It was the end of a long day for FBI Special Agent Colby Granger. They had just wrapped up case, which had kept him at the office for the past three days. He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his temple. He could feel a headache coming on and all he wanted to do was to go home and see his girlfriend of five years, Fire Lieutenant and senior arson investigator, Kara Rodriquez. She had moved into his place a week ago but since then they were yet to spend a night together. Colby heard footsteps behind him. "Still here Granger. I thought you'd be at home with Kara" Colby opened his eyes to find that it was Don Eppes another FBI Agent on the team. He stood up and put on his suit jacket and coat "I was just about to leave. See you tomorrow" Don watched as he walked away "Night"

On the drive home, Colby was thinking about how his life had changed since he left the army and joined the FBI. He was on one of his first arson cases, where an apartment block had been destroyed and an elderly woman in hospital, when he met Kara. Back then she was just a young fire fighter who knew enough about fire marks that she was always being sent to talk to fire officials so she could explain it in laymans terms. She had been so bright eyed and cocky. She looked incredible covered in soot and residue. There had been a spark between them that was hard to miss. They had flirted something chronic in the beginning and soon there was an underlying flame to that spark. They had been sidestepping the truth about their feelings for nearly a year but something that they didn't count on was that their respective teams had picked up on their feelings and were plotting to get them together at the FBI Christmas party. She had walked into the bullpen wearing a pair of snug fitting black jeans, black high-heeled boots and underneath her black leather jacket was a black halter neck top that shimmered in the light. He remembered how she looked like it was yesterday. She walked over to him, a bottle of beer in each hand, and stopped in front of him. She leant closer and whispered softly in his ear "Time for this agent to have a refill" Her voice was soft and husky. There was a whistle from the other side of the room and Don's voice followed soon after, "Granger, Rodriguez. Look up" they did so and neither failed to see the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. Their eyes locked. "I guess there's no way to get out of it" She said softly. Colby put his hands on either side of her face. "I don't want to get out of it" He leant closer to her. She moved her body towards him. Their lips met, softly to start with, gently teasing. The others cheered but neither Colby or Kara heard anything. They pulled apart only once oxygen was an issue. Kara rested her forehead against his. "I've wanted to do that for a long time now" The night went by quickly with Colby and Kara glued at the waist. Soon everyone was leaving and Colby had one thing on his mind. He wanted more of the wonderful woman that is Kara Rodriguez. She saved him the worry when she came up behind him and kissed his neck. "My place or yours"