Title: Nobrothers
Genre: Kingdom Hearts, AU
Characters: Kit(OC), Wier(Nobody, OC)
Summary: Kit had four brothers: (oldest to youngest) Jawk, Velo, Jie, and Wier. When they became Nobodies, they thought their little sister was gone forever. Wier is the first to have that proved wrong. This is his reaction. This happens later on in this story.

Disclaimer: KH and Nobodies are not mine. Kit and Wier are mine, however.


Wier was patrolling the west side of the complex, when a familiar scent caught his nose. He flared his nose, trying to rackle his memory for where that warm smell was from. Suddenly he whipped his head around, there She was... he'd thought Her to be gone forever... but here She was, studying the wall of the building, Her purple tail twitching in thought.

Kit suddenly realized there was a person latched around her legs, holding tight as if she would disappear like a passing daydream. "Wha-?! Who are you?!" Kit yelped throwing her arms out in surprise.

Wier tightened his arms around his older sister "..." She didn't recognize him... No.. That was right, he wasn't her brother anymore. "I'm..." Why did she ask that... It hurt so much.

"I'm nobody." Wier lifted himself from her, hiding his face from her view. It would do no good for her to recognize him now. "Sorry for bothering you..." He turned and forced himself to move his feet. "I'll go now." Wier took a moment to wipe his eyes. So that was that.

"..." Kit stopped herself from reaching for the small red haired boy. He... was so familiar... No... It couldn't be. Kit turned and walked the other way.

That boy was dead.