Gone Forever (While The World Moves On)

Prompt: #002 Sunset

Rating: PG15, maybe M (character death)

Notes: Written for 7rainbowprompts. Contains a character death, lots of angst and spoilers for "Sunday" (which I am yet to see myself but have read spoilers for and am hoping this works for…)

Elizabeth had loved to stand on the balcony overlooking the city, and watch the sunset and the swirling waters below as day faded into dusk and dusk moved into night. It had been the most soothing place in the city to her and from the moment she saw it, she had been hooked.

She'd had every reason to love it. Tall beams and columns reached up into the wide, endless sky, looming powerfully over the ocean. Deep waters below lapped at the edges of the city and ventured around them aimlessly, it's colour at any one time ranging from brilliant green to an intense icy blue to a dusty grey that even with it's lack of brightness was magnificent.

The balcony had been her personal getaway from work and the goings-on in the city, and she had found that nothing compared to the beauty it held. Nothing could've stopped her from going there and she had been sure that nothing would be able to stop her from loving it.

Nothing, it was, until the fated day that the Atlantean's lost one of their own. Carson.

As Elizabeth stood on the balcony that day, she felt numb. The usual calmness that came to her when she was there was absent and truth be told, she was almost a hundred percent certain that she'd never feel it again. At least, not while she knew about what had happened to the best doctor she had ever known; what had happened to her friend.

She choked back a sob that was threatening at the back of her throat and pulled her arms around herself protectively as if it would chase away the cold. Despite the coolness of the air, it was not the temperature, but rather the emotional pain that had her feeling that way.

Carson was dead, yet the beauty of the city still stood tall, refusing to wither and die, as it should. The sky was painted orange; a brilliant sunset that matched no others she had seen before. The beauty of it was devastating. It shouldn't be allowed to bring beauty into the world while Carson…

After fighting the impulse to cry for quite some time longer, she finally caved and let go. Tears streamed down her face silently and the aching in her chest ripped her heart open wider. She refused to wipe the tears away and instead focused intently on the deep oceans below; their dark, all-consuming waves matching the intense regret and sadness that was the only thing she had been able to feel since the moment she had known.

Carson was gone. He was dead and would never again be there to care for them; not her, not John, nor Rodney, Teyla or Ronon. No one. He was gone and it was forever.

He was gone forever, yet the world moved on.