The remainder of the night was spent warming up in other ways; Galinda and Elphaba had moved to the floor in front of the fire place. Elphaba's head was in the blonde's lap with Galinda's fingers massaging her scalp.

"Mmmm. That feels nice." The green girl purred, rolling over and leaning up to kiss Galinda. The petite girl smiled into the kiss before intensifying it by running her tongue between the dark green lips, attempting to part them. The lips parted easily, hungrily accepting their visitor.

Elphaba pushed the blonde to her back, running her hand up a creamy, toned thigh. An electric pulse passed through Galinda's entire body at the touch, causing her to arch up for more contact. Breaking their lip lock, Elphaba lowered her body, trailing warm feather-light kisses down the pale neck and over the exposed skin of the other girls chest. She brought her other hand up and roughly pushed the remaining fabric of Galinda's skirt up over her hips, catching the waist band of her underwear with a green thumb. Lowering the rest of her body so her face was level with the lacy underwear, Elphaba couldn't help but marvel at how well pink and green went together. Smiling to herself , the green girl brought her other hand up and hooked her thumb in the waistband.

Galinda started to hear a slight ringing in her ears, but chose to ignore it as she felt lace sliding over her bare thighs.

The ringing started to get louder and more persistent when she could feel Elphie's warm breath on her exposed mound.

As soon as Galinda felt skin-on-skin contact, she was jolted awake by a very annoying and insistent alarm clock going off, signaling it was time to get up.

Slamming down the snooze button, the blonde threw her legs over the side of the bed, and looked at her roommate, startling a little. Elphaba looked exactly how she thought she looked; flushed cheeks, moist brow, chest heaving for breath.

"Have a odd dream, Miss Elphaba?"