Ah yes...Switch..now here's Switch 2 muahaha

This is 3 years after the switch with Gaara and Sakura,now it's Sakura and Sasuke.

Since it's 3 years after the switch most of the characters are either 17 or close to 18 :D

No,Sakura isn't going to fall for Sasuke.

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For you people who have not read the first one well this is how it goes

Sakura-meaning Sasuke

Sasuke-meaning Sakura.

you'll get used to the italics :D

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Chapter 1:This wasn't supposed to happen..

Sasuke woke up in a room. A room?!'wasn't I...in..the forest'he thought to himself. He turned around and saw a sleeping Gaara((by this time the demon was removed..)) Sasuke stared at Gaara for a moment and let a scream out,but it was different. His scream sounded way too feminine. Gaara's eyes instantly shot open and sand was commanded,once he noticed no attacker he looked at Sasuke.

"What happened Sakura?"he asked. Sasuke froze'Sakura...?'he thought.

"I am not Sakur-...why's my voice whiny.."Sakura said getting off the bed and searched for the closest mirror. Sakura placed her hand on her cheek and gave out a small scream"What is this!!is this a cruel joke!Itachi are you making me see this!"Sakura placed her hand on the mirror. Gaara looked at her with confusion and got out the bed.

"What's going on."Gaara said placing his hand on Sakura's neck and began to grip it tighter"you're not Sakura.."he said with a glare. Sakura gave a scoff.

"You are slow Sabaku..I though you would have established that the minute I said I wasn't Sakura.."Sakura said rolling her eyes.

"Uchiha.."Gaara said giving an annoyed sigh"what are you doing in Sakura.."he asked,more like demanded to know why.

Sakura woke up thanks to being nudged in the ribs by something,she slowly opened her eyes and saw Hyugga,Neji looking at her with a raised eybrow.

"Uchiha,Sasuke...why are you on the forest floor..."Neji said putting his hands in his pocket looking down on the confused Sasuke"and lying on an army ant home none the less.."he added with a evil smirk. Sasuke quickly jumped up and brushed his clothes,then looked at Neji.

"Neji-san?!"he said confused and even more when he heard his voice"NOT.AGAIN." Sasuke said clutching his head.Neji was now freaked out by his reactions and took a couple steps back.

"Did Orochimaru...made you.."Neji thought'Hmm..that man is old..he must be a child molester..'"be crazy.."Neji said instead. Sasuke was now in chibi tears.

"WHY NEJI!!WHY!!"he shouted. Neji was now on guard and picked up a stick and poked Sasuke"What is wrong with you man!-"

"Precisely that!!it's me,SAKURA!"Sasuke said leaning his head on Neji. His clear eyes widened and a grin spread through his face.

"So that means..that Sasuke is actually with-"

"Gaara!"Sasuke shouted.

"I already told you I don't know how I got in Sakura-"Sakura stopped and gave a grin"I'm in Sakura...I can go to the bathroom...explore my womaly parts-"((from Jade Puget,AFI...he's hilarious..I don't own him..though who wouldn't want to D:))

"Don't you DARE Uchiha"Gaara said giving him the coldest death glare in his life. Sakura gave a smile.

"But you can't hit me Gaara-"

"But I can..."Sasuke said coming in from the apartment window"What is going on..one minute I'm being cuddled by Gaara-"Gaara at that moment turned somewhat pink 'cuddled...'he thought"and the next I'm being kicked by Hyugga on the ground!"Neji was leaning on the wall and gave a scoff.

"I nudged you..not kicked..."Neji said looking out the window. Sakura and Sasuke were now looking at each other intensly and Gaara felt left out,he is usually the one who glares at the people.

"You know who can do this.."Sakura said looking at Sasuke.

Naruto was busy eating ramen at him home.Peaceful sounds of nature surrounded him as he heards bird chirps and his door being knocked down?"He-HEY!!"he shouted. There stood Gaara looking really,really pissed,and Sasuke and Sakura looking the same. He gulped and put more ramen in his mouth. Gaara was the first to approach him and his sand wasn't far behind.

"I DIDN'T DO IT!"he shouted while covering his head.Gaara tapped his foot on his floor.

"Didn't do whhhatt.."he said with a looked that read ' you just admitted it...dork'. Naruto looked up and saw three angry people wanting to kill him,or hurt him really badly.

"Fine okay..I did.."Gaara was about to attack him when"Sakura I'm sorry..I didn't mean to take a picture of you in a bathing suit.."Gaara looked at Naruto and then at Sakura,he swore he felt his nonexistant eyebrow twitching. Sasuke got a deep red blush and pointed at Naruto.

"You did what!!"he shouted,but Naruto ignored him and whispered to Gaara.

"I can give you some..."he said with a sly grin. Gaara was now the one who devolped a blush,he was fighting it though,that and his hormones.

"Okay-..No..I meant-no..."He said sturggling not to agree. I mean,it was Sakura,they have been going out for years and not ONCE has he seen her in a bathing suit,not that he wanted to..did he?'I don't want to-..I mean I do just not..wait..I do but I don't...I do...-DON'T'Gaara was busy mentally battling himself,this is much harder when Shukaku wasn't here.((very Ooc right there xD))Sasuke went up to Naruto and gave him a slap"Hand them over.."he demanded. Naruto just stared at him.

"Why'd you hit me Sasuke..."Naruto said confused.Sakura gave a snicker.

"I'm Sakura..you should know you did this.."Sasuke said with his hand infront of him waiting for the pictures to be placed in his palm. Neji came into the house breathing heavily.

"You people!you left me there to be mauled by rabid fangilrs!!I HATE ALL OF YOU!!"He shouted as his hair was now in braids. Naruto was the first to laugh.

"Weellllll"Sasuke said narrowing his eyes at Naruto"Give them up.."Naruto sighed and digged into his couch"Here..."he said handing them over. Sasuke looked at them,in one picture she was sitting on the sand. Her black bathing suit made her hair stand out more along with her eyes and she was smiling out to the water as her hair seemed to be all over her shoulder and face. Sasuke tore up the pictures which left Gaara with the slightest tint of curiosity. Sasuke went up to Gaara and whispered something in his ears that made him turned red,not pink,but red. He cleared his throat and looked at Neji who his clothes were all torn and had some scratches on his face.

"Mmkay...I did do this.."Naruto said shrugging his shoulders receiving glares"it was so much fun last time though!plus I wanted revenge from Sasuke..he took my ramen..and threw it on the floor..."Naruto said giving Sasuke a glare,but then he gave it at Sakura remembering they were switched.

"Turn me back into a man Naruto.."Sakura said.

"Like you ever were Uchiha.."Gaara said to Sakura. Sakura gave him a glare,but it didn't affect him in any way.

"NOPE! Unless..."Naruto started.Sasuke groaned,on no,here comes the deal"..you two can survive..in-"

"I already did that one Naruto.."Sasuke said standing with his arms crossed.

"FINE! I'll only turn you back when..."Naruto was about to say when he got interrupted by soemthing that made everyone quiet.

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