The roar of a motorcycle ripped through the quiet of the November air around Xavier's. The afternoon sun glinted off the body of the Harley that was now tearing its way up the long driveway towards the garage where the teachers parked their cars. Students in classrooms were distracted momentarily by the noise of the engine but were turned back to their studies by their teachers, some of whom were just as curious as their students as to who had caused the noise. As the engine died, however, everyone went back to what they'd been doing.

Inside the garage, the rider of the motorcycle dismounted after putting the kickstand down. Leather gloves were pocketed as the rider headed into the house. He clomped his way through the halls, riding boots making more ruckus than one would think possible on the wooden floors. His destination was the office where he knew a certain Professor in a wheel chair would be waiting for him.

With a sigh, he lifted a hand to rap his knuckles on the heavy door.

Come in, came a voice in his head, startling him. Rolling his eyes, he pushed the door open, and after shutting it behind him, he shook his head as he turned to face the man stationed behind a great oak desk.

"You know, I still hate it when you do that."

The seated man laughed as he moved his chair around the desk. Extending a hand in front of him, he nodded.

"Welcome back, Logan."

Ten Minutes after his arrival, Logan was back in his old room putting the few items he owned back in their places. He'd just finished speaking with Xavier about coming back to the mansion-for good this time. Three years of searching-for what, he still didn't know for sure-had led him to realize that everything he wanted-needed was back here. Almost humbly, he'd asked the Professor to let him come back. He'd even offered to teach, if that was what he had to do. All he wanted was to come back. To be home…

To his surprise, Professor Xavier consented very quickly. After welcoming him back yet again he went over a few things.

"You'll split P.E. classes and Danger Room sessions with Scott. I expect you'll be of assistance to any of the students and younger teachers should they need it. You begin teaching at the beginning of December."

Logan thought it over now as he sat on his bed. Easy enough, he thought to himself. His new work schedule didn't bother him. What did were Xavier's last words to him as he reached for the doorknob:

"Logan, I must warn you: things are definitely different from when you left. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be…surprised at some things, maybe even angry."

Logan turned away from the door, eyebrow raised in curiosity as he waited for the old man to continue.

"I have to ask-demand-that you keep extreme emotions in check for the sake of…of everyone." Xavier seemed to want to halt, a bit unsure of what exactly he wanted to say.