On this night it snowed.

The Doctor sincerely wished that Rose was here. Rose really liked the snow.

She would look up and try to catch the flakes on her tongue. So pure and unexpected no matter what she had previously encountered.

The Doctor missed Rose.

What the Doctor didn't realise was that Rose missed him too.

Staring up at the sky wondering why he wasn't with her then, to share this pleasure with her.

Was he looking up at the same sky? Sharing the wonderment and the joy at the first snow of the season?

Was he enjoying this with a new girl? Rose knew how the Doctor worked. One companion left and another took the place. The exact same thing happened with Sarah Jane. Was he looking up at the white weeping sky with a new companion?

Wherever he was and whatever he was doing, Rose hoped that he looked up at this same sky, glistening with the beautiful cold, thinking of her in his arms.

He must be, her Doctor. Her love, her friend.