Not How It Looks

Summary:- Kakashi likes to play. Like the title says...

Kakashi performed a second set of hand seals, the kage bunshin transforming into the likeness of another certain ninja...a ninja with a horizontal scar. Kakashi gently pushed the clone down on the couch "I want you, Iruka..." he whispered into the other's neck. The Copy-Ninja removed his jonin vest as he straddled the chuunin lookalike, kissing his neck. The clone gasped at the touch, "Kakashi..." The jonin bit down into tanned flesh and moaned as...

There was a knock at the door, as Kakashi unzipped the clone's vest and removed it along with the navy shirt. A second knock, and Kakashi lowered his mask to kiss 'Iruka'. A third knock and the real Iruka opened the door, "Kakashi-sensei I have a message...from...the..." The chuunin stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Konoha's infamous Copy-Ninja ravishing...him?

Kakashi jumped at the sound of his obsession's voice behind him and quickly pulled up his mask, the clone beneath him vanishing in a puff of smoke.

"Erm...this isn't what it looks like."

Iruka looked slightly disappointed at this statement. "Kakashi..."

Kakashi's eyes widened. What was going on? Why hadn't Iruka shouted, or attacked him, or run out in disgust...?

"You know..." the real Iruka continued, "...if you wanted that from me, you could have just asked." He smiled seductively.