Okay, This is a major tear jerker (and you thought the last one was bad). Uplifting at the end too. Song is Don't Say Goodbye from a Christian band called Skillet off of their Comatose album. I really hope you like this, because it is the last chapter. Enjoy and break out the tissues once again.

Chapter 2: Don't Say Goodbye:

Eragon stood over the body of his beloved dragon. Her scales had lost their sapphire sparkle and were a cold dull grey instead, just like Eragon's soul. How could the only person he loved do something like this? He whispered a curse while he placed his hand on her shoulder. The healers managed to clean her wounds in preperation for the burial that was expected during the evening, but they skipped the hurt that he was feeling and the wound deep in his heart.

Things are changing

It seems strange and I need to figure this out

He sighed as he gently stroked the side of her cold cheek. Her eyes that held so much joy and love were closed and a tear fell from Eragon's eye as he realized he would never see those bright sapphire eyes again.

You've got your life and I've got mine

And you're all I cared about

He took his hand off of his dragon to wipe the tear from his cheek.

"I will never fight again," he told himself as he stared at Saphira's body. "All it brings is heartbreak." He looked up into the bright afternoon sky and sighed again at the thought that he would never feel free again. "Why did I take you for granted, Saphira?"

Yesterday we were laughing

Today I'm left here asking

Where has all the time gone now?

I'm left alone somehow.

He missed her voice and every inch of him prayed that she would show her presence to him once again, just like before, but it was obvious; she was gone.

Growing up and getting older

I don't wan to believe it's over.

He took to his knees and folded his hands over Saphira's cold form.

"I miss you, Saphira," he muttered softly into her ear. "What am I to do with you gone?" Another tear fell and splashed onto one of Saphira's grey scales. "Why did you have to say goodbye?"

Don't say goodbye

Because I don't want to hear those words tonight

Cause maybe it's not the end for you and I

Don't say anything tonight, if your going to say goodbye.

Eragon stood to his feet and pulled the hood of his black cloak up to his face. "We had so much, Saphira, and it's all gone." He turned away and wiped another tear. "You had to stop me from joining you, and it was selfish!" He growled and snapped back to face her body once again. "How could you?" he screamed. "Why did you have to place your duty in front of us? We could be together, Saphira; we could be happy!"

Do you remember in December?

How we swore we'd never change

Even though you're leaving

Our feelings would always stay the same

"You had to play the wise one, didn't you?" He screamed again in anger and threw his fist out to knock over a lit candle by the side of the hut's exit. He watched as the candle toppled to the dirt floor and extinguished. "If you would have let me, we could have been together without one single care. No war, no enemies…just us!"

I wish we could be laughing

Instead I'm standing here asking

Do we have to end this now?

Can we make this last somehow?

He shuttered as a cold breeze entered into the hut and splashed up against his skin. Death seemed so tempting, but he made a promise to the only one who had his heart, and he knew that he may eventually be forced to break it. Not yet.

We both know what we got to say

Not today, because I don't want to leave this way

Thoughts exploded into his head as he watched the still dragoness on the table in front of him. It would feel better to be buried the same time as Saphira; right beside her.

"No!" he yelled to himself. "I promised!" He took a step towards Saphira and placed his marked palm on her head. The mark tingled slightly at the touch of the deceased dragon and it sent Eragon into a stream of tears.

Don't say goodbye

Because I don't want to hear those words tonight

Cause maybe it's not the end for you and I

Don't say anything tonight, if you're going to say goodbye.

Everyone in Eragon's family was gone and he had no one to turn to. Roran had moved to Surda to start his own family, and Murtagh was killed in the battle where Galbatorix lost his life. He was alone. Arya tried to talk with him, but he refused to say one word. In his mind, the Elvin princess was the one to blame for all of this. If she didn't plea for him to rescue her, if she didn't give him those talks about destiny…if she didn't turn his offer away, Saphira would still be alive. He sighed and shook his head.

"What was I thinking?" he asked. "My love wasn't Arya. The only one who returned it was…you."

And if it's over,

It hurts but I'm giving you my word

I hope that you are always happy like we were

Happy like we were

He looked at the grey body of his true love and collapsed on her stiff form.

"Saphira…I love you!" he sobbed. "Goodbye."

Don't say goodbye

Because I don't want to hear those words tonight

Cause maybe it's not the end for you and I

Don't say anything tonight, if you're going to say goodbye.

Years passed and Eragon constantly visited the grave of the once beautiful dragoness. The elves created a gorgeous headstone of a dragon with her wings outspread over her gravesite with the words "Angel of the Skies" engraved on it in the ancient language. He only had her for two years, but it felt as if he just lost his spouse more than his friend. Arya had moved on with another elf and headed out to start up another family, but Eragon refused to leave Saphira alone. He built a home on the hillside where she was buried and visited her grave every day.

Eragon? His head popped up from its bowed position over the dragon's grave. He was no longer young looking, despite the fact that he was a half-elf and his eyes still held the look of hurt and pain. Eragon?

"It can't be!" He looked up to see a transparent spiritual image of his own dragoness…his Saphira.

Eragon, don't say goodbye. He broke down in tears as Saphira fluttered down beside him. Come my love. Let's go home.

Yesterday we were laughing

Today I'm left here asking

And although we knew

This time would come for me and you

Don't say anything tonight, if you're going to say goodbye.

Trust me, this is a great group and I urge anyone to at least hear this song.