Boredom: Chapter 1of 4

(Kurosaki Place: Ichigos Room)

Ichigo sat staring at the computer screen in front of him. He was trying to do his home work but couldn't concentrate. There was something on his mind. It had been bothering him now for several days. He was lonely and he needed something but couldn't figure out what. Damnnit I'm bored. I can't concentrate on my home work and there's nothing else to do. He jumped when he heard the phone ring next to him. He picked it up and answered, "Kurosaki residence, Ichigo speaking."

"Kuraosaki," It was Ishida's voice on the end of the line, "Can you come over? I need help with something."

"Help you? Why should I?" He grumped. He hated Ishida even though he had been helpful when they had gone to Soul Society. "Call Chad."

"Kurosaki," He sounded angry, and maybe a little...anxious? "You're the only person that can help me with this. I'll do your homework if you help me."

"Ishida that's something either a grade school or Middle school kid would say. I can do my own." Irritably Ichigo agreed to come over, "Fine I'll come over. When do want me to be there?"

"As soon as you can." With that Ishida hung up.

What's with him? Ichigo thought to himself. When he stood up he finally took notice he was still in his PJ's. With a sigh he grabbed a loose fitting pair of black pants and a short sleeve black and red t-shirt. He quickly put them on and shut of the computer with his incomplete homework still running. Shit! I wasn't done with that! Oh well. I'll just redo it when I get home. He sighed. Today just wasn't his day.

He walked down the stairs, being greeted by almost getting kicked in the face by his overly excitable father. "Good Morning Ichigo!" He boomed, "Or should I say after noon? Do you know what time it is?"

"Udasai.(1) It's still to early to listen to you rambling." Ichigo muttered hotly. "Karin, Yuzu, I leave dad in you hands. I'm going over to Ishidas in a couple of minutes."

"WHAT? Your leaving that oaf with us? That is so not cool Nii(2)-san(3)." A young girl yelled from behind the open fridge door."

"Karin you're so cruel to your papa." Their dad cried.

"How long will you be gone for?" A timid voice asked from the top of the steps. You could barely hear the girl as she came down the steps. She stopped on the last step and waited patiently for an answer.

"Depends. Ishida needs help with something. Who knows how long that will take." He ruffled her hair and she laughed lightly.

"Please try and be back for dinner."

"Will do. Karin I trust you to make sure Dad doesn't do anything crazy." He walked out the front door and headed down the street toward Ishida's house. He hurried because he wanted to know what Ishida wanted him so desperately for.

(Ishida's House. Living Room.)

"Ichigo please hurry. I don't know how much longer I can wait for you! My heart throbs for you. My body longs for your touch!" Ishida said to himself. He jumped when he heard a loud knock at his front door. He walked over but before he opened it, he took a deep breath before answering. When he opened the door, Ichigo stood there, tall, dark and lonely. Ishida smiled and said, "Come on in. Make your self comfortable."

Ichigo came in and removed his shoes before walking into the living room to sit on the couch. This was the first time he had been to the guys house and he muttered under his breath, "Rich bastard." The living room was spacious and beautiful. Three fourths of the walls were windows and the windows them selves were covered in expensive silk curtains. On the fourth wall, there were some pictures but it was mostly occupied by a large book shelf. His floor was covered in a black/white/red carpet and the furniture was black. "Nice place you have." Ichigo stated just to try to get things moving.

Ishida sat down in one of the leather chairs and said, "Thanks. Have a seat." Once Ichigo was seated, Ishida got up and asked, before disappearing into the kitchen, "Want anything to eat? Drink?"

"No thanks. So what did you call me over for? You said you needed help."

Ishida poked his head around the corner to stare at the guy sitting on his couch. He went back to doing what he was doing before he answered, "I'll tell you in just a sec. Let me finish this really quick." He walked back into the living room and sat across from Ichigo. He stared the boy up and down. Every curve, every muscle, was perfect. His shocking orange hair looked, and probably felt, like silk. Just looking at him made Ishida want him even more.

"Are you just going to stare at me?" Ichigo said getting irritated. "Or are you going to tell me what I came over to help with?"

Ichigo if I told you what I want so badly, you'd hate me even more. I want your body. Your lips pressed to mine. You body holding me to the bed. I want you hair in my face. I want this all! I want you. Nobody, nothing else. You are what I want most. Ishida felt a nervous desire to just go over and sit on the couch next to Ichigo and start kissing him. He wanted it so badly but he tried hard to hold himself back. "Kurosaki..." he started, "What would you do, if you wanted to tell some one that you like them but you were worried about what they'd say?"

Ichigo furrowed his brow. Why the hell are you asking me? He thought. "How the hell would I know? I've never told anyone I've like them before. Well besides Rukia anyway."

Ishida looked down sadly. I figured as much that he would say that. "O.K then what would you do if some one told you that they liked you?"

What the hells will all the questions? Weird ones no less. I have to answer or he'll keep staring at me like he's going to hurt me if I don't. "I don't know. I would probably be shocked. I look so cruel and stuff so it would be a surprise if any one could like me." Ichigo leaned back against the couch and crossed one leg over the other.

"O.K. What if the person that liked you wasn't a girl? It was a guy? What would you do then?"

"O.K, first off what the hells with all the questions? Secondly I don't know what I'd do. I would probably tell them they were crazy and need to get a life. Also, I'm bored. If you don't want me to help you, the I'm going home. Though on second thought, you haven't even told me what you needed help with yet."

Ishida stood up and walked over to stand next to Ichigo. He looked down and said, "Ichigo, I love you. I want you, your body. I want everything." Ichigo's eyes widened in shock. Ishida sat down next to him and put his finger to the other boys lips. His other hand he laid gently on Ichigos chest. "Ichigo, give me your body."


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2-3. Nii-san- Older brother