A/N: Be forewarned, probably abounding with corny-ness and WAFF. Just a cute idea that popped into my head and refused to be put aside.

I put the rating at 'T' just to be safe. It won't need it until the last chapter or two, if even then.

One: Saved

The first time Kakashi was ever saved by Sakura he was stunned.

They were part of a large team tracking down an enemy group that had managed to infiltrate the borders, setting up a base blockading all incoming trade.

As was typical, Naruto and Kakashi drew the most powerful opponents and readily took them on. Unfortunately, the opposing forces were comprised of renegades who held no respect for shinobi honor. While Kakashi was busy with one of the leaders they had snipers in the trees who threw their kunai and shuriken anytime it looked like he might land a strike.

It was a weak attempt, but enough to keep him occupied. During one such distraction a few lesser shinobi decided to attack from behind in conjunction with the snipers.

Just as they were set to launch themselves on Kakashi's back a loud crack wrenched the earth in front of them and they were slammed unconscious by a wall of rock that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Kakashi whirled about and followed the rent in the ground to where it began beneath a blue sandal of the Konoha uniform.

His droopy eyes widened at the sight of Sakura, eyes blazing with fury and not at all trying to conceal the look of mixed disgust and triumph on her face.

He was astounded. Had her foot been a mere millimeter off he'd have been swallowed by the gaping earth that gave way to provide the material for her impressively thick wall.

Upon seeing the three enemies were out for the count and wouldn't be any more bother during the battle Sakura gave a satisfied smirk and, with a short salute, turned and re-entered the fray.

Kakashi stared after her for a brief second before coming back to himself. After a mock shrug and a quirk in his lips, safely hidden behind his mask, he rejoined the fight as well with renewed effort.

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