Author's Notes - It's a little short I know but it's gunna get a hell of a lot more interesting throughout the rest of the chapters! They may get up to 'M' in ratings a little later on so those of a nervous disposition, you have been warned! waves finger Oh and one more thing, I need names for the chapters so if anyones have any ideas that would be fantastic! Thanks everyone!

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The Doctor sat on the moth-eaten sofa, his trench-coat underneath him, his head in his hands. He hated seeing Rose like this. She'd been cooped up in her bedroom for more than a week and only ventured out if she was hungry or thristy and when he tried to make a conversation all he got was a few nods and shakes of her head and if he was luck, if he was very lucky, he would get a murmered 'yes' or 'no'.
She'd been like this ever since Mickey left. When he'd taken her home she had just collapsed into Jackie's arms.
The TARDIS beeped bringing him back,

"I know", he mumbled and patted his faithful ship, "What should I do?"

She shook ever so slightly as if in answer to his question. He smiled and walked down the corridor to Rose's room.
Rose was sat on her bed, her pillow held close to chest, sobbing and gasping for air. Suddenly there was a knock on the door,

"Who is it!"

"Rose...You alright?

"Doctor? Is that you?"

"No it's Santa, cause it's me!"

She slid off the bed and opened to door a crack. He gave a small smile as he saw her head poke through the door,

"What do you want?"

"Oh come on Rose. I just wanted to know if you were okay."

"Well I'm fine! You can go now!"

She was about to slam the door but the doctor stopped it with his foot,


She rolled her eyes and opened the door so he could step into the room. There were photos of Mickey all on the floor and he was careful to tip-toe around them. He sat down on the bed and tapped the spot near him. She walked over to him and sat down, reasting her head on his shoulder.

" to me...please"

She began to cry again quietly, the tears rolling down her cheeks mixed in with smudged mascara, "Oh Rose, sweetheart".

"I'm fine! I just...miss him ya' know?"

He began to stroke her hair when an idea hit suddenly hit him,

"Yes!" Rose shot up from her bed at his sudden outburst ,"I am going to take you somewhere special!"

"What do you mean?"

He grabbed her hand and lead her to the control room,

"We are going to...Blackpool!"