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Walking on Water

Chapter One

"You can't hide forever." he said, his voice a mere echo against her now shut door.

She, on the other side of her door, sighed and sunk to the floor. Her eyes sparkling sadly like sunlight on a rain puddle.

He groaned inwardly, Why did it always have to be this way? The moment they were close to actually admitting the feelings they both clearly shared--she would choke, run and hide-- locking herself away into the depths her room.

She knew she couldn't hide forever, but for now she would. Picking herself off of the fllor she walked toward her immense bookcase. She took a book down. The water from her eyes now drying. A book of riddles... she thought, reading its respective title.

"This is why!" he heard her voice echo from the opposite end of the hallway.

I don't even know why I try anymore... he thought dimly, as he turned, his green eyes focused on her now approaching form.

"This is why." she repeated, calmer now, and only a few feet before him.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, his tone tracing on indifference with hints of irritation as his patience was wearing thin. He didn't understand--and probably would never understand-- why feelings were so difficult for her.

"Riddles-- or any other form of intellect. We don't share the ability to think." she further explained, her tone --and words-- now edged with her typical coldness.

He frowned, "I could figure out a riddle if I wanted to..."

"Prove it." narrowing her eyes, she continued, "Pass all of my tests. And then we'll see about an 'us'."

"This is ridiculous!" he cried, being logical for once, "This should be about feelings, not mind games."

"I guess you don't care about me as much as you said then..." she knowing good and well, that he was in fact right, but in the deep pit of her mind, he needed to proove a point to her first, and she wasn't letting him off easy.

"I do care-- I just don't think I need to be tested." he folded his arms, she mirroring his expression of discontent with a glare to add.

"But I care too much to pass this up." he sighed.

She smiled, seeing the deep concern for her glimmering in his eyes. She felt a stab of regret, but continued anyway, "I'll write that riddle and stick it to my door. When-- that is "if"-- you solve it, put it under my door and I already have the next riddle in place."

His green eyes narrowed, "How do I know that you just won't keep putting them up? Where's the limit? The cut?"

"Okay, that's fair. Ten."

"Seven." he countered, "A week. If I can't proove myself in that much time-- then I never will."

The dark-haired girl felt the conviction in his words as a shiver down her spine, "Come to my room door in awhile-- I'll have my riddle for you."

"Wait-- what happens when I solve the last one?" his green eyes suddenly shinning with inquizitiveness.

"We'll just have to see won't we?" she replied, she not really sure if she want to think that far ahead. She needed these riddles more than he knew. She needed to figure out what she felt inside. She needed specific time to work things out, time she had never set aside before.

He nodded and turned away. She turning the opposite way and disappearing into her room.

After he had spent a few hours downstairs in the living room playing video games, he decided that he might as well start on the 'riddle challenge' he'd managed to sign up for.

Seven riddles...one week to prove my worth. Boy, does she have things backwards... he thought as he approached her door, Why isn't unconditional love enough for her?

He paused a moment to listen through her door. Hearing her mediatative breathing and chanted words, he felt a pull at his delicate heartstrings.

"Raven..." he breathed, pausing a moment to rest his head upon the door, "Well, here's the riddle..." he mused quietly, taking the taped paper from her door...

Red like fire

Swift as a torrent

With an uncontrollable current

Something that is felt strongly

Close to the heart

And only one other part

This sounds fun... he groaned inwardly, walking away from her door with a brisk pace as he headed towards the downstairs library.

She, Raven, stepped outside her door a few moments after he had left. Taking delicated steps, her dark hair swaying just so as she turned with another paper in hand, "I hope that he can at least get the first one. I wrote it easy enough, but this one," she said to her self, taping the paper to her door as she spoke, "won't be so easy."

And with those few words spoken, she vanished into her abode once more.

Once he had only managed to finsh half of his trek through the winding corridors, and flights of stairs, he heard a voice call out, "Beast Boy!" it wasn't Her, but he turned just the same.

It was the dark, spike-haired boy that was sometimes the equivalent of his boss. Sometimes this boy had the worst timing--and he meant the worst timing, "What Robin? I'm kind of in a hurry here."

"Just wondering what you were up to, that's all, you don't need to get defensive." he retorted, offended.

"Oh, sorry, its just--" he paused, he couldn't believe that he was going ask Robin's opinion on something, but he was, "Don't you think that it's enough for some one to just love them unconditionally?"

The question caught Robin off guard, he wasn't used to his green-eyed friend asking deep questions, "Well, I guess, yah."

"Glad I'm not alone. But I've got to get going now." he turned to leave.

Robin prodded him with another question, "What are you up to?"

"Solving riddles." he sighed, and added with an almost religious tone, "It is Her wish that I prove myself."

The dark haired boy merely nodded. He knew who his friend was speaking of; Raven. Beast Boy had only recently gotten into a bad habit of calling her, "Her", though.

Beast Boy headed towards the last flight of stairs once more, hearing Robin wish him, "Good luck with that." from behind him. Once in the library, he found his head clearer. Like he normally did, just like when he would watch Raven from afar. Adoring the way she would read, and the way her fingers would drum occassionally upon her face as she cupped her cheek with her hand.

Now was no time for memories. He walked toward one of the tables, and took a seat, setting the paper down. A deep breath escaped him, "One part at a time."

"Red like fire," he read aloud, "So what's red? Hearts, birds, clothes..." he rambled, thinking outloud always helped, "Let's try the next line to help...Swift as a torrent."

His lips pursed one way and then another, shifting in confusion, "What's a torrent again?" he paused thoughtfully, "Rushing water. So that means that its rough, or violent even...maybe it's supposed to mean quick? Yeah, quick, and strong."

"Next line: With an uncontrollable current." he read aloud, "So it's strong, fast, and uncontrollable. But it's also red?" he added, confounded.

"Maybe it's figuratively red..." he supposed, continuing his trek though the confusing words, "Something that is felt strongly, close to the heart, and only one other part."

The green-eyed boy skipped the step-by-step part, "Okay, so I get the strong part. I get the felt closely, and to the heart 'part'. But what's the 'other part' part mean?"

As he pondered these words carefully, he crossed his arms, and formed something of a pout, "So what is all of these things? Nothing can be as strong as a torrent, except a torrent. And nothing is pure red. And there are a lot of things felt by the heart...that's it! A feeling. Some strong emotion, that's quick. What's quick?"

He breathed deeply, a vague expression adorning his face as he blurted emotions off of his anxious tongue, "Anger, hate, fear, happiness...love. Could it be love? I doubt that she's make the first one so easy. Maybe it's a lot like love?"

"Quick, strong, felt close to the heart, uncontrollable. Wait-- a person can control love, but they can't always control attraction. Maybe she means lust." as soon as he spoke, he shook his head in disagreement, "Nah, lust isn't close to the heart...passion. It's passion. It's just gotta be. It comes quickly, is uncontrollable, and can be characterized as figuratively red."

"I actually sound smart for once. Something I shouldn't get used to, I guess." he laughed to himself, standing up.

He was just about to rush back upstairs and retrieve the next riddle, but instead decided to lead her to believe that he hadn't solved it yet. Then he would get her a flower, and put it outside her door when he returned the solved riddle.

Feeling satisfied with himself, he headed back upstairs. Making his way to the garage this time so he could go into town and get the flower he needed for the next day. She certainly would be suprized...

Raven awoke early the next morning. She shook the inclination to yawn. She wanted to see if he had solved the riddle yet. Walking to her door, and sliding it open, she gasped in sheer suprize as she stared down at the riddle with the answer scribbled on the paper, and an Azalea-- a flower that symbolizes 'fragile passion'.

She kneeled on the floor, her cloak falling around her as she clutched the single flower her her heart. Her eyes watering, "He loves me. He doesn't have to prove himself. But why do I make him anyway?"

Her thoughts were only answered by silence. Her warm breath seeming alone in a cold world. Her heart throbbed with a guilt she could not quell. She would wait until he came back again, and then she would tell him he could quit.

She lifted herself off of the ground once more, and disappeared into her room, her cloak reflecting her inner sadness as is dragged along the ground and seemed to fade into the shadows of her dimmly lit room.

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