I walked swiftly, careful not to trip and fall. I was at an alleyway now, it was narrow and rubbish overflowed the large dumpster by the left wall a couple of meters ahead of me. Out of breath and sweating, I jogged forward, attempting to avoid the broken glass scattered through the alleyway. I was unsuccessful though as a piece of glass slit into the ball of my unprotected foot. I gasped and dropped to the ground. Lifting my foot up and twisting it round so I could see the bottom of my foot; I yanked at the shard of glass, letting out a cry, and pulled it out of my foot. It was longer than I had expected and had gone in fairly deep. Wasting no time, I stood up and hurried through the alleyway, limping. Slightly light headed and sick in the stomach from the smell of the blood; I reached the end of the alleyway, only to find myself at some empty street. I knew I couldn't keep running like this for too long, and I needed to do something about my foot. I looked behind me and, sure enough, there was the trail of blood I had kindly made. I looked around quickly but couldn't see anything that could bandage my foot up. I decided to try and rip the bottom of my shirt. It would have to do. I wrapped it around my foot, which stung badly and throbbed. I heard footsteps behind me and cursed. He was close. To my left I saw a ladder leading up the side of an abandoned apartment building. I ran over to it and climbed up, making as little noise as I could possible. I saw his shadow and quickly ducked behind a thick metal pole. I knew how people rarely look up and I prayed that this man didn't either. Then I heard a clinking of metal and I realised he was climbing the ladder! Don't panic, I told myself over and over. He's two levels below you. You can still make it. I stood up and dashed to the next ladder and began climbing. I could hear the man grunting as he climbed. As I reached the top of the ladder, I noticed he was only one and a half levels below me now. I heard him call out soemthing but I paid no attention to him, I needed to escape. I looked up the ladder. If I kept climbing, he would no doubt catch up. I ran over to a window on the edge of the building. I bit the bottom of my lip. I would have to jump. After I broke it somehow. I saw a plank of would on the level below me. I decided it was worth the risk. I just had to be fast.

I hurried down the ladder and grabbed the plank. I was halfway back up when I felt someone grab my ankle. I cried out in fright and tried wiggling my foot out of his grasp. He yanked hard, my other leg slipping off. I was hanging on the ladder by one hand now, the other one still holding onto the plank of wood. He yanked again and my hand came off. I fell down, banging my head on the railing. Dazed and slightly disorientated, I closed my eyes. I could feel his breath down my neck as he bent down, his mouth next to my ear.

"You've been a bad, bad girl." He whispered. I flinched as he put a strand of hair behind my ear before adding, "And bad girls need to be taught a lesson, don't you think?" I could have laughed at his lame little speech if it werent for the sharp gentle japping at my throat. I knew it was a knife immediatly and, without thought, I brought the plank of wood up and thrust it into his face, breaking his nose. He staggered back in pain and I darted back up the ladder. It wasn't long before he was right behind me. I reached the top and leaned over the edge, whacking at the glass with the wood. Satisfied that it was broken enough to get through, I backed up and leaped through it. My shin scraped the frame of the window where sharp points of glass where. I landed on the ground, cradling my shin. That was it. I could outrun a crazy man as the uncoordinated person I am but I couldn't stand a little blood. My head swam and everything went black.

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