It was a Saturday afternoon and Ichigo found himself staring blankly at the computer screen in front of him. He had a paper half written and he was trying hard to finish it but found that he couldn't concentrate. His mind kept wandering back to a little problem at the back of his mind. He hadn't quite figured out exactly what the problem was but it was troublesome. What irritated him more was that it was an ongoing issue. He'd been thinking about it nonstop for days now He figured that it was probably just that he was lonely. He was bored and had nothing to do. He needed someone, or something, to entertain him.

Sighing in irritation he leaned forward and rested his head on his hand. The clock above him continued to tick away happily, unaware of Ichigo's predicament. The only other noise was that of the tap-tapping of the mechanical pencil Ichigo had picked up and was tapping against the desk. Seriously. I need to find better ways of spending my Saturday afternoons. He thought bitterly. Just as it crossed his mind, the phone next to him let out a shrill ring. Startled, Ichigo reached out and picked it up. Bringing it to his ear he said, "Kurosaki residence. This is Ichigo."

A voice Ichigo hadn't been expecting replied, his tone calm, "Kurosaki." This surprised Ichigo greatly, as the Quincy never called him unless it was an urgent matter. The next question was what surprised him the most though. "Are you available today? I wanted some help on something and figured you wouldn't mind."

Ichigo remained silent for a moment before replying back coldly, "Just as Chad."

"I'm afraid this is really only something that you can help me with."

"And what makes you think I'd want to help you? I don't care if you were useful during Rukia's rescue." Ichigo leaned back in his seat, crossing his legs. "I'm busy today anyway."

"Is that so?" Ishida sounded almost hurt by the words but he masked it well. For a few minutes he said nothing but when he spoke again he spoke in a much quieter manner. "If you could spare me even an hour of your time today-"

"I already told you I'm busy." Ichigo interrupted, tempted to hang up the phone. He stopped cold when Ishida's next words came out.

With a pleading voice Ishida continued, "Please, Kurosaki. Just an hour of your time. This is really something only you can help me with!"

The frozen icicle known as Ichigo was beginning to melt. It's not that he hated the kid. In fact he thought he was pretty cool on some occasions. It was just that Ichigo didn't really want to go through all the effort of going down to his house only to have it be something little. That was just too much effort. On the other hand he knew he would feel like an ass if he didn't go. Ishida was pretty much begging him and if it had come down to that, obviously it was something important.

The silence over the phone became deafening as Ichigo weighed his options. He really was bored and going over to Ishida's would, hopefully, cure his boredom for a few hours. On the other hand, going there meant he had to leave the comfort of his own home which sounded unpleasant. Sighing he rubbed his eyes, hoping it would make his choice easier. It didn't. The only definite conclusion he came to was, that if he didn't go, he'd look like a complete jerk. Especially after the kid had reduced himself to begging for an hour of Ichigo's time. That had to be painful for the prideful Quincy.

Clearing his throat Ichigo finally agreed. "Fine. But only an hour. No more than that. When exactly did you want me there?" When he was met with silence he almost thought that Ishida had hung up on him. Just as he was about to end the call, Ishida spoke up once more.

"Preferably as soon as possible." Without waiting for a response, the bespectacled teen hung up, leaving Ichigo hanging.

As if in a daze Ichigo held onto the phone until it started beeping angrily in protest at him. Shaking his head, the orange-haired child stood and put the phone back in the cradle. As soon as possible he says. What kind of time frame is that? As he thought this he pressed the power button on his computer, watching as it powered down. Just as the screen went black, Ichigo realized that he hadn't saved his half-written paper. Shit. I was almost done with it too. Damn it. I guess I'll just have to rewrite it when I get back later tonight. Sighing he glanced at the clock. His eyes widened in surprise. He hadn't realized that it had gotten fairly late and he only just remembered that he was still in his pajamas.

Without pushing his desk chair in Ichigo made his way over to his dresser and randomly pulled open in a drawer. From inside he produced a pair of loose black pants. Closing the first one, Ichigo pulled opened another drawer below the first one and produced a red and white striped shirt. Throwing it over his shoulder, Ichigo stripped down to his boxers. He then proceeded to pull his pants up, nearly loosing his balance as he did so. After that was accomplished, he threw his shirt on the bed and pulled his white wife beater over his head and threw it to the side. Once more he picked up the shirt he discarded and pulled it over himself. Smoothing it out, Ichigo left his room and head down towards his kitchen.

As he came down the stairs, he was greeted with a near kick to the face by his over-excited father. Dodging it, he continued into the dining room where Yuzu sat at the table, reading. He guessed that Karin was in the kitchen, fixing herself something to eat. Without sitting Ichigo announced, rubbing the back of his head, "I'm going out for awhile. I don't know when I'll be home. That also means I'm leaving dad in your hands..." The last bit was added as an afterthought. "Make sure nothing is destroyed."

"That's no way to talk about your own father!" Isshin said as a fake tear rolled down his cheek.

Ichigo shrugged and made his way towards the door that led to the entry way. "If you didn't act like a child, I wouldn't have to make such remarks. Oh, and I'll be at Ishida's. Just call my cell phone if you need anything. I shouldn't be gone more than two hours."

It was only then that any protest was made. The less timid of the two twins said angrily, "You're really going to leave him with us? You can't be serious!"

In the background Isshin cried, "You're so cruel to papa, Karin!"

Ichigo just shrugged again. "You'll be fine, I'm sure." He reached out for the door handle when the other of his two sisters spoke up.

"Ichi-nii. When do you plan on being home?" Yuzu closed her book and set it down softly on the kitchen table. "Should I make enough dinner for you?"

"I'm not sure Yuzu. I'll call on my way back home if I think I'll make it." Ichigo smiled at her and waved before walking out the door, closing it behind him. In the entryway he slipped on his shoes before leaving the house.

He took his time getting to Ishida's apartment. His feet guided him there naturally, therefore it gave him time to think. He thought about his time in Soul Society; he thought about the first time he'd met Ishida; and he most definitely thought about how he might not have been able to rescue Rukia if Ishida hadn't been there for him. All these things, though, didn't make him dislike the teen any less. Ishida was still a rather large thorn in Ichigo's side, though Ichigo was slightly reluctant to openly admit it. Finally he came to the rather over bearing complex. He had to quickly remind himself of the apartment number before stepping inside.

Elsewhere, Ishida's mind was raging as he waited for his fellow teen to arrive. Thoughts he had been secretly stashing away thrashed inside his head, waiting to just burst forth. He pushed them back though as he waited impatiently at his front door. He tried to take a calming breath, causing him to only worry more. What will he think when he arrives, only to find out that I've lied? He'll probably scream at me before storming around. Kurosaki doesn't really think first, after all. As he paced, a loud knock came at his door. Startled he stood there like a deer in headlights. When another quick succession of knocks came, Ishida snapped himself out of it and opened the door. It revealed a rather mean looking teenager, dressed in a form fitting shirt and some baggy pants. Despite himself Ishida couldn't help commenting, "You look like you just climbed out of bed."

"Who's to say I hadn't?" Ichigo retorted, crossing his arms and frowning. "I came here to help so let's get on with it. I told Yuzu I'd be home in time for dinner."

Ishida shrugged in reply and pushed his glasses up his nose. "It was only an observation, Kurosaki. Now if you'd please..." He stepped aside before ushering the orange haired boy inside. "We'll talk in the living room." The Quincy shut his front door and then led him through his home and into the living room where he plopped himself down on one end of the couch, gesturing for Ichigo to do the same on the opposite end. When the boys had gotten comfortable Ishida cleared his throat before beginning slowly, calculating Ichigo's reaction to every word. "I may have... Lied... when I asked you over today."

Ichigo narrowed his eyes but remained silent.

"It was only a white lie of course. Nothing that would hurt either of us. It's just that... Well... I have a rather delicate matter to discuss with you. Well, that I would like to discuss with you." Ishida pushed his glasses up his nose again, hoping his voice sounded calmer than he felt. It was like time had slowed down for him, right at that moment and thin beads of sweat were forming on his forehead.

"You couldn't have talked over the phone?" Ichigo asked indignantly, his brow furrowing further.

Ishida shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest. "This is a conversation best had face to face. Before we go any further though, would you like anything to drink? Water? Juice? Soda?" Slowly he stood, his arms still crossed over his chest.

"No thanks." Ichigo replied icily, watching the raven-haired child move towards his kitchen.

Ishida simply nodded. In his kitchen, he took his time preparing himself something to drink. He had found it so much harder than he'd imagined. Things were definitely not going as planned. When he found that he could stall no longer he brought his drink with him back into the living room. Instead of placing himself back on the couch, he chose instead to sit in the chair, adjacent to the couch. Somehow he felt.. Safer... At this distance. He felt there was less chance he'd do something drastic.

Setting his glass down on a coaster, Ishida stared calmly at the other boy for a minute or two, noticing that, unlike most, Ichigo didn't squirm under his watchful eyes. Finally, after taking a swig of his drink drink, Ishida asked casually, "Kurosaki. What would you do if someone told you that they... Liked you?"

Ichigo stared back at him briefly before replying, his scowl still firmly in place, "I don't know. Depends on who it is, and what they've done to me in the past. I may or may not want to be friends."

Realizing he'd misunderstood, Ishida shook his head and restated the question. "That's not quite what I meant. What would you do if someone told you that they loved you?"

A blank look overcame Ichigo. The expression slowly melted into one of confusion, and then once more into a sort of angered bewilderment. "I have no idea, Ishida. No one's ever told me that they supposedly loved me. I'd always just assumed I looked too mean for anyone to have feelings like that. And what's with all these weird questions anyway? I'm not here to be interrogated about my love life, or my lack there of." He folded his arms over himself and glared at the four-eyes in front of him. "And just so you know, your one hour is almost up. If this is all you wanted I'm kind of pissed. I just wasted an hour of my time here doing nothing but chatting about meaningless things."

"It's not meaningless, Kurosaki. I never say more than is needed. Now if you'll let me continue, I have only a few more questions for you. After you answer them, you're free to leave, whether my hour is up or not." Ishida pushed his glasses up is nose again, noticing a slight shaking in his fingers. How can I possibly be so nervous? Taking a deep, but subtle breath, Ishida leaned back in his chair and asked, keeping his voice steady, "Tell me, Kurosaki, what would you do if it wasn't a girl that told you they loved you? What would you do in a situation where a boy told you that they wanted to be with you?"

Kurosaki shrugged and his burning glare softened a little. "I couldn't tell you. I have nothing against people who are gay but I'm pretty sure it's not up my alley. I'd probably reject them and walk away."

"Without letting them explain their reasoning?"

The shinigami leaned forward, resting his elbows in his knees. "If they loved me, why should they have to explain? If they get rejected it should be obvious that the other party isn't interested. They should just let it go."

For the umpteenth time that day, Ishida pushed his glasses up his nose, directing a half-assed glare in Ichigo's general direction. "It's rude to not let a person explain. Just because they were rejected the first time, doesn't mean that they can't still try."

"That's not what you asked, Ishida. You asked what I would do if a guy asked me out. Or at least told me they liked me. I answered you honestly. What more could you possibly ask of me?"

Ishida sighed before standing. He strode over to the other teen and leaned in, placing one arm on the armrest and one on the back of the couch. Loosely supporting himself he leaned in and breathed, "There's a lot more I could want from you, Kurosaki. For example..." Ishida leaned in a little further and pressed his lips into the crook of Ichigo's neck. "I want you. All of you. Every fiber of the being known as Kurosaki Ichigo." Ishida breathed against the boys neck while at the same time, letting the familiar smells leak into his nose. It was almost too much.

Shocked speechless, Ichigo's mouth flapped like a fish out of water. He couldn't speak, not even to protest. His body wouldn't respond to him, as he feebly tried to push the smaller of the two boys away. Struggling to find his voice again, Ichigo managed a, "You're out of your mind."

Ishida smirked. "I'm quite right in the mind, Kurosaki." His lips made their way down Ichigo's exposed neck, stopping only when they reached the collar of his shirt. "I asked you what you would say and then I made a point of giving you an example. Your reaction isn't quite what I had planned but that's alright."

Ichigo sat frozen against the couch as his mind raced with thoughts. Please God. Let this be a dream. Please tell me that when I wake up none of this will have happened. Ishida isn't this kind of person. At least I didn't think he was. He closed his eyes and shivered as the perfectly smooth lips continued tracing along collar bone and shoulders. Things had gotten weird and Ichigo was pretty sure he didn't like it one bit. When his voice finally worked again he said, his voice strangely steady, "I didn't ask for an example, Quincy. I can tell you right now that I'm not interested. Let me go."

Ishida laughed as he bit into the crook of Ichigo's neck. "Kurosaki, I'm not letting you go. Not this time." He let his teeth graze along the boys neck as one of his hands found their way to the boys crotch. What he found there pleased him. Even if Ichigo hadn't noticed it, there was a small tenting in the front of his pants, clearly indicating he was getting hard. "Not to mention, it seems that your body is being much more honest than you are."

"Ishida!" The shinigami warned as his body slowly came back to reality. Things weren't going to go just the way Ishida planned. He wasn't going to let him. "Let me go."

Taken aback, Ishida's defenses lowered a bit which, much to his dismay, allowed Ichigo to push him away. He took a single stumbling backwards as the man of his desires stood and started to storm away. Just because he doesn't them to go the way I want doesn't mean I'm going to let him just walk away. It was hard enough getting him here. He won't leave until I get what I want. Reaching out, the Quincy grabbed Ichigo's wrist just as it was almost out of reach. Turning him around, Ishida pulled the boy in close to him and kissed him hard. When they broke away Ishida said calmly, "Just this once you'll listen to me, Kurosaki."

"Your hour is up, Ishida." Ichigo was glaring at him again, a significant amount of anger burning in his eyes. "That's what I gave you. One hour. You said that I could leave as soon as my hour was up and it is. Now let me go."