Woed count: 436
Characters: Kaname, Yuuki, Chairman and Zero. Night Class mentioned.
Pairings: KanameYuuki, ZeroYuuki
Summery: Kaname saves her, the Chairman raises her, but it is in the end Zero who gets the reward.
Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight.

Kaname wonders if he'll ever be able to feel true happiness again. Those times are since long gone, along with the only person who could make him feel such emotion.

His first regret, he thinks, was not spending more time with her in her childhood; Kaname had not, at the time, wanted her to see him as a paternal figure.

It was a mistake in his calculations that he was overly cautious on this matter, especially since he perfectly knew she already the bubbly Chairman to fulfill that position. Yuuki herself could not have predicted that Kaname's worst fear was that she would only see him as a parent figure.

He knew very well that humans often tend to forget and neglect parents…and he did not, after allhis hard work, wished to lavish her with fatherly love when the rigt time came.

Another miscalculation was Zero himself; all in all, Kaname could not have predicted the strong bond the two orphans developed, and at the time, he had decided to overlook the fond, worried glances she bestowed on the last bearer of the Kiryuus bloodline.

He had liked to think that Yuuki's love for him would never waver or fade, and that had been the greatest mistake of all.

Before, he had companions to amuse himself, he had pawns whom he could order around if he wished. There had been times of dark amusements, shared silence and devoted followers and admirers.

But vampires as we all know are after all, a lonely race.

So when his only chance at happiness fluttered away in the company of another lonely soul, he had more than enough lonelyness and time to reminiscence about past regrets and grave miscalculations.

Time has always been on Kaname's side, whether while thinking of a way to worm his way into Yuuki's heart, or while spending unending nights remembering huge, innocent brown eyes that no longer sparkled when thinking of snow, dark saviors and dreams of blissful love.

Kaname Kuran knows his Yuuki now prefers spending time daydreaming about silver hair and tattoos, blood spilled on bathroom floors, and fights alongside with the one lonely man who didn't cage her in his obsessive love.

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