wrong for me to make sure it was OK with you."

"I talked to my dad today," Lexi gulped. "He asked me if you wanted to come to our Cape house for a week or something this summer. If you don't totally hate me, would you consider it?"

"Lexi, I would love to!" She smiled, "It'll be way fun!"

"Maybe if by then we're all talking again, Andy and Julian could come too." Lexi said, "It'll be really fun."

"It will be, with or without them." Kitty said, hugging her. "Look, I have to go make a phone call, sort out what I'm feeling you know?"

"Sure, do you want me to leave? I can work in the library, or Dana's room." Lexi offered, Dana was their friend who lived downstairs.

"No, I'm gonna go for a walk," Kitty shook her head and grabbed a coat. She gave Lexi another big hug. "I am so glad we're friends again!" She said.

"Me too." Lexi smiled hugging her back. Kitty walked around campus and then found a bench to sit on. She pulled out her cell phone and found the number she wanted.

"Hello?" They friendly voice on the other said.

"Hey Uncle Luis, what's up?" She said, hearing his voice made her feel better.

Julian was lying on his bed. He was completely miserable. Andy wasn't talking to him, and neither was Kitty. He had ruined his relationship with his best friend, and the girl he did it for hadn't even wanted to be with him anyway. It wasn't a fun situation to be in.

"Julian?" Deena peeked her head in.

"Hey kid!" He said, "what's up?"

"Are Mommy and Daddy going to get a divorce like Daddy did with Julie?" She asked curling up on the bed with him.

"What?" He said, looking at her, "No, why would you even think that?"

"They had a really big fight on Saturday," Deena said, "and Lissa Goldberg said that after her parents fought they got a divorce."

"Mom and Dad aren't getting a divorce Deena," Julian said, "Dad was just upset because he hadn't seen Julie in a long time. We're still a family ok Dee?"

"Ok, can I stay here?" She said.

"As long as you need to," he kissed her head. They just sat for a few minutes.

"Julian, are you and Kitty going to come to my first game next week?" She asked. "On Saturday Kitty said she would."

"I'll definitely be there, I don't know about Kitty," He said, "that's up to her."

"Do you ever wish that you married mom?" Kitty asked her godfather.

"No," he said, "I mean I used to wish I had, but then I thought about it, and I thought about all the things that I wouldn't have. I mean, I wouldn't have the bars, or you and your family. I might not have gotten to spend those last few years with my dad, do you get what I'm saying?"

"I think so," she nodded, "what about mom? Do you think she ever wishes that things turned out differently?"

"Not for a second." Luis said. "I've known your mom for a long time Kitty. She's not a big one for regret. Besides, if it weren't for everything she experienced she wouldn't be the writer that she is, or be the great mom that she is for you and the kids."

"Yeah," Kitty said. "Do you think it'd ok if I started dating Julian Banks?"

"So that's what this is about?" Luis laughed. "I don't know that your parents would be thrilled about it right now, given what happened last weekend."

"That wasn't my question," Kitty said.

"You get more like your father every day," Luis chided, "I think it would be ok, if that's what you want."

"I think it is," Kitty smiled. "Thanks for the talk."

"Anytime Katherine Anne," he said. He was the only person who she let call her by her full name. "Love you!"

"Love you too!" She smiled, hanging up the phone.

The next day after school, Kitty saw Julian sitting at the bus stop. She took a deep breath and walked over.

"Hi," Kitty said, sitting next to him. "Can we talk?"

"That's up to you," he said, "you're the one who stopped."

"Look, I got freaked out OK?" She said. "I had a right to be. We knew that it would be complicated, I mean, Lexi wasn't talking to me, I don't know how to tell my mother what's going on."

"I feel the same way." Julian said. "Andy has been my best friend since I was seven, and I stole his girlfriend. My dad made it pretty clear that he didn't want me being friends with you, although he would never say that. It's just so confusing. Maybe you were right on Saturday, maybe it's too complicated."

"Look, I'm really confused too," she said quietly, "but the one thing I'm not confused about his how I feel about you. I really really like you, a lot."

"I really like you too," he said looking at the floor.

"Ok, then." She said, "Let's give it a shot."

"Kitty, what about everyone else?" He said, "I mean, what about Lexi, and Andy and our parents?"

"We need to stop letting how it'll effect other people shape our decisions." Kitty said. "Now I want to be with you," she said, "don't you want to be with me?"

"I want to be with you," he smiled, and then kissed her. "So I take it that this means you're coming with me to Deena's game tonight?"

"We don't want to let her down." Kitty laughed, and then they kissed again. "Julian?"

"Yeah?" He said.


"For what?"

"For this." She kissed him again.

"Anytime," he laughed, as the bus pulled up and they got on holding hands.

The End

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