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Eleven: Unobservant

The first time in his life Kakashi was ever made completely unaware of his surroundings he was enthralled.

That one kiss had marked a change in their relationship that neither was able to ignore or reverse. Once the tension between them had found an outlet it was impossible to rebuilt the dam and prevent it from happening again, over and over.

Having a release now had the singular benefit that they were able to choose the time and place and so were able to cool it off around other people; no sense getting people even more suspicious about things that weren't any of their business to begin with. In private however (typically meaning they somehow found themselves alone in a room or alleyway as they had as of yet to go out of their way to be alone) it was not uncommon to find one pinning the other against a wall in mimic of their initial moment of intimacy.

Their game of cat-and-mouse had turned into a full fledged war where the ammunition was themselves and the goal was to seduce each other in the most dangerous ways possible to see who would lose her (or his) composure first (and of course concede all bragging rights to the other.)

He would appear in her office and kiss her senseless only to disappear in a puff of smoke seconds before someone else entered the room, leaving a thoroughly disoriented and flustered Sakura to explain why she was flushed red and breathing heavily – and was she sick?

She would retaliate by pressing herself nearly flush against his back when walking by him to get her seat for a meeting. It would have been more enjoyable had he been required to explain why he was quieter than usual and looking distinctly uncomfortable with all the leg-shifting, but those were the benefits he reaped through not only covering the majority of his facial features but also simply by his status as the infamously lazy Kakashi. Those around him had learned to not bother asking questions because they knew they wouldn't get answers. The only satisfaction he would give her, then, came when she saw the angry glint in his eye, a sign that she had truly gotten to him like few others had, and saw the promise of retribution smoldering therein.

The tension and frustration that mounted between them at their little 'battles' only made them all the more reckless when finding themselves alone in any manner regardless of the timing or place.

…Which was why it was no surprise that when they were walking down the street together late one night they suddenly found themselves in each other's arms.

Never in his life had Kakashi felt like he did at that moment. He was held in thrall at the feel of her naked lips on his. The many kisses they had shared had mostly been with his mask still on considering their love of daring situations and the possibility of people walking in on them at any moment. They had accomplished only a few without the confining material between them, and this only when they were absolutely certain they had a moment of true privacy. Of course, he'd had to make sure they had more than just a few moments the first time this happened because Sakura needed time to not only cope with seeing his face but also the fact that he'd been the one to take that step and (finally) show her. The effort had resulted in one of their more…passionate interludes.

Now, however, as he pulled the annoying hindrance aside to pool down around his neck so he could meet flesh with naked flesh, he couldn't bring himself to care that they were in the middle of the street where anyone who cared could see him. He was too lost in the feel of her, the taste and texture of her, to notice anything else and he was completely oblivious to the fact that they were suddenly moving.

He didn't notice they were inside until his legs bumped up against the bed, tumbling them both onto it.

He didn't know they were in his apartment until he saw the familiar shuriken comforter jumbled beneath them.

He wasn't sure whether he'd led them both there on auto pilot or if he was the only one being so plagued by insanity and she, keeping her wits about her, had decided to bring them to his place instead of hers for whatever reason. Taking one look at her flushed face and heaving chest he was disinclined to believe the latter (or at least fervently prayed it wasn't true). Perhaps it had just been a joint effort…

Her hands on him stilled his mind and he gave up any attempt at coherent thought for the rest of the night.

The following morning he lazily looked down and contemplated the head resting on his chest and the mass of hair that was currently doing its best impression of a bird's nest – only to be expected after a night like theirs.

So, he decided, maybe the color pink didn't look too bad on him after all.

A/N: Quick Note on the Flow: In my mind the two would take an utterly long time to become what Kakashi would truly consider a close friend and not a close acquaintance. The level of trust needed from him for such an endeavor is mind-boggling - I dare say he'd consider hardly anyone a very personal friend and keeps his distance from even those shinobi regularly around him (take even Genma and Asuma - they probably just have an in because they know and possibly even lived through his past with him and so can weasel their way in). Once that trust was set though (on a personal and not professional level) it'd be terribly easy to fly right by the line of friendship into the next stage.

There are truly few women who Kakashi could consider in such a confidential light - the only ones around him that would even qualify for consideration would be Anko, Kurenai, Tsunade, and Sakura. Out of these I think only Sakura and Kurenai would be interested or a match for him in any way and with Kurenai being somewhat spoken for... Anyhow, I'm sure he'd have to pull from those already around him because he's one of those guys who has to be friends with someone for a long time first, and Sakura just happens to be in the best position for that to happen. You know, aside from the fact that they just rock together.

So that is my very long-winded explanation of why there were 9 chapters of buildup in friendship and confusion, 1 chapter of finding and crossing the line, then 1 chapter of flying right by said line.

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