Truth or Truth? – Can't Lie? Just Try!

By: 'isabellegiv'

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Summary: Wanna play truth or truth? Better not, it's embarrassing when feelings and secrets will be revealed… especially when your crush knows who he is to you. Feelings for each other will start blooming through a game of 'truth or truth?' SxS forever!

Disclaimer: I do not own Cardcaptor Sakura. CLAMP owns it. I only own the plot.

Chapter 1 – Where it all started…

"So, who is your crush?" A chocolate brown haired guy was asking a beautiful emerald eyed girl. --

If you do not understand what is happening here…

I am Sakura Kinomoto, I am 10 years old and I study in Tomoeda Elementary School. I am in Level 5 Class B.

Right now as you can see I am being asked by this hot looking guy who is my crush. You see it all started when I and, this chocolate brown haired, guy named Syaoran were chatting in an online messenger. We had nothing to talk about so he asked if I wanted to play truth or truth through instant messaging. I accepted, and so we played truth or truth (sorry, I forgot the questions we asked each other). And thus, we started playing it together in school too. And one day while the teacher was not yet in the room, we started it again. I called out his attention, "Hey Syaoran." he looked over my way, "It's your turn," I said. Then he said "Okay," Then back to the story…

"So, who is your crush?" Syaoran asked me while grinning a little.

Suddenly, the teacher got in the classroom.

"Sakura, we'll continue later," he said before the teacher could notice we were talking.

Then the class greeted our teacher and we started the lesson 'Japan History'

Man, I hate History. It's so hard and everyone in class might fail already. It's so hard memorizing the dates, the people, and the places. Well, since I guess you don't want to listen to the lecture I better cut you off here.

After the lecture, the teacher let us do anything we want as long as we don't make too much noise. Then while others were talking and playing not so loud games, Syaoran went up to our teacher.

"Teacher, can I and Sakura go out of the classroom for a while? We're gonna talk about something," Syaoran asked our teacher politely.

I think he feels that the classroom is too noisy. (Well, even if the teacher tells us to keep quiet, the class is still noisy.) Maybe we're gonna start playing the game again, to tell you the truth, it's fun playing truth or truth with Syaoran, we get to know each other better.

"Yes, you may," the teacher replied to Syaoran.

We went outside the classroom, by the lockers, which were just beside the door (outside).

"So, let's continue. Who is you're crush?" He asked innocently, looking like he won't have any reaction when I say who my crush is.

I hesitated a bit, but I told him who THEY were. Yup, I have more than one crush. Hey, what's wrong with liking two guys? It's not against the law or anything. Hehe. I was kind of banging the side of my head on the lockers and hesitating but I said who they were.

"Okay. But I have two crushes, okay?" I said knowing that my crush secret will be out sooner or later, but I made him promise not to tell anyone.

"Okay," he said. He looked kind of excited to hear my secret crushes.

"Okay, first of all, I like them both equally," I said then he nodded his head showing that he wanted to move on and hear who are my crushes already.

"My crushes are –

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