Chapter 1: None So Blind

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A/N: Some dialogue was taken directly from the novelization of 'Serenity' by Keith DeCandido. I recommend the novelization as a faithful and enjoyable rendition with extra shiny bits.

Jayne was not sulking. He had not in any way, shape or form wanted to go shopping for clothes with River, Kaylee and Zoe. Spending all day picking out clothes for the xiao gui would have been boring as hell.

The ship was just awfully quiet without them. For the first time, he wasn't annoyed at Wash when the pilot moped into the galley and interrupted Jayne's meticulous cleaning of his guns. Well, not too annoyed.

"I wonder what they're shopping for." Wash sat down at the table with a cup of tea. "What is the crazy psychic wearing this season?"

"Something that ain't frilly or flowery for working in," Jayne said absently, and then winced. If there was one person he didn't want knowing he'd had a conversation with a girl about clothes...

"Really?" Wash grinned. "And when did you discuss River's fashionable options?"

"During the bank heist. The flowery trousers were too... they didn't look professional, you know what I mean?"

Wash snickered. "I hate to admit it, but yes, I know exactly what you mean. She looked adorable, but not exactly deadly. You know. As such."

"Yeah. She can't keep goin' out like that, it's gorram embarrassing."

"Yes, I can see how it would be. Maybe if you loan her one of your t-shirts with the sillhouette of the naked lady on the front..." Wash trailed off, grinning. "Well, Zoe will help her pick out something practical."

Zoe did tend to dress practical. She was also inclined to dress tightly-laced and contour-embracing. It was a combination Jayne approved of. Of course, River didn't have the contours Zoe did, so maybe it wouldn't work on her... Kaylee, now, Kaylee would look very fine in the tight pants and clinging shirt. Inara... nah, Inara was too soft. Wouldn't look right on her.

Speculating on the relative proportions of the ladies of Serenity, and how they'd look in tight pants like Zoe's, kept him amused for a bit while he grunted the occasional response to Wash's babbling. It was almost as incoherent as River's, sometimes, but without the interest of trying to work out what it actually meant.

"Sound is meaningless unless the one who hears the sound desires meaning from it."

"Hey, xiao gui," he said, taking a moment before he looked around so's nobody would think he cared whether she was back or not.

River tugged on his arm. "Is this more acceptable?"

He looked up to find her standing beside him, looking very different. No flowers, no frills... a plain green shirt not unlike the red one Zoe often wore, a broad leather belt buckled around her tiny waist, and full dark-brown trousers tucked into her boots. The heavy fabric of the shirt and the loose folds of the pants added a little bulk to her too-thin frame, he noted approvingly. He didn't need to make an effort to look tough - he could lean on his size and muscle. River needed to at least try to look bigger and meaner than she was. "Better than the flowery stuff. Why the baggy trousers?"

River silently lifted one leg to point her toes straight at the ceiling, her knee hovering somewhere around ear-level. Freedom of movement. Right.

"Wow. Did we know she could do that?" Wash said, sounding impressed.

"Not until she demonstrated in the middle of the store." Kaylee grinned. "You shoulda seen the looks on folks' faces!"

Jayne had known. He nodded approvingly. "At least now it won't be so embarrassin' to be seen with you."

"Jayne, don't be mean!" Kaylee gave him a reproachful look.

"Robbin' a bank in flowery trousers just don't look right!" Jayne looked at Zoe for support. "If Ott'd seen her we wouldn'ta had to shoot him, he woulda ruptured something laughing."

"That is possible." Zoe grinned. "This is a touch more professional for the thievin', I have to say."

"Good." River beamed. "I'm useful."

"Very useful." Wash smiled proudly at her. "And also colour-coordinated. It's a dangerous but attractive combination."

Jayne frowned, glancing at Zoe. Shouldn't she be objectin' to that kind of comment? And since when did Wash get all flirty-like with women who weren't his wife? But Zoe was smiling indulgently, and Kaylee was adding to the compliments. Didn't make no sense.

Except it did, when he took another look at Wash's face and realized he was just doing that married-guy paternal thing he did sometimes, treating River like a kid. He did it all the time, it was just that this time it didn't sound quite right. River wasn't a kid. A little crazy, sure, but that didn't make her a child.

He picked up his guns, using putting them away as an excuse to get him out of the room. He didn't want River picking up his confused thoughts, about how young she was but not a kid, and Wash should see that but he shouldn't because he was married and all. It'd just upset her and confuse her, and she was happy right now and he didn't want to ruin it for her. He hated seeing her upset.

Jayne was sitting on a rock in the middle of a great expanse of desert. River watched the wind rake the sand around him for a while, then walked over to him. "Your toes are in the sand."

"Yup." He drew her onto his lap, looking thoughtfully into the distance. "You said that before."

"Sometimes I get confused about where and when I am." She leaned against him, enjoying the way his arms closed protectively around her. "This is better than the hospital."

"Much." He rested his chin on the top of her head. "You know I wouldn't ever take you back there, right? I wouldn't let anyone take you away."

"I know." She kissed the side of his neck, and he shivered. "Stay with me this time."

"I'll try." He pulled her closer, smoothing a hand up and down her back. "You smell good." He lowered his head to nuzzle her neck, making her arch and curl in pleasure...

And then she woke up, reaching for a touch that she knew only existed inside her own mind.

Across the ship, Jayne woke up reaching for a blurry phantom of a girl whose face he couldn't bring to mind but whose skin he could still taste. Damn. He'd had a fair few sexy dreams in his time, but six in two weeks? Of course, it had been quite a while, and a dream-girl was better than none even if he did keep waking up before they got to the good parts.

"We'll be at Beaumonde in a few hours." Wash hit a few more buttons and turned away from the console. "Mal, are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Which part? Dealing with Fanty and Mingo?"

"No, Fanty and Mingo I can live with. They're greedy, sleazy, and unpleasant but they're reliable enough." Wash leaned back in his chair. "And after what Jayne did to Badger, I don't think we'll be finding any work on Persephone for a while."

Mal nodded, frowning a little. Jayne had been very unhappy about the trap rigged for them with the Battle of Sturges as bait. He had expressed this unhappiness in a direct and emotionally honest fashion that had left Badger unconscious, bleeding, and with a knee bent the wrong way. As per Mal's orders, Jayne had refrained from killing either Badger or his men, but there had been plenty of pain for everyone.

It had bothered Mal more than a little. Jayne was good at intimidating people and Mal had on occasion made use of Jayne's talent for inflicting extensive bodily harm, although he didn't like it. At those times - like with Dobson - Jayne had approached the threatening and/or violence with a cheerfully psychotic attitude. There had been nothing cheerful about what he'd done to Badger. He'd been angry.

Mal didn't want to know what he would have done if Badger had actually known about the trap.

"I think our possibilities of further employment on Persephone are scarce, yes." Not that anyone liked Badger overmuch, but beating up your middle-man wasn't a good way to recommend yourself to others. "So what's the problem?"

"You taking River with you. Do you really think she's stable enough for this?" Wash looked genuinely concerned, so Mal was inclined to let the questioning of his judgement go just a little. "I mean, I know she's more or less steady while she's here on the ship, but in a crowd of strange people..."

"She says she wants to go, and Jayne will be there to keep her calm." Mal shook his head. "No matter how many times I say that, it still sounds wrong somehow. Anyway, Simon says she's been sleeping well for a while now and she hasn't had a crazy spell for even longer. He's not sure this is a good idea either, but he owns as this is as good as she's likely to get for a while."

"Even so, Mal - "

"Even so, I didn't take her last time and look what happened." Mal knew that River going crazy on him was a risk, but stacked up against the bigger risk of all of them getting killed...

"Well, yeah, there is that." Wash frowned, gnawing on his thumbnail. "Maybe Zoe should go with you."

"I'm sorry? You want me to take your wife to a seedy dive where we may or may not get shot at by drunk people? Since when?"

"Ha. Ha. Seriously, Mal, I'm sure we'd all feel better if Zoe and Simon tagged along, maybe at a discreet distance, so they can rush in if River loses it or something."

"I'll consider it." Mal grinned. "They can pose as a couple out for a quiet drink."

"They can," Wash said, annoyingly serene. "Mal, I may have had my problems with you, but Simon I would trust with Zoe drunk, naked, and with her ticklish toes exposed. She makes him nervous."

"Because she's taller than him, right?"

"I think it's more because she's so grim. Simon likes cheerful girls."

River was being unusually quiet. And she hadn't taken his hand or his arm the way she usually did when they were in a crowd.

Of course, that would have blown her cover just a little. Jayne glanced over, grinning a little. River was in disguise - at Simon's insistence, given how many screen-cameras there were on Beaumonde. Since hiding her face would be a dead give-away that, well, they wanted to hide her face, Inara had used ink to paint an elaborate dragon 'tattoo' across River's face and neck. The dragon's face covered most of River's own face, its body snaking down her neck. One claw cupped her bare shoulder, and while Jayne was pretty sure Inara hadn't bothered, it looked for all the world like that dragon was wrapped around most of River's body under her clothes. With her hair skinned back in a tight braid, it completely altered her face. To complete the look, she was wearing her Zoe-like leather vest with nothing underneath it, about twelve knives, and his SuXiao strapped to her thigh over skin-tight pants.

Simon had nearly had a heart attack.

So had Jayne, but for different reasons. He'd never had any particular liking for tattoos, at least not on girls, but River looking all wicked and ferocious was a stirring sight. And he wasn't entirely comfortable with 'River' and 'stirring' being in the same thought.

"You're doing fine," Mal murmured, as his knife-covered 'bodyguard' paced silently beside him. "Remember, try not to say anything Fanty and Mingo might get ideas from or take offense at. If they're lyin', you start playing with one of the knives. They tell the truth, you put it away."

"I remember. We have rehearsed this to meaninglessness." She even sounded right - clipped and tense, professional, just another woman merc well able to hold her own in a man's field.

"Good. This is it... the Copper Blade." Mal turned them into a dive Jayne would never have gone into on his own, mostly on account of it looked like the kind of place that sold watered-down drinks and raw gin. Jayne liked low dives and seedy bars, but he drew the line at weak whiskey. "Both of you stay close. River, try not to look at anything that'll warp your innocent little mind."

"Not innocent for a long time," River murmured, quiet enough that Jayne didn't think the captain had heard.

She strolled through the crowded room with a deliberately graceful stride unlike her usual floating walk. She moved like a cat on the prowl, and while she got plenty of admiring looks, nobody dared approach her. Of course, that could be because Jayne was right behind her, looming. Jayne prided himself on looking mighty intimidating when he felt so inclined.

"The knives are also a factor," she murmured, turning to grin at him over her shoulder. "But the concern is appreciated."

There was no knowing when the gorram girl might pick something up. Jayne was careful to keep his eyes firmly away from her ass, just in case. Not that he'd been watching it or anything, he just didn't want to create confusion of any kind. Stable. Stable and calm.

"Here's a new face."

"Two new faces, in fact. Nice tattoo."

"I hope you haven't replaced Zoe, Mal. We'd miss her."

Fanty and Mingo, weird as ever.

"Zoe's busy elsewhere tonight. This is Teng. You know Jayne." Mal smiled his insincere working smile. "Shall we sit down?"

"Yes indeed," said Fanty or Mingo.

"All business. We like that," said Mingo or Fanty.

They waved Mal over to a table in the corner, where River sat beside him and Jayne stood behind them, casually resting a hand on the back of each chair. River's bare shoulder just brushed his fingers, and he saw her relax at the contact. "Now, Mal, we have a special job for you. We heard about your little bank job on Constance."

"Thought you might. I'm afraid we probably left Ott down a man or two."

"Two, and Griselda won't be up and around for a while. She's not happy with you." The twin on the left smirked. "Although she couldn't figure out how you managed to shoot her when all three of you had your hands in the air."

"They didn't." River sounded like she had her special crazy smile on. "There were four of us."

"I see. Then we'll be careful not to anger you, little Teng, because according to Ott that was very precise shooting indeed." The twin on the right sounded impressed. "I don't suppose you could be convinced to change employers?"


"If you're done trying to woo my employees away, Fanty, I do believe you mentioned having a job for me." Mal frowned. "Care to tell me what it is, or would you like me to guess?"

"It's a simple little heist. Hardly worth your time, really," said the twin on the left.

River pulled one of her knives - a slim stiletto she'd borrowed from Inara - and started idly balancing it on her finger.

"Why don't you let me be the judge of that?" Mal said, smiling his insincere smile again.

The twins got down to business then, giving Mal the rundown on a heist on some nowhere little moon called Lilac. Jayne was sort of listening, but mostly he was keeping an eye out for trouble, either from the increasingly rowdy crowd in the bar or from River, who was starting to get a little twitchy. He twitched his fingers a little, rubbing the back of her shoulder where nobody could see, and she tilted her head to the side a little so he could see her small smile.

"Sounds like a deal." Mal shook hands with both twins. "We'll try to pick up a transport job or something for now, and be on Lilac in three weeks."

"Go have words with Tyler Wu in the Floating Lilies." The twin on the right nodded. "He'll set you up with something nice and legitimate in the right area."

"We have an understanding, we and Tyler. His cargoes travel safe, and he doesn't ask questions about the preponderance of heavily armed men and women on the ships we send his way." The twin on the left smirked. "It's very... mutually beneficial."

"Sounds so. I'll be sure to look him up."

"A word of warning, however..." The twin on the right gave Jayne a slightly nervous look. "Don't take the thug with you. Word's gotten around about what he did to Badger."

"He sent us into a trap. A trap set by a Fed, no less." Jayne scowled. "You really care what happens to them as deal with the Feds?"

Fanty and Mingo exchanged glances. "Not really."

"Can't say we do."

"Glad we got that cleared up." Mal stood up. "You know my reputation, boys. I'm honest, I don't skim, and I take good care of my cargo. But this is the second time I've been crossed by a middle-man who I dealt with in good faith, and my patience is gone. Next time, Jayne will not be under a no-kill order. I trust I'm understood."



"Good. Now, if you'll excuse us..." Mal nodded semi-politely and led the way out.

Unfortunately, the conversation had taken some time and the place was distinctly rowdier now than it had been when they entered. They were only halfway across the room when a drunk in greasy leather grabbed River's arm. "You look like a fun lady," he slurred, clearly too drunk to see the multiple knives strapped to said fun lady. "Tha' dragon go all the way down?"

"Let go of me." River tried to pull away.

"Aww, c'mon... I li' a dangeroush woman..."

"Let go!" River was starting to sound panicky.

Jayne honestly didn't give a rat's ass if she slashed the guy from here to Persephone, but he really didn't like seeing River get upset. He didn't like seeing her get mauled, either - pawing at an unwilling woman was high on Jayne Cobb's very short list of Bad Things We Don't Do.

So when the man reached out to take hold of her hip with his free hand, Jayne grabbed his arm and dislocated his shoulder with one carefully angled yank. He wrapped his other hand around River's shoulder, hand covering the dragon's claw as he pulled her to his side and looked around the room challengingly. Woman's mine. Anyone want to argue with me?

Nobody did. They usually didn't. Even the friends of the guy on the floor backed off, signalling silently that the woman was, in fact, Jayne's, and they'd make no fight over the matter. Jayne nodded, and looked up to see Mal's hand moving away from his gun as a thoughtful frown settled over his face. Damn. Jayne hated that expression. It was always bad when Mal tried to think. He should leave the thinkin' to Zoe - she was better at it and less inclined to come up with stupid-ass notions involving honour and justice.

"Trouble?" Mal murmured as they caught up.

"The willow doesn't braid its own fronds."

Damn. "Think we should get her back to the ship quick," Jayne said, feeling the willow - since he was fairly sure she'd meant herself - start to tremble under his arm.

"That's my notion, yes." Mal nodded. "River, we're on our way back to the ship. Hold it together, okay?"

"Trying." She was still shaking, and Jayne thought it best to maintain his possessive grip as they made it out on the street. She didn't like it when strangers touched her, and this should put anyone else stupid enough to try it off the idea.

"It's okay," he muttered as they headed down the grubby back-street mostly lit by screen-sensors. "We're going home now."

"Home. Elastic definition." River reached out to cover the hand on her shoulder with her own. "Multiple inputs. Too many."

"I know." Too many people for the crazy little psychic, and he squeezed her shoulder gently. "But I gotcha. Won't let anyone near you again."

She smiled up at him. "My stone."

"If that's what works, sure." Jayne glared pre-emptively at a couple of low-lifes who were looking too hard at River. They backed off quickly.

"She gonna be okay?" Mal looked more than a little unhappy.

"She's fine. She's anchored." River held on tighter to Jayne's hand.

Mal gave the arm around River's shoulders a very suspicious look. Jayne had no idea why. He'd kept her stable and moving, hadn't he? Not so much as a squeak out of her.

It wasn't far to the ship, and there was Simon, as Jayne had expected, dithering just inside. "Ri-"

"She's fine." Jayne didn't really need to listen to the doctor's fussing yet again. "Got a little shaky on reality right at the end, but she's fine. Just too many people around, is all."

"It was loud." River didn't seem overly inclined to leave Jayne's side even after he let go, which he found he sort of liked. "Jayne reminded me where I was so I wouldn't get lost."

"Well, good." Simon was also looking at Jayne all funny. "That's... good. But you need to rest now, I think. You look tired."

"I am tired." River looked over her shoulder at Jayne as Simon led her away. "Don't hit him."

"Don't hit who?"

"Just don't. It's all sorts of trouble and we've not time for it."

"Okay. I won't hit anybody." Now Mal was looking at him weird again. Jayne looked right back. "What? She wouldn't tell me if it wasn't important."

"Uh... yeah, sure. Jayne, can I have a word?" Mal had that insincere smile on his face again. "Outside?"

"But - "

"Good." Mal took hold of Jayne's shoulder and hustled him outside. Jayne began to have a suspicion as to who it was River didn't want him hitting.

"What's wrong with you?" Mal had nudged him around to stand by one of the engine intakes, where they wouldn't be heard or seen by anyone on the ship unless they walked at least halfway down the gangplank.

"I want to have a friendly word is all." Mal's smile got even less convincing. "About our crazy little girl, there."

"Okay." Jayne frowned. "Uh... why?"

"You've been spending a lot of time with her of late. Talking, and so on."

"Well, hell, Mal, you told me to! Paid me extra and all." Jayne was still lost as to why they were having this conversation at all, let alone as to why they'd had to do it in privacy outside. "You ain't gonna cut my pay again, are you?"

"Is there some reason why I should, Jayne?" Mal's smile slid off his face and it got all tight and angry. "Something you'd like to tell me about?"

"No." Jayne frowned. "Mal, you didn't drink that stuff at the bar, did you?" He'd heard bad liquor could mess with a man's head.

"No, I didn't." Mal scowled. "Jayne, I have ignored the cuss-words and bad table-manners she's been picking up from you, and I've tolerated you givin' her weapons and teaching her how to use them. But I am getting a mite uncomfortable with all the touching, not to mention you acting like you've got some kind of right to the girl soon as someone else lays hand on her."

Jayne stared at him. "You... I... what?"

"I swear to God, Jayne, if I found out you've behaved in any wrong fashion towards that child, I really will throw you out the airlock."

Only River's warning kept Jayne from knocking the captain's teeth in. "What the hell, Mal? Where'd you get a yin hui idea like that?"

"Oh, let me think... maybe from the way you walked back here holdin' onto her like she was your personal property?"

"You told me to keep her calm and I kept her calm! If she's touchin' one person it helps keep the rest of the people around her out of her head, an' I had to do it that way so's it wouldn't look suspicious!" Jayne forced his fists to unclench. "She was gettin' too edgy, Mal, I had to keep her stable until we got back."

Mal opened his mouth, and closed it again. "Can't say I conjured you'd actually have a good reason for that," he said, looking slightly less angry. "Is that why she keeps grabbin' onto your hand?"

"Well, yeah. Don't rightly understand how it works, but she says it's easier to think when there's just one person loud enough to drown the others out." Jayne frowned, thinking back. "Well, what she actually said was - "

"Something reasonably incomprehensible, I'm sure. But you worked it out." Mal shook his head. "Jayne, I'll agree as you have a reasonable explanation for the grabbing tonight, but - "

"Ain't like that, Mal, not ever!" Don't hit him. Don't hit him. River wouldn't have said it if it wasn't important. "I'm old enough to be her pa, and she's... Even if I was inclined to take advantage of a scrawny little thing like her, which I ain't, you really think I'd be teachin' her to shoot anyone hurts her in the head if I was doin' wrong by her? You really think I'm that stupid?"

"Well..." Mal thought about it, but had the sense to shake his head. "I'll own as I ain't ever thought you were actually suicidal."

"Damn right." Jayne would let the slur on his intelligence pass this one time. "Ain't ever done wrong by the girl, Mal, nor ever would, 'cause I know damn well I'd never get off the ship alive, whether it was her got me first or you. Or Zoe. Or the doc." He shrugged. "Sides, I like 'em older and curvier."

He'd never hurt her. Never. It didn't bother him any more that she was kinda crazy... Hell, he kinda liked understanding her better than anyone else. Liked the way she'd cling to his hand and struggle to get the words out and smile when he understood. But damned if he'd ever tell Mal or anyone how soft he'd let himself get on the girl, how taken he was with her sweet ways. Even if Jayne could bring himself to explain, nobody'd ever believe that the big mean merc just plain liked the girl. But self-preservation - that Mal'd believe. Jayne being a lecherous hump with a taste for curves he probably already knew about.

"Yeah, well... couple of good points there." Mal relaxed, and Jayne sneered inwardly. Mal was so sure Jayne was too stupid to manipulate him. "You see why I got a mite rattled, seeing you grab the girl like that."

"I got us out of the bar without a fight and without River losin' it. You think you can do better, you handle it next time."

Mal made a sort of I-hate-admitting-this face. "I can't handle her anywhere near as well as you can, and that's a fact. Fine. I'll take it as given that she's usin' you for an anchor, nothing more."

"Aw, that's real big of ya, Mal. Are we gonna hug now?" Must. Not. Hit. Captain.

"Don't push it." Mal snorted. "Look, we're done for tonight. I'll set up a meet with Tyler Wu for tomorrow. We won't be leavin' until tomorrow evening at the latest, so be back by then."

Must. Not. Hit... hey. "I get a whole day off?"

"All night, too, if you want it. Zoe and I can handle any shootin' needs to be done before tomorrow." Mal was looking away with a slightly uncomfortable expression, which meant that this was Mal's version of an apology. Jayne liked that Mal didn't get all girlish and apologise and talk about his feelings and all. He just did something to show as he wasn't mad, and that was that.

"Great!" Jayne beamed. "Thanks, Mal!" He turned to leave.

Mal caught his arm. "And Jayne?"

"What?" Was there gonna be more lecturing? Just when he'd thought it was over?

"If you ever, ever lay a hand on that girl, you are not only going to die either by her brother's hand or by mine, you are going to go to a very special Hell. A level reserved for child-molesters and people who talk at the theatre."

"You're startin' to sound like Book now." He ducked away before Mal could object, heading down a different street towards a part of Beaumonde he knew reasonably well. There was a brothel there that sold decent and reasonably priced liquor (on account of a drunken customer was easier to bilk, he assumed) and clean and reasonably priced girls.

He'd got all cleaned up hoping that he'd get a chance to slip away after the contact. He hadn't gone so far as to put on his good shirt, but he was clean and un-stinkified and all. A whore couldn't exactly tell a man to go shower first, but they always appreciated it when he did it without being told. Women liked a man to make the little gestures.

And maybe a bit of enthusiastic sexin' would clear his head of those dreams. Now that Mal had brought it up, Jayne had to admit that his phantom-girl did look some like River. Not that her face was ever really clear, but he remembered long soft hair and slender hands and a faint, sweet smell.

Not that that meant anything. He'd had an assortment of dirty dreams and fantasies around pretty much every female ever to set foot on Serenity, including Saffron. When you didn't see many women, you worked with the material you had, so to speak, at hand. His brain was just using the most frequent piece of girl-scenery he saw to set up a little relief for his urges. It didn't mean anything.

It was still reasonably early in the evening. He could head to the brothel, get some trim, get a few hours sleep on Serenity (no point in paying for a room when he had a perfectly good bunk) and head out again in the morning to buy himself some more trim and maybe some new porn. A few fresh faces to fire the imagination. Not that their faces were really the most interesting part.

He just needed some alcohol and one or possibly two women, and that'd resolve the whole problem before it even was one. Yeah.

Very late that night, he swayed back onto Serenity feeling mighty cheerful. Mal complained about the quality of Jayne's singing, but Jayne didn't care. He felt great.

He spent the rest of the night chasing a slender phantom through his dreams, who looked at him with reproachful eyes then drifted away as perfumed, satin-gowned whores twined their arms around him and held him in place so he couldn't follow.

Teng - flying dragon

Yin hui - obscene, coarse

Ni Zi – little girl

Biao xiong - male cousin

Dong ma - you understand?

Wu Ji – dancing girl

Hun dan - bastard

Bai Chi - idiot

Bu Jing Chuan - whaling ship, whale-catcher