Only for My Sweetheart
By Jyun Hwa
Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King.
Pairing: YohRen / RenYoh

Chapter One

Asakura Yoh. He was probably the laziest and most easy-going guy in the entire school. He was always either sleeping or listening to music through his favorite orange headphones, or doing both at the same time. However, he never worked or paid any attention at school. And today would be no different.

The door to the classroom opened, and in walked the very lean figure of a Chinese boy with cat-like golden eyes and a long spike formed from his dark purple hair at the back of his head. Tao Ren. He was one of the only juniors in this class, which was mostly made up of seniors, as he was very excelled in his academics. He spotted the formerly mentioned brown-haired boy already in a deep sleep, sitting casually in his seat. Music could be heard coming from his headphones if one listened carefully. Asakura Yoh really ticked him off with his laziness. Letting his narrow golden eyes linger on the sleeping boy, Ren made his way to his own seat near the back of the room. He didn't blame Yoh for sleeping; the class was boring. However, he hated how Yoh didn't care about anything at all and how nothing affected him.

The bell gave a ring, signaling that class was now in session, and the professor, with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, walked in. Professor Silva. "Good morning. Since today is the fifteenth of April and this semester is nearly halfway done, I decided to assign your final project now, which will count for fifty percent of your final grade. This project is mandatory for you to pass this semester..."

Ren rolled his eyes. Why state the obvious? He hated this class as much as he hated Yoh's laziness.

"...You will be paired up into groups of two and will have to spend a month playing the role of a married couple..."

Ren choked on his own breath as soon as he heard this remark. 'Say what?!' He glared in the professor's direction, but it did him no good.

"...I have paired you up in accordance to your individual class habits, skills, weaknesses, and the personality which I have grown to know from your behavior in this class. I tried to pair you up so it would be easy for you to get along with your partner, and at the same time not slack off on the project. I will go through the list alphabetically. You should hear your name twice..."

Ren listened, knowing that Yoh was second on the list, not that he really cared or anything mind you, but he knew that Yoh wouldn't hear who he would be paired up with... That, and he was curious as to what unlucky student would get paired up with the boy.

"...Asakura and Tao..."

For the second time, Ren choked. '...He's expecting the two of us to work together...?!' he yelled in his mind. 'Yoh' and 'work' simply didn't go together, and Ren certainly couldn't do all the work in a relationship project! Maybe it was his fate to fail this class... Unless, of course, he heard wrong. He continued listening, hopefully.

"...Tao and Asakura..."

Heaving a sigh, Ren slumped in his seat, waiting for the professor to finish assigning. As soon as that was out of the way, everyone began to move to where his or her partner was to get better acquainted, if they weren't already. Ren noted that most partners were of the same sex. 'So he's playing it safe...' he remarked in his head, as he hesitantly made his way over to the professor's desk.

Professor Silva glanced upward from his papers as he sensed the Tao's approach. "It there a problem, Tao?" he asked casually.

"...Yes. Is there any particular reason that I'm paired up with that?" Ren asked, pointing to Yoh's sleeping form as if the said boy were an object.

Silva glanced over at Yoh and then back up at the Tao. "Actually, there is." Ren waited for the explanation. "I believe that Asakura would be the only one able to keep up with you from this class, since I know that you most likely wouldn't like to work with anyone... Am I right on that?" Ren simply nodded at that question and Silva continued. "Asakura doesn't seem like the kind of person to mind any kind of attitude, so it shouldn't bother him to still work together with you, no matter how you may act toward him."

Ren thought about it for a moment, but soon gave up with a final sigh, and made his way over to where Yoh was now stretching awake from his sleep.

Feeling somebody standing over him, Yoh glanced up to see Ren's golden eyes looking at him oddly. Yoh grinned and waved a peace sign at his classmate. "Yo!"

...Ren couldn't believe he would have to put up with this guy for a whole month.

"Is there some kind of assignment that we were given to work on? You usually sit in the back, don't you?" Yoh asked curiously.

Ren was surprised that Yoh even knew where he sat normally. Either way, he looked really annoyed. "If you had been paying attention like you're supposed to..." He sighed. It was pointless. "We have a... semester project. Worth fifty percent of our final grade, so you better not screw me up on this," he said, glaring at Yoh dangerously.

However, the brunet wasn't fazed. "Oh? Alright, I'll work with you. What's the assignment?" he asked casually.

...He really didn't care about having to work with the Tao after all, did he? Ren sighed. "We..." He thought of the best way to put it. "We have to... pretend to be spouses. For a month..." he said, barely able to contain his blush.

Yoh still didn't look fazed. He just tilted his head slightly at this. "Oh? Alright then, I'll be your spouse."

Again, Ren really hated this about Yoh. But he guessed this was what professor Silva meant. "...But you're helping with the final report on it!"

Yoh laughed. "Sure, sure." He leaned back into his seat, placing his hands behind his head, while Ren took a seat in the empty desk beside his own.

Silva interrupted the class. "You will need to spend a lot of time with each other. I suggest visiting after school, on weekends, sleeping over possibly once in a while... Do that kind of stuff, so you can spend time together. You will have an anniversary day assigned as well... At the end you will write a report on how your marriage turned out, and why it turned out that way. You will each summarize what life was like with the other. You will include negative and positive points in the marriage. I will send out the rubric while you can carry on..." he trailed off.

"Ren!" Yoh's voice made its way to the Tao's ears.


"Who's the wife in our marriage?"

Ren turned to stare at him. His eyes narrowed. There was no way he would sink so low as to become submissive to anyone, especially if it was to Yoh. "What do you think?" he muttered.

Yoh laughed nervously. "I'm not sure. It's hard to tell what you are thinking sometimes... really." He scratched the back of his head.

"...Can you stop acting so... careless? It's like you really don't care about where you stand in the world at all, and that really pisses me off," Ren confessed.

"I know where I stand in this world!" Yoh claimed, proudly.

"Really?" Ren looked at him hopefully.

"Yep! I live to sleep and to listen to music!"

Ren's eyes darkened. "...What kind of life is that!" So there was no hope for Yoh after all. "Never mind. It's hopeless..."


Ren leaned back against the side of the high school building. Class was out now, and he was waiting, very impatiently, for Yoh to come out and meet him. They had eventually managed to agree to meet up at this location after school and go to Ren's house. He looked at his watch to see that five minutes have gone by since they were let out. Where the hell was Yoh?!

As if on cue, the doors opened, revealing Yoh and his friend, whose name Ren remembered to be Horohoro. The two chatted as they made their way over to where Ren was waiting. Yoh had his hands behind his head, as usual. Ren's eyes narrowed. Yoh made him wait because he was chatting with a friend...?!

Apparently the two in question felt the Tao's glare on them and glanced up at him. Yoh waved. "Yo!"

Horohoro nodded at him. "Hey, Ren," he greeted, smiling nervously at the glare on Ren's face directed toward him. "I'll just be going now... leave you two alone..." He managed to make his escape in time before Ren exploded on Yoh.

Ren redirected his glare onto Yoh. "You are late."

Yoh laughed nervously. "Ah... yeah that. I fell asleep in class and didn't hear the bell over my music, so Horo had a hard time waking me up," he said casually, as if it were an everyday thing.

Ren stared at him for a moment, but gave up with a sigh. Yoh was kind of cute anyway... He shook his head. That thought came from out of no where. "Come on. Let's go," he said, taking Yoh's warm hand and pulling him in the direction where his driver was waiting for him, ignoring the warm feeling in his heart. Yoh had to walk quickly to keep up with the Tao's fast pace.

When they reached Ren's carpool, the driver opened the door, not questioning the presence of the other boy. Ren let Yoh get in first, being the good husband that he was, and got in after.

The ride to Ren's place was pretty uneventful. First Yoh was at awe at the spaciousness of the vehicle and at the comfortable seats it had. He joked about how jealous he was that Ren got to ride in this every day, and he could be as lazy as he wanted with the comfort of the seats. Ren was about to retaliate, but stopped as he saw that Yoh had leaned into the seat and dozed off... so fast too. With a sigh, he decided to let the boy sleep.

Once the carpool approached the Tao's residence, Ren decided it was time to awaken the other. He gently shook Yoh by his shoulder, but the only reaction he got was Yoh moaning something in his sleep and scooting a bit closer to him. This god Ren annoyed again. "Hey, wake up already before I throw you out on the street and not let you inside the house!" he threatened, sounding like he really meant it, which he probably did.

Yoh groaned a bit as he stretched awake. He then muttered, "Then you'd be a horrible husband..." As soon as he was done stretching, he grinned at Ren, who was now glaring at him again for the remark.

Ren said nothing to this and god out from his side. Yoh followed, not expecting Ren to act like a gentleman, when a hand was extended before him. He glanced up at the Tao questioningly.

Ren smirked at him. "It's a gentleman's duty to help his lady out of the car." Thinking of Yoh as his lady really did amuse him.

Yoh put on an extremely sweet smile and took Ren's offered hand.

Once their hands came together for the second time, Ren was once again filled with that strange warm feeling. It wasn't a bad kind of feeling, but it made him uncomfortable. Nonetheless, he helped Yoh out of the car and onto his feet. He had to admit, Yoh did look pretty.

He quickly shook that thought out of his head. Pretty? What was he thinking? He broke the silence that befell over them. "Right... Let's go in." Turning around, Ren walked ahead to the entrance. "If you don't want me to leave you out here, then come on."

Yoh took the hint and followed closely behind. So Ren still wasn't a complete gentleman in his choice of language, but it was better than nothing.

Ren unlocked the door and turned back to Yoh. "Ladies first." He really liked the face that he didn't have to argue with the brunet about who was the man in this relationship. He really preferred it this way.

"Thank you!" Yoh entered first while Ren locked the door behind them. He stared in awe at the appearance of the place. "Whoa... neat...! This must be really expensive!"

Ren appeared directly behind him. "Don't touch anything. If one thing breaks, I'll kill you. And take off your shoes; you're getting my carpet dirty."

Yoh laughed nervously and did as the other requested of him. Ren did the same, taking his time. "Ren! Ren! Do you have fancy cooks and butler as well?! You must really live in luxury all the time then, right?!"

"Shut up. I don't have any cooks or butlers. I do all that work on my own," the Tao stated, sounding annoyed at Yoh's pestering.

"Really?? So you'll be cooking us dinner then? That's so great! Are your parents home? Any siblings?"

Ren clenched his fists at his sides, controlling himself. "Yes, I'll be cooking dinner, if you're still alive and here by that time. My parents live in China. My sister's in college in America."

Yoh got a concerned look on his face as he stared at Ren curiously. "So you live all by yourself? Doesn't that get lonely?"

"I prefer it that way," Ren explained exasperatedly

Yoh seemed to take a moment to comprehend this before he finally decided to let it go. "So!" he suddenly exclaimed, appearing to look excited. "Where is Ren's room?"

"Ren's room..." Ren repeated, as if he didn't grasp the meaning of the words, until they registered in his head. He looked at Yoh defensively, his eyes narrowing. "What do you want with my room?! Just because we're working together on this project doesn't mean we're really married you know!!" He became a bit flustered at the thought of Yoh on his bed.

"Hey, hey!" Yoh waved his hands in front of him to get any such images out of Ren's head. "That's not how I meant it. I mean..." he trailed off. "...Isn't that normal when you go to a friend's house?"

Ren just stared at him then with no response. Come to think of it, Yoh was right. He was just jumping to conclusions too soon. "...Fine. Let's go then." He turned around. "This way." He led the way upstairs to where his room was and opened the door. He walked in first this time. "Don't mess anything up."

Yoh wandered into the rather spacious room and looked around it, still pretty much in awe. "Wahn! Even Ren's room is really neat!" His eyes landed on a large queen-sized bed that stood near the left side of the room. "Hey! That looks so comfy!" He ran over to the bed.

"Hey don't--!!" It was too late for that command, as Yoh had already collapsed on top of his bed. Ren clenched his fists once again, as not to totally explode on the brunet for invading on his bed. "Get off my bed..." he said rather calmly for his current mood.

"But it's so comfy!" Yoh objected. He then felt something under the covers. "Hey, what's this?" He reached under them to see what it was.

"Ah-!" Ren tried to stop him, but was unable to... Yoh was going to definitely pay for this invasion.

"Wah! It's so cute! I didn't think someone like Ren would have something cute like this!" Yoh turned to him, hugging a pretty lavender teddy bear.

"Shut up!!" Ren yelled, blushing deeply now at Yoh's attitude. Yoh wasn't supposed to see that!

Yoh jumped up from the bed to stand and put the teddy bear back down onto the covers. He stood in front of the very flustered Ren, grinning. "Ren!" Ren was suddenly given a super tight hug by the slightly older boy. "Wahn! Ren is so cute!!" Yoh rubbed his cheek against the side of Ren's face affectionately.

Ren's blush grew at this and he pulled out of the hug forcefully after a little bit of struggling. "Shut up!!" He turned around to hide his face from the other, not wanting him to see the blush, although he knew that it was too late for that now and that he should have thought of this before bringing Yoh to his room.

"Aww... but Ren is truly adorable! ♥"

"Shut up!! Get out!!"

Yoh flinched at that. Maybe he had pushed Ren just a little bit too far... He let out a nervous laugh. "Fine, fine! I'll stop!"

"Get out! I can't work with you anyway, so what's the point!"

Yoh suddenly felt slightly guilty. He had forgotten the real reason why he was here in the first place. He sighed. "You're right, I forgot about that... How about we try..."

"No! We'll try tomorrow! Right now, you're leaving!" Ren turned around abruptly, glaring at Yoh. "I'll show you to the door," he said, walking right past Yoh toward the door of the room. Yoh sighed, and dejectedly followed behind him.

They got downstairs and to the front door. "I'm really, really sorry, Ren!" Yoh tried, putting his hands together and bowing his head down, only managing to look cute and desperate, which he was at the moment.

"Forget it." Ren spotted an arrangement of flowers on an end table by the wall near the door and reached over. He pulled out a yellow rose and pushed it into Yoh's hands, against his chest, keeping his head lowered to hide his blush.

"What's this for?" Yoh asked, after Ren had pulled his hands away.

Ren glared at him again. "Just being a good husband, even when I'm kicking you out." It was hard to glare when one was so flustered.

Yoh smiled at that moment. "Thank you, sweetie! ♥" He suddenly leaned forward and kissed Ren's cheek, before he turned around. Halfway facing Ren, he waved as he departed.

Ren's cheeks burned red, as realization of what Yoh had just done came to him. He put a hand on the spot Yoh had kissed. "...Idiot!" He then slammed the door shut, and stood with his back against it, his heart speeding up slightly. "But... maybe it'll somehow work out like this, after all..." he mumbled to himself.



Jyunhwa - I'm using Japanese school system. So, a junior is a second-year, and senior is third-year. Freshman is first-year. The grades are divided by floors for most classes... Anyway, R&R.