Depth Perception

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Chapter One

"I have a mission that you will lead, Itachi."

I dared raise my eyes a fraction higher to stare at the area of his collarbone, black cape on red covering him. Then again one couldn't see clearly since the man was practically bathed in shadows inside the room.

Kisame shifted beside me in the doorway where we both were kneeling respectfully. A nervous hint of unsettlement I did not miss. Then again, who could blame him? We were in the presence of the Leader of the Akatsuki.

"Hai, Leader-sama." I deadpanned.

"It deals with your younger brother." The Akatsuki leader stated in his clear, toneless voice that was both chilling and commanding all at once.

I stiffened internally but kept my features mute, "What does it contain then?"

I made sure to keep my gaze on the floor now as my thoughts raced curiously. Was it an assassination he wanted? Perhaps to deal with Sound? Sasuke is the apprentice and future vessel of Orochimaru, and if my information is correct, he still is. For power, I presume. Hm. My plans won't be fulfilled if he does end up being taken over by Orochimaru – who would then gain the sharingan. If I'm right about this mission then it seems Leader-sama wishes to take initiative.

"You have probably already guessed this mission, Itachi," He started, "your brother Sasuke is soon going to give his body to Orochimaru in that body-switch technique. Now normally, I wouldn't care what that old snake does as long as he doesn't interfere with my plans, however, this warrants my attention.

If Orochimaru succeeds in this jutsu with the Uchiha then Orochimaru will gain the sharingan and all its techniques. As well as all the power of the Uchiha brat which has been said to be quite remarkable… a testament to all the crimes he's committed, I'm sure."

That's true enough; rumors about Uchiha Sasuke circulate the underworld. His deeds as a missing-nin have already become legendary. ANBU from all hidden villages but Sound is after him. His face must be on every single bingo book by now, I thought disinterestedly.

Leader-sama continued, "Sound has been growing too confident. Too brash in its goals. Orochimaru wishes to eliminate Leaf along with the other hidden villages and while I don't mind war Sound is growing irritating. Our plans are about to go underway, I don't need a newly transformed Orochimaru ruining them. The Akatsuki's success depends on a war we can control…and profit from. Sound is too much of a wild card to be ignored at this point. We all knew we would have to deal with Orochimaru someday when he left the Akatsuki. The time has come. And so, I've come to this mission."

I nodded curtly, awaiting his instructions.

"Uchiha Sasuke is about to go on a mission on the border of Stone. On his way back I want you and one other team of Akatsuki to surround him. First, offer him a position in Akatsuki."

My red eyes rose quickly of their own volition, I saw a glimpse of cold dead blue eyes before locking my gaze to the floor once again.

"I'm aware of the past hostility between you two…"

Of course, I thought.

"…so, if that doesn't work then you are to capture the Uchiha and bring him here. Then, you will continue to persuade Sasuke until he joins our noble organization. If you cannot, then you may kill him." With that said, he tossed a scroll in my direction which I swiftly caught without one glancing up.

I stared hard into the floor, "And you are sure it should be me to do the…convincing?"

"I have faith in your abilities, Itachi." After a short pause, "While you are bribing him to join with usual propaganda and, of course, our normal means – interrogate him to see if my informants missed anything about the goings-on in Sound."

"You realize that my brother will want to do nothing but attempt to kill me?"

A loud slam echoed the walls as I bowed my head lowed in apology for questioning him, "Gomen, Leader-sama."

"I realize that your words affect him the most. Especially now in the state he's currently in."

"Forgive me, Leader-sama, but you seem very interested in my little brother." I guarded my inquiry this time; I was being watched very closely.

A low chuckle filled the room as both Kisame and I tensed, "I may be intruding on your own personal agenda with your brother Itachi… but when you see him, you'll know why. He is simply too valuable."

"So, you understand your mission, Itachi? Kisame?"

"Hai, Leader-sama." We both stoically replied.


Sliding the door to the Leader's quarters shut, I quickly began thinking of ways I could still carry out my own plans while following the Leader's.

I smirked; perhaps this would fit all too well.

"We're out in the middle of freaking nowhere!" Deidara complained, looking around the crowded forest just outside of Stone and frowning, "Why the hell would that snake send our little Uchiha here for?"

"Silence," Zetsu commanded, glaring at Deidara who gave him the finger. "With your whining Uchiha Sasuke will detect our presence."

"So? If Itachi's here, he'll show up anyway, right?" Deidara concluded, looking at his nails in boredom.

"Do you not know the meaning of ambush?"

"Do you not know the meaning of weed-trimmer?"

They both steadily glared at each other as Kisame snapped at them to shut up.

I ignored them both.

"So, Itachi!" Deidara called out to me as I spared him a glance. We were waiting in the clearing for Zetsu to alert us when Sasuke came within radius. "When is your bro supposed to make his entrance?"

"According to the coordinates Leader-sama gave me, he will be arriving in a few minutes, leaving Stone probably with the head of some lord. Before he gets here, I want you, Kisame, and Zetsu to hide until I give you a signal to intervene. It'll be a stray kunai in your direction - when I do, wait a few minutes and then surround and capture Sasuke." I ordered.

"Anything else?" Deidara questioned.

"Hn, mask your chakra and…make sure he's unconscious." I concluded apathetically.

"Right," Kisame nodded, shifting the weight of his sword strapped to his back, "I wonder how strong he's gotten anyway. Must be pretty impressive to catch Leader-sama's direct attention."

"That's true," Deidara added thoughtfully before smirking, "Maybe this won't be such a bore after all!"

"Try not to make such a ruckus; we don't want to attract unwanted attention with all your loud flashy fireworks." Kisame warned.

"You dare impugn my artistic vision!"

"He's coming." Zetsu stated suddenly, opening his eyes.

I gave them a curt nod as they all vanished in an instant to the higher trees to lie in wait for my signal. I turned toward the direction I knew Sasuke would be coming from and waited.

It seems I didn't have to wait long.

He's fast, I thought briefly as I felt a rush of wind blowing back my Akatsuki robe as I stood silently on a thick branch in the middle of a random tree.

I finally caught sight of him. He was a few feet away wearing a Sound-nin uniform with a katana strapped to his waist. Sasuke had changed in the three years since I last saw him, the fifteen year old was taller, leaner, and his face was more angled, losing much of his boyish features. Yet much remained the same.

"Uchiha Itachi…"

I raised a brow at the simple statement Sasuke said. It had been emotionless as well – not the angry, vengeful determination I had been expecting from the avenger. He dropped the black bag he was holding onto the thick branch of the tree.

I narrowed my sharingan eyes at my little brother, expecting him to attack any second. Sasuke's eyes were covered by his black bangs, falling in front of his face as I noticed he was holding a black bag.

Indeed it was probably the head of some leader in Stone.

"…you will dietoday…" Sasuke finished in that same cold tone. I stared at him blankly in return.

I figured I might as well begin now that Sasuke had finally said something I expected from him. "I haven't come to fight today, my foolish little brother. Instead, I come to offer you a position in Akatsuki. It seems our Leader-sama deems you valuable so I can't kill you."

"Shut up."

I narrowed my gaze further at Sasuke who still didn't look me in the eye. Maybe he was being cautious because of the sharingan, but that didn't explain why he hasn't made a move already.

"Does that mean you decline?" I asked vaguely, suspicious at the unpredictable way Sasuke was behaving. It almost made one nervous. Almost.

Slowly, Sasuke raised his head until I could see his eyes as they opened to reveal two orbs of onyx with haunting yellow irises.

"Die." He whispered.

I moved a step back to suddenly be pummeled into on the right side of me. I gritted my teeth and pushed back until I had gained enough distance before being forced to block a series of hammering punches and kicks from the younger Uchiha.

I looked over to the branch he was on a moment ago to find it empty. So it wasn't a shadow clone. One punch snaked through my defense to my surprise and pounded on my jaw so hard my head rattled.

I jumped away and swore under my breath, wiping the blood away from the corner of my mouth before Sasuke appeared like lightening in front of me again, I took the offensive this time as well as we exchanged a pattern of blows after blows, aiming at the critical points on each other's body.

He's definitely not the same…his eyes are those of a madman. Yellow eyes…could it be that Orochimaru already took over his body without our knowledge? And his skills are vastly different from before but that was to be expected – he has been training with Orochimaru all this time, after all.

I dodged a fire jutsu and sent my own back towards him.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

We yelled at the same time as we were blown back from the mere force of our attacks. I need to end this before we do attract attention from stone-nin surveying the area. Who knows if they could be patrolling.

From all the fire jutsu's the forest was already aflame, the roar of a steadily growing fire burning away in the background like a symbol of the intensity of this blood fight. We were surrounded by the fire, standing opposite each other in a circle of flames.

"I'm afraid I must convince you to change your mind, Sasuke." I said, wondering abstractly if I even was addressing Sasuke. No, I must be. Orochimaru would never independently attack me, no matter what he tells my fool of a brother. No, this must be Sasuke.

Besides with the way Sasuke addressed me before there can be no mistake that this is Uchiha Sasuke. Even if Orochimaru did gain a surplus of power he wouldn't be brave enough to fight me.

He's just more under the affects of Orochimaru's curse seal than I had anticipated. Just how much of his soul did he already lose? Hm…

Sasuke laughed darkly as he held out his right hand which began to crackle with a thundering black, purple tinged chakra. The loud cracking chirp of the Chidori formed in his outstretched hand, if I had to judge I'd say it was considerably more powerful and potent than the last time he charged at me with a Chidori.

This Chidori, I could tell was much different. Sasuke's chakra was extended all over his body like a protective electrifying shield.

Let's end this, with a blur of seals I created a chakra furled shield of black flames in response, the smoke from the forest fire obscured the battlefield, making Sasuke fade in and out in-between the dark grey clouds of smoke.

I whipped out a kunai and threw it upwards in the direction Kisame and the others had run of to. No doubt they were merely observing our fight and probably wouldn't have intervened even if it did appear I was in trouble. Who would expect them to?

No that I am in trouble… Sasuke may have gotten stronger but I still have years of experience and more than one trick up my sleeve. No, when the day comes – if it does - that Sasuke defeats me in battle he will come at me with the same eyes I have. I will accept it no other way.

Especially if their yellow, I added as an afterthought.

I saw Sasuke jump from the branch he was standing on as he powered-up his technique and lunged at me.

I poured more chakra into my shield as I scowled inwardly. I could never catch Sasuke's eye to use my mangekyou sharingan. Well, truthfully, I would have been disappointed if it had been that easy.

The lightening crack of the Chidori slammed on my defensive shield as I felt my muscles tense and grinded my teeth, pouring the approximate amount of chakra to keep my shield solid. Sasuke almost looked crazed as yellow eyes glowed with determination as he raised his other hand. I watched in muted shock as another Chidori immediately began to take form.

At the same time! He has enough control to…

I cursed as I now fully realized what Leader-sama had meant when he said I would know when I saw him. If this is just the beginning of a battle and he's already pulling this off then he must have a whole arsenal of techniques to make him this confident. Either that or he's mad.

So he had grown powerful but not nearly as powerful as he could be, I knew. No, my plan wasn't complete yet. Sasuke is not at the level I want him to be at.

He's still not ready.

I held up my black shield of fire as the second Chidori pounded on it as well, following the first with just as much pressure and intensity.

I knew for certain that I could not allow their electric currents to hit me.

"I must say, brother," I said loud enough over the earsplitting angry sounds of our techniques so he could hear, "That I'm not nearly as impressed as I should be after all this trouble finding you."

That had the desired effect. The pressure of the two Chidori Nagashi on my shield increased to a point where it overloaded and then abruptly exploded into a burst of electricity and flames. I was thrown back forcibly into an opposite tree, as I saw the same happen to Sasuke. I stood on the forest ground, careful to avoid the crackling fires. He recovered immediately with an enraged growl and started for me again, moving like a shot.

Out of seemingly nowhere, a hand gripped his left foot and he was stopped so fast it launched him into the hard ground.

A familiar laugh broke out over the sounds of burning wood as Deidara appeared out of a smoke cloud, "How feisty." He remarked, still chuckling as he surveyed the burning surroundings. "And Kisame told me not to go overboard!"

Sasuke struck out and freed himself of Zetsu's vice-like grip before having to duck a deadly swing from Kisame's large chakra eating sword. The Avenger jumped away and quickly pulled out his own katana, eyes scanning his surroundings before they locked on my upper neck with a sneer.

"Coward." He snarled, glaring hatefully in my direction as I gazed coolly back.

"Hm…" I sounded, giving a nod to Deidara and Kisame and we all appeared around Sasuke, circling him so he wouldn't have any means of escape.

"Why don't you reconsider my offer, Sasuke?" I started again, knowing what the answer would already be. "Join the Akatsuki and you can have all the power you want."

The younger Uchiha still faced me though I could tell he wasn't ignoring Deidara or Kisame – he was probably even wary of where Zetsu might be.

"All the power I want…what a farce. You left yourself to join them to test your abilities and now the only way you face me is when you have three other of those assholes backing you up?" He raised his sword, aiming at me, "Besides, you know the only reason I have done the things I have is so I can have the pleasure of separating your head from your body!"

That's the most he's said since he arrived, I thought dimly.

He charged as we moved in accordance with our back-up plan. Wires appeared from either side of Sasuke as Deidara and Kisame unleashed them, Sasuke cut through them instantly, and was still on a direct path for me. I took out five kunai and hooked several pieces of wire through the holes, formulating how I could distract him long enough.

I didn't have to because then Zetsu appeared from underground and went for Sasuke's back as Deidara and Kisame cut through sideways, searing right into the Uchiha's onslaught. Deidara let loose a big explosion as Kisame, unfortunately, used a water jutsu which collided with Deidara's technique and promptly sent both attacks dissolving into a loud blast of steam.

"Dammit, Deidara!" A slew of curses came forth from Kisame's mouth as Sasuke leapt out of the steam looking not at all injured and sliced downwards into Zetsu who dodged just in time and went back underground for more leverage.

This is getting tiresome…

Sasuke went for my direction again as I released my kunai at him expertly, he escaped the first two as the third nicked his shoulder and the next two kunai's wires were able to wrap around his torso. He gave them an irritated look as he did a move I'd never seen before in a quick blur of movement. The wires fell at his feet.

"Is that the best you can do?" Sasuke chided, angling his sword in what I recognized as an offensive mode and started for me once more.

I rolled my eyes and started for him as well, surprising him by finally meeting him head on once more as I grabbed the edge of his katana with a chakra filled hand and used my free one to clasp him around the throat.

He glowered and clenched his fist to punch me and struck me right in my eye as I grunted and twisted the katana in his hand so it began to slip from his grip. He glared, still not looking me in the eye, and struggled to keep in possession of his sword while he continued punching me in my abdomen.

One rib broke, followed by another crack.

"You realized that you can't use defense against my katana." My younger brother accused.

"Hm, anyone can see it. That jutsu of yours gives you a barrier of protection." I replied, knocking the sword out of his grip as he moved his own hand to my throat and we began choking each other.

"Even someone with your eyesight?" Sasuke spat back as I stilled and glared, tightening my grip on his neck as Zetsu and Kisame appeared in back of Sasuke and went for him. Kisame swung downwards with his sword as I saw it carve a clean path down Sasuke's back, blood splattered onto the ground as Sasuke hissed in pain.

"Don't kill him." I warned as I now easily broke free from Sasuke's hold and punched him across the face, making sure I heard the crack in his jaw in recompense for my own.

"Of course we won't!" Deidara assured, slamming a roundhouse kick to Sasuke's side as he was rearing from my punch.

Sasuke bolted from the ground at Kisame's feet, managing to kick Kisame on the side of the head with what would have been enough to snap his neck if Kisame hadn't moved slightly. Then Sasuke threw about ten or eleven shuriken at Deidara and me while he started completing bunch of seals.

"Don't let him finish!" I shouted as Zetsu instantly came up in front of Sasuke and punched as Sasuke dodged and swung back only to hit a bushin as the real Zetsu appeared in back of him, kicking him at his shoulder. Deidara leapt at this, throwing something I couldn't catch at Sasuke which exploded right in my brother's face.

Sasuke coughed as the smoke cleared and I grabbed the front of his mostly torn white yukata style shirt. I had noticed earlier an Uchiha fan on the back of it. Black marks suddenly started appearing all over Sasuke's skin at a rapid pace, coming from an area at the back of his neck.

Going on instinct I grabbed his black spikes, forcing yellow eyes to meet mine distractedly as I smirked uncaringly. My mangekyou sharingan started spinning as I formed the genjutsu not a second later, bypassing whatever Sasuke was about to do.

In a black expanse I saw Sasuke look around alarmingly inside my spiraling genjutsu.

"Don't play around…" He warned, "If you're going to kill me then do it now." Sasuke's gaze burned hatefully, but I knew by his posture he was nervous now.

"As I've said before… I can't do that. Our Leader-sama wants you to join our organization…and so you shall."

"Fuck off." Sasuke cursed.

I stared calmly at my younger brother, "Foolish, Sasuke. You should learn better manners. Orochimaru might have let you get away with it but you won't be able to at Akatsuki."

"I'll never join your stupid cause, Nii-san," Sasuke began, "So tell your leader to go to hell."

"Is that so?" I said as the world I created with my sharingan began spinning and spinning in its blackness, "Then I suppose I'll have to convince you, my foolish little brother." I narrowed my red eyes at him, "You will stay in this state for the next sixteen hours."

Sasuke never had a chance to say anything more as the genjutsu spun into darkness.

I watched as Sasuke's body slid unconscious onto the floor of the forest ground. The marks that had begun appearing all over his body dissolved, receding back into the curse seal. Deidara, Kisame, and Zetsu were gathered around as the fire from before continued raging in the background.

I looked at the fires roaring progress, "We should depart. Stone-nins could arrive any second to douse the fires."

They all agreed as I nodded to Kisame to pick up Sasuke and Deidara grabbed Sasuke's katana, probably admiring its 'art'.

"Got to admit, I see why Leader-sama wants the Uchiha brat." Deidara said off handedly, "He's a powerhouse all right…if he had known we were there…"

"What were those black scars all over his skin?" Kisame asked, making sure to bind Sasuke with chakra-drainers and wire before throwing him over his shoulder none to gently.

"I would guess it to be an effect of Orochimaru's curse seal," Zetsu said, eyeing Sasuke cautiously as our group jumped into the trees and departed the forest. The fires had spread quickly and it took fifteen minutes of traveling at a considerable speed to be clear of them.

"You think he'll join?" Kisame asked me as we sprinted through the forest of Stone.

I stared ahead, "We'll know in a week."

But I knew he wouldn't – yet, for my own plans to be successful I'll probably need more than a week. Regardless, all I need is the right key. And for that… I slipped out of my sharingan to preserve their use for later.

Sasuke's POV:

My head was throbbing as it felt like a heavy fog was finally lifting to offer the barest hint of relief. My whole body felt sore and numb… but why? –

-Red eyes gleamed in a spiraling darkness-

I snapped awake, alert as I recoiled from the light but kept my sensitive eyes open as I scanned my surroundings.

I gritted my teeth as I looked around the small, four-walled room. It was drafty and had no windows at all. There was a bright light bulb hanging from the ceiling and the only door was right in front of me.

I sat on a wooden chair, my legs tied down to the legs of the chair and my wrists tied in a position that made it impossible to do seals. I recognized the wires as those that if a captive struggled too much, their skin would literally peel off. I halted my movements and saw all the chakra drainer ropes bound tightly around me.

I closed my eyes and detected my chakra levels at near empty, only being kept with enough to barely live on.

On top of that, the wound I had acquired from that Kisame guy feels like it had been sewn back together very quickly and inexpertly…I frowned, thinking of high chances of infection. Something warm continued to flow down my back.

I shook in anger and self-hatred. What have I been doing all this time…? Again, it has happened again…once more I am at my brother's mercy.

My fists clenched as I felt the steel-like wires bite into my raw wrists. I'd rather die than stay this way, I swore.

My curse seal was burning as I itched to hold it like I usually did when it hurt like this. The pain didn't even faze me any more but it had just become a reflex to do so.

What did Itachi say? He wants to convince me to join the Akatsuki – to join him, basically? I'd sooner roll over and die.

Never. I'll never give into the Akatsuki Leader's demands… that would be like losing even more than I already have to Itachi. He'd win.

No, I thought. I'll use this to my advantage. I'll escape and take Itachi by surprise… then, I'll kill him. The only reason I couldn't do so this time was because three other Akatsuki attacked at the same time. Bastard! (But that shouldn't even be an excuse. You swore the next time you saw him, he'd die.)

I couldn't kill him. Still, even now. I was prepared to do anything… in a month I was to sell my own flesh to the devil to attain the power to kill him. To let my body be taken over by Orochimaru.

Anything to kill him…as long as he no longer breathes nothing else matters. As long as he doesn't exist – then I don't have to exist- and I, in whatever form necessary, stand over his dead corpse.

But no…

I won't let this go to waste. I refuse to just rot here… Kill…I'll kill him… The curse seal's burning intensified.

I heard footsteps and tensed as the door slid open to reveal the one man I hated the most, "Sasuke." Itachi stated as he walked into the room, closing the door behind him slowly enough so I could see two Akatsuki robed guards outside standing watch, and faced me.

I sneered at him as he just gazed back. "Enjoying your new accommodations?"

All the injuries he had gained from our fight in the forest had all but disappeared.

I seethed internally, "Save your speech for someone who cares." I snapped as Itachi just continued to stand there in his red and black Akatsuki robes. "You know I'll never agree so why bother?"

At that, Itachi smirked cruelly. "I know you won't Sasuke. That's why I'm not going to waste my time and yours filling your head with useless Akatsuki propaganda. It would insult not only your intelligence but mine as well."

I tilted my head back, not giving a shit as I stared him dead in the eye. At this point, I was a sitting target anyway – if he wanted to use the sharingan on me it would be easy. So, I might as well look him in the eye when I curse him.

"If you mean torture, be my guest." I snorted, "It won't change anything."

"Torture?" Itachi echoed amusedly, "Not the kind you have in mind, my foolish little brother."

He stalked over in one step and stood before me as he reached out and grabbed my raven hair, forcing me to look him in the eye as I mentally damned my situation again and again. -weak, your still so pathetically weak-

The red wheels of his kaleidoscope mangekyou sharingan spun once more as I felt my mind split in two. I screamed, agony lacing my brain like a coat of ice as I felt Itachi dig his mental claws deeper and deeper into my mind. I fiercely fought back in reflex but as another surge of pain blinded me I halted my internal block and Itachi managed to probe deeper.

This isn't genjutsu…!

"That's right, Sasuke." I could hear Itachi's voice as I felt him tear through a barrier in my mind as ghost-like fingers reached in a pulled out something from the darkness, bringing it forth.

"Show what will be the key…"

The darkness exploded in my eyes. His grip on my mind increased and lengthened, examining the depths as visible walls and arches came forth.

A red painted sky and endless screaming… crimson ties and words steamed across the outer surfaces, haunted whispers and terrified screams that rang and rang like separate death tolls… Then, I could feel he crossed a second level of rotting blackness where warped forms festered and bloody eyes gleamed of demons.

It was pushed away to a deeper level, a place kept separate, isolated and alone in the void of chaos and piercing silence. It was a grey among the black, as the ghostly fingers reached in, images and pictures came shifting across.

I walk down a familiar pathway with Nii-san, "Can you train with me tomorrow, too?"

"We'll see." My brother replied stoically.

"Aw, you always say that – why can't you ever know?" I complained as Itachi just shook his head. He poked me in the forehead like I knew he would.

"We'll talk about it later."

I smiled, pleased that Itachi had even come with me today, "Okay, Nii-san!"

I saw the Uchiha gateway ahead and ran up to it, eager to tell Oka-san how many times my kunai had hit their mark. I passed by a small girl with pink hair, nearly bumping into her as she blushed and moved out of my way. I nodded to her and ran inside the Uchiha compound…

I gasped as the vice-full grip of the imaginary fingers released that memory and recoiled from the pounding of my temples. What the hell…


I looked up menacingly at my older brother who had a completive expression on his face.

"What the fuck did you just do?" I demanded, shaking with anger as a headache formed in-between my eyes.

Itachi gave me a blank look, "I picked a piece of your memory, Sasuke. Think of your mind as a well – the deeper I go inside it, the more valuable and important the memory. That one just now was pretty hard to reach."

I glared in disbelief, "How…how is this possible?" I shook my head, "I've read all the Uchiha clan scrolls, and there was no mention of viewing memories-,"

"I developed this technique myself, Sasuke." Itachi interrupted. "And I'm sure it will be useful…" His red eyes narrowed, "Tell me, who was that little girl in your memory? What an odd thing to remember…especially when it was so deep inside your mind. Was passing that girl on the street such a memorable thing?"

I said nothing, my mind racing with the facts that now Itachi once again had an upper hand I didn't anticipate.

"I wonder if she's my key…"

I snapped my gaze at his forehead, too wary now to look him in the eye. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"She does look familiar…I wonder…" Itachi continued, ignoring my question as my ire rose. Finally, he looked in my direction again, "You will be greatly entertained this next week, Sasuke, I'll make sure of it. You see, Leader-sama thinks you to be a valuable asset to Akatsuki while I…" He stopped speaking and moved towards the door.

"Leader-sama has said to do whatever necessary to make you join Akatsuki, but if you still refuse, then I have permission to kill you."

"Go ahead." I stated coldly.

"I don't think so, like I said before, you will enjoy this week Sasuke. I believe I have found my key as well. That was easier than I expected it to be." He turned to stare back at me, "Let's see how long you last."

"How long I…" I muttered now studying Itachi's expression very clearly to try to see what he could be thinking. Itachi opened the door.

"Until you crack."

With that, the door closed shut.

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