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"Damn."Gara muttered as he went back to the kitchen and later appeared in a purple suit with face paint," I have to go."he said as he made his messy hair,even more messy(yum?)

"Where are you going?!"Sasuke said a bit confused.

"I have to go and torture people for a while..."Gaara said in a monotone voice as he moved the door and placed it on the wall and disappeared.

"..."Sasuke was still frozen on the spot and wondered something,that he couldn't help saying it aloud,"Who keeps costumes in kitchen cabinets?!"he rolled his eyes and hoped Gaara would come back..and cuddle with him-but of course Gaara won't because he thinks it's kind of weird,"Temari!"he shouted.

"Don't worry!he used to do this allllll the time!"she shouted back.

Chapter Eleven:Look at that bloody mess!

Gaara woke up in a really bizzare place-and by bizzare I mean he woke up in the zoo.Next to a Zebra,who was infact dead and bloody,"..Oh man!"he placed a hand to his face and looked at it,red,"Crap!not again!"he then looked and saw a lion not too far,covered in blood,"Oh.."That...that explains things..what did you mean 'not again'?! you...really don't want to know...

Gaara broke the display window of the zoo and walked down the hall passing many empty places,where animals should be"That explains why the Zebra and lion are did I do last night?!"he said aloud and saw the zoo was a mess,he quickly ran home.

Atleast the door's fixed..he thought as he opened it and quickly went for the stairs-


He froze and and turned to the entrance of the kitchen.Sasuke had his hands placed on his hips,wait..."Sasuke has hips?"he muttered.

"Gaara-what is this?!"

"It means Sasuke has some weird abnormaility in which he has very feminine parts in his body..his hips are just one example"he said placing his hand on his chin as he circled Sasuke,"but if you look at-"

"I meant this!"Sasuke said holding the newspaper handing it to him,"..and stop checking Sasuke out...makes me jealous.."he said walking out the kitchen to the living room.

Crap...this allllways happens when I put on the suit..

The headline read:


"I wonder if they caught me this time..."he flipped tha pages and read with a smile.

"Of course we all know this is Kankuro's fault but seeing he is Gaara's brother and we don't want to die,nothing shall happen!good day!"

"Yes!"Gaara said with a smirk and he headed upstairs to take a shower.

Sasuke watched tv in the living room and changed it to the news.

"So what we have here is a a purple suit..letting all the animals in the zoo free"said the anchorwoman.

"And of course we can all tell that the slim man with red hair is actually Kankuro Sabaku"said the anchorman.

"He should be more behaved like his younder brother and sister."the two laughed and smiled at the tv.

"Next on the news! Edward Norton-"

Sasuke changed it to the Food Network and watched Iron Chef,"come on Morimoto..."

"Sakura!!"Gaara shouted,"no,not you Sasuke..the REAL one!"

Sasuke got up and went up the stairs,"Gaara?"

"In the room!"

Sasuke went inside and saw Gaara with a towel wrapped around his waist,he was frozen.;KFGBANW45#rqe#GBVDSFGBD!! Naruto has to switch us back!now!

"I need stitches.."he said with a slight frown as he showed him his other arm,a deep slash was there,"I think I fought with some animal.."

Sasuke rolled his eyes,"Orrrrr?"

"Or you can heal me"Gaara said with a smile,"...please?" (..he said please..?!)

Sasuke really wished he was a girl again.(LOL..that sounds funny..)"I thought your sand would protect you...?"

"It's hard to does when I'm in danger..but when I let it think I'm not..and I go after danger..well it just leaves me alone for a while.."he said as Sasuke placed a hand over the wound.

"Oh crap.."Sasuke said,"I can't heal you if I'm in Sasuke's body!"

"I don't want him touching me..."Gaara said with a twitch.

"Hmmm it seems to me that is the only way.."Sasuke and Gaara turned around and froze in shock when Itachi stood infront of them,in a doctor's suit.Kisame was in a nurses outfit with a red wig,"unless if you want my help.."Itachi said as he got a needle out with some string.

"No"Gaara stepped away from him.

"Good..because I'm hungry.."Itachi placed the needle away and looked at Kisame.


"Don't worry..I'm not thinking Arby's..I'm thinking" he placed his hand up ,"five.."

"Itachi..don't!you're scaring me!"Kisame pleaded.

"Five dollar..."Itachi kept going.

"Five dollar footlong at Subway's!"Sakura said as she ran into the room with a smile,"I want some too-ITACHI!"she pointed a finger at him.

"Nice look for you Sasuke..."Itachi said as he disappeared along with Kisame.

"Damn!"Sakura said as she was about to leave the room.

"No!Sasuke I need you!"Sasuke shouted to her.Sakura turned with a smile and an arched eyebrow.

"Nice to know you feel the same way babeh"Sakura said leaning against the door frame.

Gaara growled under his breath and glared at him.

"Not that way."Sasuke said staring at him,"I need you to heal Gaara..come here."

"Can he put some clothes on first..."Sakura said pointing at Gaara,"it's kind of weird-"

"NO! he HAS to stay half-naked okay?"Sasuke shouted.

Both Gaara and Sakura exchanged glances and then looked back at Sasuke.He cleared his throat and looked at Sakura again,"just come here"

Sakura placed a hand on Gaara's arm,with disgust of course,and a green aura appeared on her plam,"...this tingles.."Sakura said with a slight smile but looked at Gaara and it went away.

"Thanks.."Gaara muttered when Sasuke took Sakura's hand away,he looked at his arm and it was bleeding?!"what the f-"

"Sasuke!I think you made it worse!"Sasuke shouted,"It's okay!it's okay!you didn't know how!UGGGH!!I thought you would!!I'm so stup-"

"Sakura!stop insulting yourself for a moment and take Gaara to a damn hospital!"Sakura said getting a hold of Sasuke's shoulders.

"Whoaaa...dude.."Gaara said with a smile and drowsy eyes,"..that's..A LOT..of blood isn't?"he said looking at the floor as a small puddle of blood appeared.

"So he tripped..down the stairs..."the doctor said to Sasuke and Sakura with both his eyebrows arched.

"Yeah..pretty much.See..he tripped and Sasuke here walked out of the kitchen with a knife and that's how he got it!"Sakura said to the doctor with many hand gestures.

The doctor looked at them for a second then smiled,"Sounds pretty reasonable to me!He'll be fine.One of my best healers is with him!She's grea-"

"She?"Sasuke repeated with a dark voice.

"Did..all the happiness in the world go away for just a second..?"The doctor said looking around.

Gaara opened his eyes ever so slowly to see a woman with striking features.Her hair was at her waist,and a beautiful shade of navy blue.Her eyes were amazing,a very bright crimson red and she had these pink lips-WHOA!..Sakura-I think she's coming...

"Gaara!"Sasuke rushed in and saw the beauty with her hand placed on his arm,"whoa.."he said looking at her,"you are possibly-"

"the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.."Sakura finished,"sorry Aphrodite...she is!"Sakura smiled.

The woman stared at the two,"Um..thank you..well...The Kazekage should be fine by the end of the day,he lost a lot of blood!"she said in a melodic voice.She looked at the time,"Oh I'll be right back!"she stood up only to show her amazing body and amazingly short nurse outfit...?

"Dude..."Sakura said as the nurse went away with a grin looking at Gaara.

"Dude..."Gaara repeated as he stared at the door.

Sasuke slapped Sakura and Gaara.

"Sakura! I-I!"Stop looking at other women!you have Sakura!you love her! it's kind of hard when Sakura can't hug you or kiss you anymore though..tell me about it..just three more days...just three more days..

"Oh right!your you want me to help..?"Sakura said.Sasuke and Gaara both stared.

"How can YOU help?"

Sakura took off her shirt and placed her hands on her hips,"I'm hoping she's attracted to women.."Sakura said as she waited for the nurse to come back.

"SASUKE!don't expose my body infront of Gaara!"Sasuke shouted as he threw the shirt back to her.

"But this is for you and me!!what if she is attracted to women!!"

"What if she isn't?"Gaara said as he tried not to look at Sakura,though he really wanted too..he doesn't mind seeing her in a bra.NO!respect her!...hormones say nay..come on!take a peak! Gaara looked at Sakura more closely and noticed she had a beauty marks right on both her hip bones,he smiled at how nice it looked on her pale skin-which he loved-

"Gaara..stop looking at me."Sasuke said with a blushing face.Gaara cleared his throat and closed his eyes.

"Okay I'm back-"the nurse had a smile but it went away when she saw Sakura without a shirt,"you need...clothes in a hospital.."she said.

"Oh!me?!tee-hee"Sakura said getting the shirt,"I was just..checking if I had my lacey black bra on today!"

Gaara groaned once Sakura said that,he wanted to check once more if she did have the lacey black bra on...that was his favorite.

"Well,Gaara after this healing you may leave if you please"the nurse said walking to him placing her hand on his arm.

Sasuke glared at her.

Temari walked out of the kitchen only to see Sasuke,Sakura,and Gaara walk in,"Where were you three?"

"Well..we were in the hospital.."Gaara said but was a bit quiet as he grabbed his arm.

"But Sakura decided to lunge after the nurse that was helping Gaara.."Sakura said glaring at Sasuke.

"And then we got kicked out.."Gaara finished.Sasuke walked around to him and tok a peak at his arm.

"Oh you'll be fine..she did a really good just have a scab now"he said smiling but then frowned,"I'm really sorry Gaara-"

"GOD!"Sakura shouted raising her arms in the air,"stop smiling in my body! and be caring! haven't I taught you to be like me yet?!do you need classes?!"Sakura said yaking Sasuke's arm and dragging him upstairs.

Both Temari and Gaara were quiet and went back into the kitchen,"are you hungry-oh my god!"she said once the opened the fridge door.

"If there's a body in there-I swear it wasn't me this time!"Gaara said raising his hands.

"No it's not th-..what?"Temari said looking at him then she shook her head,"No it's just that..Freddy ate all our food!Gaara!we are going grocery shopping!"

Gaara groaned.

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