Okay...so there's a little tiny time skip of...say about thirty minutes...then THIS happens...





They all looked around, asking each other with their expressions about what to do…

"Ummm…they're crying…"

"Whadda we do??"

"Morons, what else do we do? We hit the sorry little bastards!"

"Girls shouldn't talk like that…"

"Shut the F---- UP, Fatty!"

"I dunno…they're kids…I've never hit a kid before…"

Sasuke and Gaara were the only two dry-eyed kids in front of the four, most unlikely people that could be found in the Forest of Death. This had to be freakish coincidence…Here he was, six-years old, and face to face with pre-teen versions of the Sound Four…Looking at them through the eyes of a child, he began to wonder why on earth he had gone along with a bunch of freaks like them? Sakon had Ukon sticking out of his back, but both heads were looking at the two crying children that were Naruto and Lee. Kidoumaru had six arms, who had SIX arms? That was just nasty! But sure, you could do the hand seals for three different techniques at the same time, but who had the chakra for that? Jirobo was fat, and Tayuya was a foul-mouthed teenaged girl…

Okay, so it had been a really bad idea to sneak out of detention, and an even worse one to run into the Forest of Death through an open gate, but that wasn't his fault. Most of the blame went to Naruto. It had been his fault that they had gotten into detention in the first place, skipping out on a detention that he had conveniently forgotten…and it had been him who had grabbed Gaara by the hand and run into the Forest of Death, with Lee tagging along behind them. Sasuke had to go with them, just in case they got themselves killed…and now here they were…in a really, really, bad situation. Sasuke was pretty sure he could take these guys on, but with the body of a six-year old…there was only so much his small muscles could take…

I might be able to fire off…maybe one chidori…two at the max…

You're not seriously thinking of fighting these big kids are you?

Is there another option?

I wanna go home!! WAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

God… Not you too…

I want mommy and daddy and Itachi-nii-san!!! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Shut up…



Gaara stared at the guy with another one hanging out of him…it was gross and scary, and Gaara thought that maybe he should cry like Naruto and Lee…but it was also strangely fascinating.

"What are you staring at kid?"

Gaara pointed at the head sticking out from the guy's back.

"Is that a toomer??"

Sasuke glanced towards him.

"What's a 'toooomer'?"

Gaara didn't answer and instead looked at the weird big boy with six arms…

"Are you a bug??"

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I DON'T LIKE BUGS!!!!!!!!" wailed Lee, wiping his runny nose with a sleeve.

Gaara pointed towards Jirobo, who with his orange hair, appeared to be the funniest thing Gaara had ever seen. He probably thought they were looking at a bunch of circus freaks...

"Naruto it's a fat clown!!" he said with what Sasuke thought could possibly be interpreted as excitement.

Sasuke turned towards Tayuya.

"You said baaaaad words…Itachi-nii-san said to never say those type of words…bad kids who say bad words get spanked!!"

"You know what…these little brats are seriously pissing me off…"

"Yeah, I know…but they're kids…"

"He called me a tumour…"

"Exactly! You're an f---ing cancer to this group!"

"Hey! Don't make fun of Ukon!!!"

"He called me a bug…"

"We can't hit them…they're crying!"

"That crying is sending every shinobi team in a three mile radius signal flares. Let's go!"

"But we can't just leave them!"

Sasuke tapped Naruto on the shoulder.

"You can stop now…" he whispered towards his friend.

Naruto stopped his crying immediately. How did Sasuke know it was an act? Crying usually got him out of everything…adults were so gullible…

"See if you can get Lee to stop. I'm gonna count to three and then we'll hit him with everything we've got!"

Naruto nodded. Turning his attentions towards Lee.

"I don't wanna die…sniff…I don't like bugs…" sobbed Lee, wiping his ever so runny nose.

"Stop crying!! We're gonna beat these guys dattebayo!!" he whispered reassuringly towards Lee.


"HOW? They're big kids!!!"

Naruto grinned.

"Because, I'm gonna be the next Hokage dattebayo!!"



Neji burst through the brush to find Sasuke, Naruto, Gaara and Lee engaged in battle against four big kids…

"HOUSENKA NO JUTSU!!!!" he heard Sasuke shout as multiple fire balls erupted from the small boy's mouth.

"Did you find them??" asked the Sand girl, running up to him. He had met her on his way home, looking for her little brother, Gaara. Neji had decided that he might as well go along with her, since he had nothing better to do…and no one really cared if he came home or not either…

Neji ignored the girl, and instead ran towards Lee. That boy was doing badly…He had to help them. He didn't know why he wanted to help Lee, just that…Rock Lee tried too hard. He tried too hard against fate, and didn't seem to see how hopeless things were for him. Yet despite that, he tried...he tried so hard that it almost made Neji feel like both Lee and that Naruto could over come fate…

Well, that wasn't exactly what Neji was thinking, his seven-year old brain didn't think that deeply, and he wasn't even aware of his own beliefs that fate was something that couldn't be fought. What he thought he was thinking was:

Oh no! I have to help!

Of course, this was with all the irrationality of a child. How could a seven-year old who wasn't even Genin possibly beat a bunch of Sound Ninja at the second stage of the Chuunin exam? His reasoning: I'm Hyuuga Neji! I can win!!


When she was blatantly ignored by the white-eyed boy, she realized that they must have found them. Temari took one look and swore. Very loudly. Loud enough for Gaara to glance in her direction…When he had spotted her, he actually turned around and waved at her. Temari couldn't believe her eyes. He had turned around leaving his back completely exposed to the enemy, and had waved at her! She was more shocked by the fact that he had waved at her, rather than his blatant disregard for his opponent…This was Gaara! Gaara didn't wave at people with …a smile. NO WAY.

Well, Gaara was fine, the sand protected him as usual…but who was this freak attacking him anyway?

Well, anyway, she had been ordered to bring Gaara back, alive…though how he had gotten here was beyond her…

"TAJUU!!! KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!!!!" echoed a young boy's voice throughout the forest, and hundreds and hundreds of the same blue-eyed blonde boy materialized instantly.

"WATCH IT!!!" shouted a dark-haired boy, dressed in black and white, and suddenly spitting out fireballs at two of the apparent attackers.

Temari whipped out her fan. She had to bring back Gaara, and it seemed that beating these older freakshows would be part of it...She just didn't want to admit that she was dying to test out her strengnth on some random Chuunin hopefuls...



Unsurprisingly, Naruto and all his clones actually stopped and turned to look at this new recent development in the drama unfolding before them. "Who's that?" asked Naruto loudly, pointing, with over a hundred fingers and asking with one voice, to no one in particular.

"That's my sister…" said Gaara softly. Behind him, Ukon's screams were slowly being choked out by the contents of a sandbox.

Sakon was attempting to save him, but Sasuke's completely out of control Housenka no Jutsu was getting in his way…and now his hair was on fire.

Meanwhile, Neji and Lee were attacking Jirobo with the most unorthodox of methods. Neji would strike Lee's tenketsu to get his chakra circulatory going into overdrive, which in Lee's case, meant it started working. Using his sudden new found speed, Lee managed to get behind Jirobo, while Neji used his ultimate distraction. Hakushou Kaiten….if the seven-year old's version could be considered that…Either way it gave Lee the time to give the oversized Sound Ninja…a wet willie. Admittedly it didn't seem like it would be an effective strategy, but it did work…to an extent. It certainly came in handy though for the others. Jirobo with just his weight, was enough to take on all of the kids, even the three hundred Narutos. Instead of doing anything productive, he was trying to get Lee off his shoulders, and his fingers out of his ears.

Sasuke was fighting the six-armed freak Kidoumaru. Compared to the others, he was doing a lot better, actually landing blows of sorts on the older boy's body. Not that they were effective, but it made Sasuke feel better when he punched the creepy Sound ninja. After pulling off six successive Housenka's, 4 of them missing the target completely but assisting all of his friends, and setting Sakon's hair on fire.

"Give it up brat!" shouted Kidoumaru, "You can't possibly beat me!!"

The Sound Ninja seemed to have completely forgotten the fact that he was fighting a six-year old kid, and not another ninja…It could be seen as some sort of a compliment…if you turned it upside down and squinted a bit…

He called me a brat…I killed Orochimaru you know…That bastard's going to pay…

Don't swear!!

Oh get a grip. Bastard is merely a term referring to someone's heredity.

What does that mean?

Stop asking questions and I'll show you something cool.

Ha. That one always worked. Kidoumaru would never see this one coming.

"I'm gonna end this now!!" shouted the little dark-haired boy. Man this brat seriously knew how to press his buttons.

"Dream on kid!"

The little kid suddenly disappeared under a tree branch, and Kidoumaru heard the childish voice coming from behind him.

"Konoha's Ultimate Taijutsu technique: Sennen Ourougi (A THOUSAND YEARS OF PAIN)!!!!"


Naruto stared in awe as his best friend caused the Sound Ninja to scream as if he had been subjected to the world's most horrible torture.

"Naruto!!" Sasuke shouted up to him, "Use that technique!!"

"WHAT??" he couldn't believe Sasuke was telling him to use that technique…he couldn't be serious.



"YOU MEAN THAT…" started Naruto, just to be sure.


"But…on who?"
"THAT ONE!!" shouted Sasuke, pointing in a vague direction.

Couldn't Sasuke be a bit more clear? Oh well, he'd just go for the closest one.

"Uzumaki Naruto Ultimate Attack: DOGGY PILE!!!!" crowed the six-year old and all three hundred of his clones.


What was taking them so long? They should have gotten back by now…He guessed he should look for them. Kimimaro got up slowly. There was a lot of noise coming out of this Forest of Death…All from the same direction. Logically, he extrapolated that that was the location of some intense fighting, or maybe a bunch of idiots fighting amongst themselves. Nonetheless, it would be best to investigate, who knew. Tayuya was enough to cause that much of a racket…

A tiny brief explanation as to what happened between Chapter 8 and Chapter 9: The person who yelled at them was, Iruka, if it wasn't obvious...which now looking back, it wasn't. So anyway, it was Iruka. Gaara, Naruto and Sasuke got put into detention. Neji managed to weasel his way out of it, and Lee hung around the Academy, waiting for the other three's detention to be over, so they could play again. Then Naruto, being the idiot he is, comes up with the great idea to sneak out of detention through an open window. One thing leads to another, and here they are, in the Forest of Death, 10 minutes into the Chuunin Exam...

Note: This story is about six-year old versions of the characters of Naruto, with the exception of Sasuke for reasons explained at the beginning of the story. He unlike the others, has the fifteen year old psyche of the emo-Sasuke that all of us know so very well. As an additional note: Naruto will never be smart, nor will he 'remember' any of his old jutsus, because in this world, he doesn't have ANYTHING to remember! So stop pestering me to make Naruto 'smart'. Anyway, look at the manga. Naruto being smart, is pure fiction. He goes away for three years and comes back having learned...absolutely NOTHING. He can still only do Rasengan WITH his clones!!! WHAT on Earth was Jiraiya teaching him??? Well thinking about it, he probably taught him squat, and left him to puzzle things out. He probably went peeping...stupid perverted old man...