author note: beware of grammar and spelling, i'm just writing it straight into the post, because otherwise i'd never write it.

the story is mine but the KH universe is not.

Emma belongs to my friend Yami, whom has given me permission to use her character in this story

Chapter 1 "Little Towns Far Away"

The wind was playful tonight as it tugged through the girl's long brown hair, making an effect like that of a dark chocolate river in the breeze. Stars twinkled in and out like fireflies in the distance, and there was a sweet scent in the air: one speaking of new life nourished by a recent rain. The sleepy town below didn't mind the alien's presence on their roof tops, they were used to strange travelers and odd fellows passing through their little town. Matter of fact, that's how the town had gotten it's name of Traverse Town.

The alien girl laid back on the pleated roof, her tiny grey wings tucked carefully away so not to be crushed. For the most part, this young girl looked similar to the town's inhabitants, whom had traveled to this little planet long ago from one called Earth. Although the twitch of feline ears, painted in a bright purple tabby pattern, spoke differently of this girl's homeworld. Her tabby-like tail, curled around her feet, told of a far off planet called Makax.

A loud snore caught the Makaxian's attention. Most of the normal inhabitants of Traverse Town were tucked into bed, so it wasn't the snore itself that was strange but the fact the sound was from outside the warm little houses that littered the town.

With a soft tap of feet, the Makaxian slid off the roof and landed on the cobbled roads below. A few feet away, another snore issued from a small girl's gapping mouth.

It wasn't very safe to sleep outside in these times, nor was it ever safe to sleep in the middle of a street, and being of a kind heart, the alien poked the younger girl in the side with her shoe. "Wake up, you." She muttered aloud, after the girl continued to snore. The girl woke up finally after the Makaxian had grabbed both her shoulders and shaken her.

"Wha...? Where am I?" The girl yawned, peering around with glassy green eyes. "Who are you..?" She squinted and stared up at the older girl.

"You can call me Kit. Look, it's stupid to fall asleep on the ground like that, go find your house or a hotel or something and get to a safe bed." The Makaxian took the younger girl's small arm and helped her to her feet.

"I'm Emma... what do you mean.. street..?" Emma stared down at the ground then she pulled her arms in tight to hug herself. She didn't do this out of the cold, Kit could smell the sudden fear pouring off her. "Where am I?!" She exclaimed with sudden clairity as the sleep drained away from her face as did the blood, leaving her rather pale in her bright green tee shirt and dark blue jeans. The shirt was detailed with a red eastern dragon, which matched the red hair tie used to tame Emma's mass of brown hair.

Kit watched the girl, silently. It wasn't every day this happened, but Traverse Town was also known for its random appearances of people who have no idea how they got there. Emma was obviously caught up in this.

Emma turned her stare around to Kit. "You're not from Earth!" Emma spoke the obvious. Taking in the feline ears sticking out from either side of Kit's head, Kit's blue beaded top layered on top of a green long sleeve shirt, her royal blue pants which weren't too much of a stretch from Emma's jeans, the tiny grey wings fluttering nervously, and the tail swishing behind her, Emma suddenly relaxed. Kit's slitted brown eyes watched her, had the girl realized where she was without Kit needing to say anything?

"I'm... in a movie aren't I?" Emma gestured to the brick building beside them, and Kit followed her gesture in confusion then let her eyes travel back to Emma. "Nice set, I'm impressed..." She pointed at Kit, which got a crossed-eyed look at the pointing finger from the Makaxian, "And those are some nice special effects."

Kit flicked her ears backwards, "Muu-vey? What in the sky do you mean?"

"Oh, so it's a virtual reality game? NEATO!" Emma grinned wided and cuffed her sneaker on the cobbled road, "Seems pretty real, good job on the graphics too."

Emma began walking along and out of instinct for protecting apparently unarmed people, Kit followed her. "Special effects...?" Kit repeated, wondering what that meant, the words were familar but not the context in which they were used, "Are you poisoned or something? Nothing you've been saying has made any sense." Kit tried to make heads or tails of the strange girl.

"Are you their testing A.I.?" Emma suddenly rounded on Kit and studied her over again.

"A-I? My name is Kit," Kit scowled, this girl was getting on her nerves now. The Makaxian didn't even know where she'd gotten the idea that someone here was named A-I.

"Ah, another User then." Emma went back to wandering to and fro, her aimlessness and unwillingness to listen growing more and more on Kit's last nerves. Just as the catgirl was opening her mouth to respond, a familar scent filled the air.

"Emma. Get out of here, now." Kit's nearly growled calling her staff to her hand and dropping into a fighting stance.

"Ooh Random Battle time!" Emma squealed in a happy note.

"NOW. GET. OUT. OF. HERE." Kit yelled as the shadows collected in the middle of the road and the darkened shapes rose from the ground.

The Heartless were here.

Kit glanced back at Emma, whom was still dancing happily at something Kit didn't understand. "If you're not going to leave then help!" A short sword popped into existance in Kit's other hand. The hilt was blue with a large red stone at the bottom. Kit tossed it to Emma, hilt first.

To her surprise, the girl actually caught it, instead of dropping it like Kit had supposed. Not many new arrivals had known how to fight. Emma gripped it and glanced a smile at Kit, which the Makaxian took as a quick thank you.

Concentrating for a moment, sparks rippled down Kit's hands and along her staff. The Heartless had caught their scent as well and were racing forward for their idea of a 'tasty treat': a still beating heart of a living being. Letting the charge off, a jolt of lighting jumped from Kit's staff to the nearest Heartless, leaving only a roasted poof of black dust behind.

Emma had gotten into the mood too and swung her blade in an arch slicing the Heartless near her to pieces.

Bolting the last one to dust, Kit took a deep breath. A bolt like that wasn't easy to guard one's body from, but she'd needed to end this battle quick and get the new arrival out of danger. Glancing over, Emma was cleaning off her blade with her shirt, regardless of the fact she was getting the black dust all over her.

Kit relaxed into a straighter stance and felt something crumble in her hands. Watching her staff break into small pieces, Kit cursed to herself in a hissing sort of language, different from the one Emma spoke. Turning her head around Kit looked to say something but instead a feline-like 'noise' issued from her lips. Emma stared and Kit twisted her face into a scowl.

Looking like she was weaving string between her fingers, Kit moved her lips to silent words and a glint of purple seemed barely visable in her hands. Kit took one hand and tapped her index finger on her throat then her temple, and let her hand fall to her side. Those areas glowed an orchid purple for a slight moment then dulled. Emma knitted her eyebrows in a confused fashion at Kit, but Kit paid no attention. "Sorry, my speaking spell sometimes overcharges when I battle. Anyway, where are you from?"

Emma blinked for a moment, as if she thought that was a strange question, then suddenly her eyes lightened again. "America. I live on the west coast." She answered in a cheerful fashion, which Kit found no amusement from.

"Ah-merry-ka. Odd name for a planet." Kit frowned, twitching her tail in annoyance behind her.

"Oh silly, our planet's name is Earth." Emma grinned.

"'Our' planet? Girl, I've never heard of the place, how could I be from there? Let's get out of the street." Kit took Emma's arm and meant to led or drag Emma to the little Cafe that was always open, day or night.

"What do you mean? What's this virtual world's name then?" Emma knitted her brows again.

Kit sat Emma down and the single waitress up for night duty got them some warm tea. "This world isn't 'virtual'," no idea what that means, Kit added silently, "It's name is Traverse Town, 'though I'm not from around here either. Did the time warp mess with your head, or did you not notice you aren't on Earth anymore? Here, drink. It'll do you good." Kit pushed the tea infront of Emma.

Emma glazed at the tea, then back at Kit, "Look, drop the RP for a moment, because I can't remember how I got into this game, is that normal? I don't think it's legal to erase people's memories."

Kit watched Emma, sipping a bit of the tea, before answering. "Drink the tea, it's not poison. You don't remember getting into a 'game' because this isn't a game, it's real life. Let's get you a hotel room or something until you get your feet. C'mon, drink your tea."

"Real life? No... this can't be real, I'm talking to a girl with cat ears.." Emma still had her hands on her lap as the tea steamed in front of her, untouched.

Kit flicked her ears backwards in annoyance. "It's real enough that I know you're probably freaking out, and probably freezing too. Drink. Tea is good for you."

Emma looked down at the cup of tea and suddenly paled, "I... I need to lay down." She looked out through the wide door of the Cafe, staring at nothing, really.

Kit sighed. The catgirl turned and waved the waitress over, she looked bored out of her mind. "Do you think you could find an Inn with a room for the new one, here?" Kit flicked a wingtip in Emma's direction.

The waitress flashed a smile, "Only if you watch shop for me, Kit."

"Will do," Kit stood from her chair and watched the waitress gently steer Emma to the door. The Makaxian took Emma's untouched tea and her empty cup to the back sink to be washed. "Waste of tea." She muttered to herself.

To be continued