A Bad Habit Of Dying

He could easily detect even the slightest complication in a scientific equation. He had been doing it for as long as he could remember and liked to think that he was the only one in millions of people – perhaps more – who could do it as accurately as he could. His thoughts on that matter were not untrue.

Computers and technical jargon came as naturally to him as breathing came to the rest of the world. In a sense, when he was using such equipment, it felt like an extension of his very soul.

He was the smartest human within the Pegasus Galaxy that he knew of. Of course, had Sam Carter been there for a visit that statement would be…debateable. But she wasn't.

Despite all of that, there was something that he couldn't do. No matter how hard he tried, he had never really gotten the hang of it.


Green things.


They had a really bad habit of dying on him.

It was such a simple idea, putting a plant in the ground, covering it with soil, watering it and watching it grow.

And yet still, he couldn't do it.

Every time he tried, he ended up with one more dead and wilted plant. One more bit of wasted flora to throw in the garbage.

Each and every genius had their flaws, he had realised many years ago, and gardening was his.