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Walking on Water

Chapter Seven

"Oh it is hopeless friends!" Starfire exclaimed as she paced the main corridor.

"They could be anywhere-- I doubt they'd leave without saying anything-- but they can take care of themselves Star--" Cyborg replied, typing furiously on the Titans' mainframe computer, "But just in case, we're running some more searches for their signals."

Robin, who had also been pacing, gave Starfire a sympathetic look. He also missed his teammates. He wanted to put an arm around her and comfort her, but he held himself back. They still hadn't had their 'talk' yet. He didn't know if she was approachable at all.

"I miss the jokes of Beast Boy. And the 'girl' talk of Raven." Starfire was carrying on, continuing to vent her sorrow the way she normally did-- outloud.

The dark-haired boy then thought, Beast Boy...he went out on a limb for a girl-- a girl he wasn't sure even had feelings for him-- why can't I comfort someone I know has feelings for me-- his thoughts were taken over by actions abruptly, "We'll find them Starfire." he assured her, wrapping a comforting arm around her.

The orange-haired alien shook her head in agreement before pulling him into a hug. Cyborg just happened to glance over and witness the scene before him. A small smile graced his face. He waited a moment longer before intterupting their 'moment'.

"Ya'll, I think we might have something." The two approached quickly and gathered around the big screen.

"At first, I didn't understand what the computer was telling me-- I thought it was a glitch-- but then I realized that the computer can pick up the signals of various technology around the city, and even some of the outskirts of town-- where ever radio waves can reach--" Cyborg typed in a few coordinates into the computer and new information flashed on the screen.

"They're here-- they have to be-- it's the only place that doesn't have any radio activity-- and unless they purposely disbanded their communicators-- they should be here-- it would explain why we haven't been able to reach them. And here's the kicker-- It's a small island about fifty feet from our very own Tower!" he continued.

"That's where I lost their signal!" Starfire exclaimed, pointing at the screen, "I thought I'd lost their signal. It happened a couple times."

"They could be hurt-- that's probably why they aren't back!" Robin exclaimed, as the three of them ran towards the door.

Beast Boy blinked open his eyes to the crystal depths of the glowing pool, At least we know it won't kill us... he saw Raven sinking nearby-- she was unconcious! He dove for her at once, holding what little breath he had left.

He glanced around the water cavern and saw only one path that seemed to lead out. He let go of the last breath he had to offer and morphed into a dolphin pulling her along with him. He wondered why the beast hadn't followed them-- and perhaps-- eventually-- the water would kill them--

He didn't care anymore-- all that mattered was getting out alive...

Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire quickly arrived on the neighboring island. They searched the premises efficiently, and soon found the fateful cave. Robin was about to go in, but Starfire held him back, "It's not safe."

The boys took her seriously, but they all wondered if perhaps their friends where held in it's dark claws...

Almost there... his mind raced as he rushed to meet the water's surface. He wasn't sure if Raven would make it-- she hadn't awoken-- at all. No blink-- no sudden gasps-- nothing.

Thrusting his head above the murky sea water he morphed into a human once more. He tredded the water for a moment, glancing around to see where the tunnel had led them-- he was just glad it hadn't been too long a trek. He spotted an island, and knew it to be the cursed one they had just fled from.

Who knew if that beast would just decide to emerge from the cave, but he saw that there was no other land nearby-- so it was better than tredding water all day. He swam as strongly as he could, but his strength was slipping-- his body ached from being a dolphin so long. He wasn't sure how much longer he could swim.

After a few more lengths of swiming, he felt exhaustion taking him over. Valiant effort Beast Boy-- but this is it-- I'm washed up!

Just as he let his body slip into the rest he craved, a strong arm lifted him from the depths. His eyes closed into sleep, but he knew he was in the arms of friends.

Blinking his tired eyes open, he found himself resting on a bed in the hospital wing of the Tower. His intense green eyes met the concerned gazes of his friends. He sat up slowly, "What happened? It she okay!? Did she make it?!" his thoughts suddenly urgent as he remembered why he'd almost drowned in the sea in the first place-- for Her.

The other Titans smiled softly and indicated her bed was just nearby-- right next to his. He sighed relief, "I didn't want to give up-- but I couldn't move anymore." he layed down again, resting his head in her direction. Noticing the faint rise and fall of his teammate's chest, he let a comforting sleep take him.

"She will recover, yes?" Starfire asked Robin as they left the room.

Both he and Cyborg nodded, "They just need rest." Cyborg added, as the three of them disappeared downstairs.

The next day the ordeal Beast Boy and Raven faced seemed out of mind and thrown away-- quite literally, "But why not!? I went through hell for you, and I can't even get you to play video games with me?! What gives?" he exclaimed, more shocked than angry.

Raven gave him a cold shoulder and continued toward her door. Her ominious dream lingering in her mind once more, Just leave him be...

"Is this about the riddle thing? I thought we were over that! C'mon, I told you I'd get you a pink lilac later. Not even one game? You owe me that much." he persisted.

She stopped, she was going to retort to the riddle 'challenge' to cover up her reasons, but found that she could cut things deeper by insulting his choice of words, "I owe you? So you only saved my life for your own personal gain!?" she flashed an angry glare in his direction-- although truthfully-- she felt that he meant it that way.

He shrunk back, "No-- Raven! That's not what I meant!!" he sputtered.

Before he had another chance to understand or explain, she disappeared in a flash of black. He ran afterwards, toward her familar door, and beat on it in anger and confusion, "Raven this doesn't make any sense! You're not making any sense!!" he beat one last fist on her door, his anger spent.

In hindsight, beating on her door wasn't the best idea-- it reminded him of his 'beastly' incident. Concern sweeping him over, he pressed an ear to her door, and heard what he thought be silent sobs, but he couldn't really tell.

He grumbled to himself and stomped down the hallway. He felt so angry-- it was just like all those times before when they tried to get closer-- closer, and closer, and closer, and then-- push. More like shove... his mind mocked, as he continued towards his room.

He slamed his door behind him and flopped on the bed. He wanted to just shrink away from the world, Who needs love anyway?

Never empty and never full

Always strong or weak

There is no middle

To take or to break

Forever or never

He read outloud to himself, "This is ridiculous! Why should I solve this..." he complained, but let his anger simmer down again, Just one more-- that's all-- and she has to answer to it-- or else it'll be more than her pride-- but her dignity, as well and she knows it-- I really have to outdo myself this time-- and I sound really mean about this, but I have to prove my point--

He disappeared down a long hallway towards the main room. After a few minutes of walking, he arrived. Glancing downward he saw Robin and Starfire sitting at the table-- closely-- They must've worked out their fight. Good for them but what about me? he felt another stab of guilt and remorse.

Sometimes he wanted something so bad he couldn't focus on anything else, but getting it. This was one of those times, because every time he failed in conviencing her to return his affections, it only deepened the wound that Terra had left on his ego.

It discouraged him more than she knew, and she probably was pushing him away for selfish reasons again anyway, so he was really confused as to why he kept pursuing such rejection from her in the first place, How many times does she have to shoot me down before I get it?

He paused a moment, admiring-- and envying-- the cute couple only a few steps away from him, I've made up my mind. I'll solve the riddle, but I won't make her answer for anything. I'll just leave her alone. I love her-- but it's better if nothing happens between us--

The green-eyed boy returned upstairs to his room, and added only one more thought to his plan, --and I'll just move on-- even if she changes her mind...

Even though Beast Boy was convienced that Robin and Starfire had patched things up, they were actually talking through their problems at that moment.

"It hurt me to see you with her--" she was saying to him.

"I didn't know. I was just trying to talk sense to her-- she needed someone who'd listen." he assured her, taking her hand.

She diverted her gaze, "I think I understand now-- but perhaps the next time we go out, you could perhaps do the 'dressing up'?"

"Sure." he smiled, and for the first time in what seemed like a long time, he kissed her. She allowed the kiss to linger a moment before she replied, "Now the 'talking sense'..."

Beast Boy was convienced that no one had noticed the change in demeanor of the two rescued teens, but how wrong he was. Robin and Starfire had noticed his yearning look before his trek upstairs.

"I think it's time we've had one last talk with Raven." Robin commented, his eyes slightly narrowed-- he understood what it was like to be rejected so harshly.

"Why can't she just say 'yes' or 'no'?" Cyborg asked the two, he had also noticed Beast Boy's retreat from the main room, "It wouldn't hurt him as bad-- At least he could move on."

Robin was about to launch the three into a deeper debate about the questionable nature of their dark-haired friend, but she just so happened to appear in the kitchen-- probably for her afternoon tea.

Raven leaned over, rummaged through the cabinet before standing up with the items she'd been searching for-- and found herself surrounded. She narrowed her eyes, "Don't badger me."

"It's got to stop Raven. After everything that happened yesterday, how can you?!" Robin demanded.

"Yeah, you shoulda seen how bummed he was a minute ago." Cyborg put in.

"Please, Raven, there is something wrong with Beast Boy?" Starfire asked, more concerned for her friend's feelings rather than choices.

Raven held her strong gaze, but her voice betrayed her words, "I can't-- we can't-- it'll kill him!"

"Well, you're killing him now." Cyborg retorted, crossing his arms.

"No you don't understand-- I had a dream a few nights ago-- and in it-- Beast Boy was dead because of me. I won't let that happen. So if I push him away..." she trailed off, and her gaze fell to the floor.

Robin took a calmer pose, and placed his hands on her shoulders, "Raven, look at me-- you're so wise, and you're always confident in everything you do-- this isn't like you."

She looked at him, but she didn't understand what wasn't 'like' her-- sure she was a little more weepy than usual-- "What I mean," he expanded, "is that you should tell him how you feel-- and don't let a dream get in the way because it 'might' come true."

"C'mon, we all made it through Trigon-- this is cake to that--" Cyborg joked.

"Yes," Starfire agreed, "and we all made it through the Brotherhood of Evil."

Raven's gaze became more hopeful, but uncertainty still poked at her, "But what if it does? What if he dies because me?"

"That's ridiculous!" Robin interjected, "Just because you somethimes have prophetic dreams doesn't mean that this one is."

"Yeah, sometimes we have bad dreams-- and they're just bad dreams." Cyborg cut in.

"I'll tell him--" she conceeded, "--later." she added quickly, and disappearing in a flash of black.

The others sighed and hoped for the best...for both of their friends.

This was it. The final straw. A storm brewed outside; the raging thunder pounded and the flashes of lightning streaked across the sky. He walked downstairs as one last attempt to calm himself. But then he saw Her-- she was reading on the couch.

He thought about turning back, but he couldn't. He knew that if he couldn't do it now he never would. He approached her, carefully stumbling through the dark room with the crashes of lightning as his only guide.

She stood up noticing he had entered the room. She shut her book, and looked ready to leave, but he stopped her, "Raven wait--"

Her purple gaze pierced him as a flash of lightning reflected in her perplexed eyes, "What I said earlier was wrong. I shouldn't have said 'you owed me' anything."

He pulled the riddle from his pocket, and a flower from behind his back, "It's 'Love'." he offered her a red rose.

She took the rose from his hand, and looked down at her feet. He continued, "Love is the only thing that can never be full or empty and not have a middle. Lot's of things break, but you either love someone or you don't-- there is no middle."

She looked up, gazed into his eyes, and stood speechless.

"Well, that's cool, not like I expected a Jonquil or anything..." he started to walk away. (A Jonquil flower means "affections returned".)

"Wait!" she called out, "You don't understand. There was this dream and I-- you--"

He didn't let her finish-- he didn't care about her reasons-- or quips-- he wanted to know the answer to his questions-- "Do I pass now? Have I proved my love?" he asked, his arms extended expectantly to her.

She stared at him in pitch darkness of the main room, clutching the rose, her purple eyes watery. He sighed in frustration and walked towards her. His face mere inches from her, his green eyes intense with a split passion that couldn't be quelled. She could feel his warm breath, her lips parted, and her eyes fluttered shut. Raven was confused at why she had done that, but it felt right.

"No." he breathed, "I've proven my point-- and if you shared my feelings-- you missed your cue."

Turning away from her, he felt a stab of regret. He really did care. He just couldn't help but feel used when she had rejected him again-- especially after the way they had kissed in the hallway a few days ago-- and even more so after the way he had protected her-- risked his life for her-- and he'd do it all again in a heartbeat...

Suddenly he felt two hands turn him around, and her arms wrap around his neck affectionately. Her warm lips pressed against his a mere second before they both fell backwards.

"Ooof..." he groaned, but smiled at the curious expression she wore, "Does this mean you love me now?"

She nodded, "Beast Boy, you had me won over since day one, when you gave me the Azalea-- my heart had to lead me before I could admit what I felt for you, and I had to push myself to accept it."

"I'm glad you feel that way--" he grinned, "can I get up now?"

She blushed, pulling herself up and away from him. He pulled himself off the ground as well, and handed her the rose she had so clumsly dropped, "Thanks." she smiled.

Before Beast Boy had another chance to reply, she hugged him tightly. He smiled and craddled her against his strong chest. She sighed, and breathed in his warm scent, "But I must also thank you for teaching me a lesson I couldn't teach myself..."

He could only ask "What?" before he felt her tears on his shoulder, and her shaking form against his arms, "...unconditional love. No one's ever really done that for me. I mean all of you-- you've all been here for me. But you especially." she whispered.

He smiled softly, and kissed her forehead, "Maybe sleep is best now." he lifted her up into his arms, and carried her all the way to her room before setting her down on her bed, "Stay with me?" she asked softly.

He nodded in reply, placing himself beside her in the bed. He rested his head on her pillow while she rested her head on his chest. Pulling the covers over themselves, they fell slowly into a serene sleep in one another's arms.


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