Title: Dreams the way we didn't plan them

Pairing: Gelphie

Disclaimer : I don't own anything that has to do with Wicked, if I did I wouldn't need to fangirl.

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I They had been sitting on Galinda's bed talking. Well, Galinda was talking; Elphaba was listening, gazing out into space, occasionally throwing out a comment when the other girl said something of interest. When she heard the incessant chatter come to a slow stop, she looked up and saw her roommates face become serious.

"Galinda…? What is the matter?" Elphaba inquired worriedly. She had never in their entire time as dorm mates seen her bubbly blonde friends face with any expression even hinting at seriousness. Therefore, the green girl felt justified in her worry.

"What? Oh. I was just thinking…" The smaller girl replied, avoiding the other girls face.

Deciding to discard the comment about Galinda's ability to think that was about to roll out of her mouth, Elphaba simply asked, "About?" A heavily garbled response was the only noise to reach her ears.

"I'm sorry. What was that?" Elphie said as she scooted a little closer, as if to hear better.

"…you…" Galinda said in a voice so tiny it didn't register to the other girl.

"Galinda. You are going to have to speak louder than that in order for me to hear you." The taller girl replied, trying very hard to not let her small annoyance show.

"Oh for Lurline's sake, Elphaba! You. Alright? I was thinking about you." The little blonde exploded, flushing quite a bit. Elphaba just sat there, looking utterly confused.

"W-Wha-What about me?" she spluttered her heart in her throat.

"Nothing. Everything. I noticed that when I was talking, you spaced out. And I couldn't help but look at you. I…you…you're beautiful, Elphie."

"Come again? I thought I just heard you call me beautiful." She responded, bringing a green hand to her ear, cleaning it out with a long finger.

"You heard correctly."

"You can't possibly be serious. I am the "Green Bean", the 'Artichoke'. I am not beautiful like you. You've got flawless creamy skin, full pink lips, curly golden hair, curves in all the right places….I don't. I'm nothing special." The emerald girl said quietly, looking down at her hands.

"Elphaba Thropp! Don't you u ever /u let me hear you say that again. You are the most intelligent, witty, passionate, genuine and beautiful person I've had the pleasure of having in my life. And I don't just mean on a physical level. Elphie, you've helped me open my eyes to see people for who they are, not what they're wearing, who they know, or how much money they've got. And I…Ithinkiminlovewithyou." Galinda let out, seemingly all in one breath.

Before Elphaba even had a chance to process what had been said to her, she saw the other girl scooting closer, face barely inches from her own. The only thing the bookworm could think about at the point was half lidded crystalline eyes and perfectly pink pouty lips, coming closer and closer to her. Mere centimeters away now. And then…

WHAM!!! The door to the room was thrown open with such force it knocked a few pictures off the wall, followed by a handful of very angry, and familiar, people. Worse, though, they all seemed to have an issue with Elphaba.

"Galinda! What are you doing with that thing ??!?!?! GET AWAY FROM IT!!!" Two male voices said in unison. It wasn't until two pairs of hands grabbed the petite blonde around the upper arms and hoisted her violently away from the green girl, that she saw their faces: Boq and Fiyero. She tried to scramble after Galinda, but recoiled when she was struck hard across the face. The hand's owner yelled at her "What in the name of the Unnamed God do you think you are doing? Monsters such as you do not deserve beautiful things." Elphaba instantly recognized the voice as her fathers. 'Oh right, father always liked to wear rings' She thought to herself as she gingerly touched her face and felt blood on her finger tips.

"You may be an unnatural thing , with unnatural feelings, but do not bring sweet, pure Galinda with you straight to hell. I will pray for her salvation, but I know that praying to the Unnamed God for yours would be wasted breath." Came from the girl in the wheelchair near the door.

"Nessa…not you too?" Elphaba said before the various words from the four voices started to get louder and repeat. Her vision started to get hazy from the pain, going in and out of focus. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was her Galinda struggling against the grips of the boys, tears streaming down perfect porcelain cheeks.

Bolting straight up in bed, Elphaba blinked a few times before bringing her hands to her face, faintly noticing that indeed, her cheek was sore, but she was not bleeding. It was dark, not even the moon showing its face, but she could make out the faint outline of her roommate shifting in her sleep.

Elphaba got up from her bed, rubbing her eyes and wiping the damp hair from her forehead and padded softly to the bathroom. Once the door was shut, she slumped down with her back against the door, shoulders heaving with heavy sobs. She did not understand why she kept having this dream. The first time she had it, she spent a great deal of time analyzing it, and came to the not so startling conclusion that she did have feelings for her bubbly friend, she just wasn't sure how to handle it. These feelings were new to her. Unexplored territory that she didn't have a map to. This frightened her the most. She could deal easily if her friend didn't feel the same, but if she did… Elphaba was positive her head would explode.

She decided that she wouldn't think about it anymore and try to go back to sleep, but little did she know, as soon as the bathroom door shut, Galinda jerked awake. Startled by the very same dream.