Danser Dans L'obscurité(1)

Note: This was supposed to be a one shot, but I got really into it and decided to dissect the story into pieces. Personally I think it's more digestible this way.

Summary: Fits in with Mutants in Magix. Hoping to put an end to Lamort's flirtations Raven consents to a date with the 'Bayou Rat'… just as long as he keeps his hands to himself. But how is he supposed to do that when their date destination is a dance club?

Disclaimer: Magazine, bill, bill, town news, notice that I don't own anything. Why do I always get junk mail?

Dedication: Rogue Scholar. Hey if I'm borrowing a character I may as well dedicate the story to her.

Chapter One: Danser Avec Des Règles (2)

Early Afternoon Cloud Tower School for Witches

Raven was struggling with her transformations homework when the dorm phone rang. She assumed it was for Marie since her brother's name was on the caller ID, heck she was feeling brave when she picked it up. But like most of her actions, Raven was going to regret this one.

"Hello?" the music witch said, grateful for the interruption, even an interruption in the form of Lamort LaBeau.

"Ah, good afternoon cheré." Lamort cooed. "I was 'opin' ta get a hold of you."

Raven sighed loudly. "And I was hoping to not hear from you again Bayou Rat (3), Marie is out, do you want me to leave her a message?"

"Mais non. I needed ta ask you something."

"No, I won't help you get rid of Sean."

"Pah, dat I can handle myself. Would you be willin' ta go out wit me tonight?"

Raven tapped her index finger on her cheek. For a week now Lamort had been flirting with her every chance he got. The music witch wondered if by going out with him that she could make some kind of deal with him and stop it.

"'Ello? Raven are you there?" Lamort asked sounding a bit concerned. "Are you in shock or someting?"

"No, I'm not in shock, just thinking."

"Tinking about what?"

"If I agree to go out with you, and it doesn't work out will you leave me alone?"

"I guess so."

"Okay, then I'll go out with you. But on one condition."

"Name it cheré "

"No touching."

Lamort paused to think about Raven's demands. Not flirting with her if the date failed and no touching? He was willing to agree to her terms for the time being, but extremely confident that by the end of the night she'd retract the requests. "You 'ave a deal belle."

"Good. Now, what do you have in mind for this night of fun?" Raven asked in her usual sarcastic tone.

"You'll see." Lamort replied suspiciously. "Jus' relax and I'll pick you up at five."

Raven hung up the phone and laid back on her bed. "What have I gotten myself in to?" She muttered.

"Why? What did you do?" Charissa asked sounding worried as she entered the dorm with Felicity and Marie.

"Agreed to a date with Lamort. Now what should I wear?"

"You're going out with my brother?" Marie questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, what do you suggest?" Raven replied sounding cautious.

"Something that makes you look like a nun."

"And maybe a chastity belt." Charissa added.

"A chastity belt? Why?" Fee was curious.

"He's a terrible flirt. If you want him to leave you alone dress really conservative."

Suddenly Raven's lips formed a suspicious looking smile, she got up and began rummaging through one of the closets pulling out a short black skirt and a deep violet corset top. "Well in that case, I guess I'd better dress like a tart (4) and really make him sweat eh?" The other three girls could do nothing but stand by in shock and awe.

Finally Marie found her voice. "I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into."

Lather, Rinse Repeat

1.) French for Dancing in the Dark. Yes I could have just called this story Dancing in the Dark, but Lamort is probably as proud of his Creole roots as his father (Remy) is, so the French fits.

2.) French for Dancing with rules. Yeah it sounds dumb, but I'm kind of bored right now. And what better cure for boredum than to use French?

3.) I thought up this term with RS07's help because Remy's nickname is Swamp Rat and sometimes he calls Rogue River Rat. There are bayous in Louisiana so this name stuck in my head.

4.) UK term meaning that she's going to dress a bit provocatively