The Mind of an Assassin

Summary: He felt his mind racing, his mind clouding up with nebulous thoughts. He could not believe it. He was an assassin, he wasn't supposed to love… especially his target.

Genre: Romance/Suspense

Rating: T for language, violence and strong sexual content.

A/N: Hello guys! I am here with another idea for a story! I feel like ready anf! Lol. I am joking, I love that author, seriously! She is like one of my favorite authors, next to hotsodagirl. Anyway, here is just something that I wanted to do! Hope you guys will like!


Bold is Voiceover

Italics are action

Regular is Dialogue

He has killed more than 100 people in his career…

Shows Troy cleaning his sniper gun

From chancellors, to mafia members, and even politicians…

Shows a man fall to the floor, spilling his drink

Shows a woman fall off a balcony, landing in a pool

He never missed his target…

Shows Try positioned on a top of a building, as a limo approached.

Shows Troy tightly gripping his gun, beads of sweat falling from his face

Until now…

Shows a golden beauty appear from the limo, looking around

Shows Troy dropping his gun


Shows Sharpay talking to Troy, "Who are you?"

"You have to get out of here!"

Shows a red dot pointing to Sharpay's head.

He will do anything he can…

Shows Troy pushing Sharpay to the left

Shows Troy driving a Jeep, a black car not far behind

To save her…

Shows Sharpay shouting, "Why are you trying to save me?"

"I don't know!"

Zac Efron

Shows Troy shooting a man

Ashley Tisdale

Shows Sharpay tied to a chair, a gun pointed to her head

Lucas Grabeel

Shows Ryan chasing a man dressed in black

Vanessa Hudgens

Shows Gabriella hiding behind a counter, trembling in fear

On February 17

Shows a man shouting to Troy, "Why won't you kill her!"

"Because I love her!"

He will sacrifice his life…

Shows Gabriella and Sharpay sprinting through a field

For her…

Shows Troy holding Sharpay, whispering, "I love you."

The Mind of an Assassin

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